Rodeo Barrel Racing Tips : Doing 2X’s Around a Barrel in Rodeo Barrel Racing

Rodeo Barrel Racing Tips : Doing 2X’s Around a Barrel in Rodeo Barrel Racing

Hi, I’m Holly Heidemann on behalf of Expert
Village. The following exercise I’m going to show you is really simple. All you’re trying
to get your horse to do is relax when they turn those barrels. A lot of horses that have
run barrels a lot try to charge when they run these exercises slowly. We want them to
learn to relax. This is an exercise that enhances that. (video demo). I’m going to go to my
regular barrel pattern like I would normally run him. I’m going to run him to the first
barrel in a trot. Then I’m going to sit down and ask him to relax and just walk or trot
when turning the barrel. I want to be able to drop my outside hand and just hold with
my inside hand. However, if he’s antsy and wants to charge I’m going to leave two hands
on the reins until I feel him relax. Then I’ll drop and go to one hand. I’ll turn that
barrel as many times as I need to until I feel he is relaxed and moving around that
barrel without the anticipation of the coming exit from the barrel.

8 thoughts on “Rodeo Barrel Racing Tips : Doing 2X’s Around a Barrel in Rodeo Barrel Racing

  1. Ok seriously did any of you people who are commenting about the horse being frustrated actually LISTEN to what Holly said she was teaching in the video? This video is to help teach a chargy horse to relax and listen to his rider before taking off to the next barrel. She SAID at the beginning that was what she was doing and that her mount specifically had a tendency to get chargy.

  2. So let me explain further why this horse is swishing his tail and looking frustrated. He is chargy meaning he wants to get around the barrel and take off, she is prohibiting him from doing that right away by holding him in his turn around the barrel UNTIL he RELAXES and is no longer swishing his tail and acting so frustrated, THEN she rewards him with her release and he is allowed to continue on to the next barrel. Really people pay attention to what it is you are commenting on!

  3. Hi Holly, I have a question…I have a very strong gelding in training…this exercise works for him doing the dry work and he can now do it as relaxed as I want him…to the point of excellence , in fact…but when it comes to running and approaching the first barrel he still wads up and get's stiff as a board…what would be your advice on the next exercise or drill I can do to address this issue..

  4. @Dominique6586 Most of the time, shorter horses can make better rollbacks around the barrel. Most taller horses have longer strides though. I would get one about 14.2 to 15.2 Hands. (: I would get a beginner's horse to refresh or if you have a friend that's got one you can ride, then I'd get a trained barrel horse to run. (: Hope I could help!

  5. @twoeyedbluedemax I would try doing this exercise, first starting at a trot, and getting him to walk around the barrel, when he calms down, finish the pattern, repeating the exercise at each barrel Try it next at the lope and get him to trot around the barrel, if he's still not calm. try and get him to walk around. When your running, try checking him before you get to the barrel, by bumping your inside rein, ( turning right, right rein, Try just going back and doing slow work to keep him calm.

  6. @Dominique6586 I would try doing a few lunging exercises if she's high headed/ has a temper. My 4 year old mare, when I lunge her will rear in the air and try and strike at you. I did a few of Clinton Anderson's method's of Lunging for Respect every session and she is like a different horse now! Good luck with your riding!

  7. I see a bunch of your videos on barrel racing (Which are good:)) but I've never seen you actually barrel race.

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