Olá Youtube my name is Ricardo Lino
and I am a wheel addict you know this guy good morning Philip Philip just needed
Meriton will you know I did a marathon which Chile like a month ago I mean I
tried he did the marathon I tried to do a marathon about the month ago with
roller skates today we’re gonna be skating the first part of that marathon
piece with more people little bit after 9 a.m.
it’s Sunday and there’s a group of people is going to skate from almost
from Cape Town to to a suburb called W so we’re gonna be skating quite scenic
place so stay there and enjoy by the way there’s babies and dogs and all that
check this the best ok so we used to skate to the South full roller skating
rink thirty years ago was it the t35 right 15 this is Janice I’m so happy to
meet Janice applause she’s so beautiful she’s been Facebook stalking me forever I get you all your followers that’s it well your congestus a traffic here thank
you SOS this cares don’t be scared got it he forgot about releves you need to try
them again good
hey widget Kip man so nice to be with ricotta and Janice this morning how you
and everyone you can okay so he was in the back now let me
try to pick up with her which actually works with the doop come on let’s go get it done take it if you’re right in the grass what happened there so after the last
time that I skidded with Philip well he was a role of Kate I was in roller
skates and he was way faster than I am but today he doesn’t have any chances I
got 110 wheels doing it right today feeling now in
rollerskates is way too fast for me check that that was really cool that’s Cape Town
that thing that big spike in there called lion’s head then in front of it
it’s called Signal Hill I’ve done it the down hill a few times on that signal
here which is the lowest fight and then on top that’s Table Mountain they have
this thing called the cable cars that if you go up to the top of the mountain
with a cable funny have you been at Table Mountain what did you just say
when I was 2 years old I think but you wouldn’t cut my hand side relax
some people should go out of their bed anyway so they go back to now we can go
faster of course you got it so we needed more than up let’s go on our hospice
back come on I’m Drago the smaller boy
and I suck at this backwards it’s a lot easier I just suck at slalom that’s happening that’s the greatest love right there yeah that’s good now we got the road all for us Elijah
I’m going to do the mean now me I miss you call the helicopter let’s
call the only concert I don’t have to do is let it happen sometimes check oops
so Derek just had an idea which it’s really important now you can tell it
okay so check this if you’re riding bikes and if you’re scared of people not
listening to you or not knowing when you’re coming
there’s the good old trick where you just put some card on your side
yeah put a pig yeah on your spokes and then every time you go like the faster
he goes the longer it goes so then people know that you’re coming and
you’re safer see here’s a 2018 no 1980 1980 Act in 2018
it’s a hack that you can do on your bike right I see you have another kick
in 1870 in 1772 in approach yeah check Elijah’s beat I love the camera I love the camera
damage that’s not good and itself dude Elijah are you enjoying do you like
me are you gonna give up good boy I’m loving the laces color matching the
shirt yeah laces color matching shirt is the new
thing let’s see cam okay Gaby’s getting into rocker 70 tooth and
he’s going can you see the beach from there because I can’t that was fast
ah okay so we’re about 500 meters from the final destination right it’s been
chilled other than some of the bicycle riders that I’m not really happy for
waking up on it let’s go here let’s do here see I was telling you other than
some of the bicycle riders that are not too happy for waking up on Sunday
morning everything has been chilled so we do these last part of the rosenritter didn’t really working I’ll teach you all
to do it check this you need to control it come here
do like this did you learn something today show me
go faster now I need to go faster go faster bend your knees go go go go why are you doing min you’re good at
missus try one trick we did we did do down it’s all good
this Swede was already broken sir he was already nothing we’re about to get there the beach is
like 100 meters from where we are now we did lost the fuse on the way we started
with like four or five more people but Janice went back with the baby she might
be here with a car now because we were like 10 12 kilometers away from where we
started how far are we from where we started
nine nine thousand beds so some people went back they didn’t do the whole thing
well that was fun I hope you guys enjoyed this one if you enjoy this one
do not forget to give me some thumbs up if you didn’t like it what can you do and you can always subscribe to this
channel if you want to see more of these there’s one thing that they should not
forget what is it Katie yes they should keep skating and not forget why they all
started skating because

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