Rodeo Training – Advice from two rodeo champions

WYATT: Project filter is a, um, health and
wealth program in Idaho that’s uh, geared towards, getting people to stop using tobacco. WILEY: Real cowboys, don’t use tobacco. It’s not like the Margo man anymore. [music] WILEY: Wyatt and I have both been, spokespersons,
for, project filter for, couple years now, and our whole goal is really to focus on,
a lot of the youth. We try to, to get to the cowboys, and talk
to them and help them, when they want to quit. A lot of people, that I know that are traveling
down the road are trying to quit. They’ve tried to quit, tried to quit, they’ll
get quit over the week, and then, weekends come and everybody’s chewing and they just
can’t handle, and they, can’t, you know, buck it up and stick through it, to get to
where they’re, not chewing anymore. And you know, a lot of them, I don’t know
about you but a lot of them, that I know have started to and because, their idol, one of
the great bull riders back in the day, he chewed and, you gotta chew to be a, a really
good bull rider, but, it’s all gibberish to me. I mean, you want to go out and learn, the
good, habits of the guy that’s teaching you to ride bucking horses, or rope or rodeo. You don’t, the little, bad habits that they
have, you can let them slide by but learn the good habits from whoever your idol is. For some reason, all cowboys, think they gotta
carry around a chew can, and, that’s gonna make them tough. And they can bull proof cause they got the
tin can in the pocket. WILEY: Wyatt and I, we’ve we’ve made the
decision to be a leader, in our community and our groups, of friends and not, not use
tobacco and we just want you to know that you can do the same. [music] WYATT: This is Bob, we really want him to
get something, that, would remind kids, when they’re watching this video to, to remember
not, to, smoke and chew and, and drink. Everybody’s gonna notice him as he walks
by, he pops up everywhere, it’s kinda like a bad habit. It just, keeps coming back. [music] WILEY: I’ve, I’ve, I’ve made the decision
not to use tobacco because, um, they’ve done stu, tests and studies and it, and it’s
actually shown that nicotine, um, hinders, your uh, your bodies healing, uh process and
that, so, um, I feel healthier for one, but I mean, just look at the long-term, uh, uh
of not using tobacco, you know. Cancer, lip cancer, throat cancer, you know
uh, lung cancer if you’re a smoker, it’s, there’s just so many things that your, that
eventually you you either have to quit or you die from it. That’s just the reality of it. I’ve had lot of family members pass away
because of, complications from tobacco use, emphysema cancer all that kind of stuff, and. Just the, devastation and the destruction
that causes in families. The sport I compete in, demands that I be,
at the top of my, my, game you know. I have to be in the best shape that I can
be in. If I’m using tobacco and, drugs and alcohol,
that stuff’s gonna hinder me and keep me from being the best that I can be. So, for me, that’s that’s a good confidence
builder, that you know what I’m not wasting the life that God has given me. I’m not, throwing this health away that
I have right now, and, hopefully that’ll extend my career, for one. But it’ll also, more importantly, extend,
my my life and the, the time that I have with my family. Um, that’s why I, decided to be, a partner
with, t, uh, project filter and be tobacco free, and tell as many people as many kids
as I can, to do the same thing. WYATT: And also you know, a lot of the beginner
guys that are just getting started, you know, funds aren’t always right behind them. You can, get pretty low on funds and that
causes a lot of good bull riders, good cowboys, to have to go home, but they’re still buying
their chew cans every week, they still, always got their chew. Now, that adds up after, you know, couple,
even just a couple months. That’s money that they’re spending on
chew that could go to entry fees and gas to get them to the rodeo, all that just, you’re
always one, one, big win, away from going somewhere. Is the way I look at it. WILEY: Tobacco is, probably the number one,
um, number one thing that I think of that would take away, our, our money [laugh], and
our health. You know, that, the two things that, that
really you you gotta have when you’re, when you’re going down the road, you know, traveling’s
expensive, and uh, the more money you can save and the bet, the healthier you are, the
better, the better cowboy you’re gonna be. WYATT: Every inch and every little step that
we can take, to be, more prepared to ride, the better I think. [music] WILEY: Um, the advice that I give a kid that’s
just getting started in rodeo, um, would be to, to be a leader not a follower. WYATT: Go off the beaten path and just, make
your own trail. Others will follow you. WILEY: You know, don’t, don’t let your,
your friends and your buddies and what you think, is, is tough, dictate what you do with
your life. Don’t make bad decisions because everyone
else is doing it. Start, start making good decisions to be the
best that you can be, and be a leader. I guarantee it people will start following
you. WYATT: This isn’t a sissy sport, and it’s
not something that, if you don’t want to, wholeheartedly, you’re not gonna, rise to
the top. You may be there on the weekends but you’re
gonna be out of money. This is a sport where, you gotta go at it,
you gotta crave, want the rodeo, everyday, crave it while you sleep. You should dream about it. And it, if you’re craving it and dreaming
about it, you’re gonna hit the top. Cause if you’re, at that point, you’re
gonna work hard enough to get yourself there. WILEY: Don’t, don’t be lazy. This isn’t something that’s just gonna
happen to you. You gotta happen to it. You gotta go out there and you gotta go for
it. And don’t be afraid don’t let fear hold
you back. Fear will always steal, your dreams and if
you can dream you can do it. I guarantee it. If, I’m, I’m living proof of that. So, um, again I would just say, you know,
be smart in what you do, and and be a leader, don’t don’t follow, just because everyone
else is going, going a certain way. You make you make the right choices and uh,
and go as far as you can get. WYATT: You know luck is just when preparation
meets opportunity, and you see guys get lucky all the time, but, you know? They’ve prepared for it, and when that,
opportunity comes, they grab a hold of it, grab the bull by the horns and just run with
it. [music]

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