Roller skates | What you MUST know before buying |

Roller skates | What you MUST know before buying |

Hi – and welcome to our roller skate guide where we will look into a few points of what you need to know before you buy your first pair of roller skates. Some of you also know them as quad skates. If you want a good all around skate with the classic look you should definitely take a look at the roller skates. They come with a very wide base plate that offers good stability and control. They can be used for people in all ages from
kids to older people. They can be used as a transportation device
to go from a to b. And you can even use them for dancing and disco. All quads skates comes with four wheels that
are in a pair. Which makes it very stable to stand on. I could spend a lot of time going into details about the wheels but what you need to know as a first time buyer is the difference between
soft wheels and hard wheels. The scale is something an A scale or a durometer scale and it goes from 0 to 100A. And the closer the number is to 100 the harder
wheel. A hard wheel offers a longer lifespan but
less shock absorption and grip. Where a soft wheel has more shock absorption
and more grip but a shorter lifespan. When choosing your roller skate you can choose
between a hard boot and a soft boot. A hard boot is really good if you want a quad
skate that can be used for fitness or longer rides because the hard shell offers really
good protection and stability. It also has the advantage that you usually
can replace the liner when it’s worn out. A soft boot is better for dancing and disco,
and is usually a lightweight construction and better ventilated. When you choose the size of the roller skate
it can be a bit tricky. Because it really depends on how you like
the fitting. We always recommend that you go to the website
and check the sizing guide for the products. Some people likes to take one size bigger
than their regular shoe size. And some like to take them in the same size
as their shoe size. However we recommend that you always try them
on at home before you go out and skate and if your toes touch the nose of the skate you know that they are too small. All roller skates come with a plate and trucks. The plate is usually made of nylon for a lighter
construction. And trucks of aluminum for stronger construction. And the thing you see here is something called
a cushion. The cushion determines how maneuverable and
agile the skate is. The softer the cushion the more agile the
skate is. And the harder the more directional stable
it is. But remember you can always replace them for
your preference. One of the unique characteristics of roller
skates is the toe-stop. The main purpose of the toe-stop is to set
off with to gain speed and you can also use it as a break. We recommend that you replace it before it is completely worn down. Otherwise it can be very difficult to replace it. Before you go out and skate – always remember
to put on your safety equipment. We recommend that you fully gear up with a
helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads. So to sum up – there are two things that you
need to remember. 1) decide whether you want a hard boot or
a soft boot And 2) make sure that the size is to your

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  1. I'm an artistic roller skater from Australia and was wondering if you could do a video on the proper artistic skates?

  2. i want to buy roller skates online because they don't have them in store in my area. i'm a size 8 in shoes so what roller skate size would you recommend?

  3. I ordered the roces white classic skates the wheels have 82A so are they hard wheels?? And if they are can I use them outside and learn some stunts etc.?

  4. hey. thank u for the vid 🙂 i just want to ask you what is the best quad roller if i want to move with it on street.. and what is the best wheel type for it ?

  5. I bought the río roller passion, I'm actually waiting for my package today. So excited. You were the only ones willing to ship to Mexico :* TY

  6. I have orderd a roller skate from skate pro and im really happy with them but im wondering if it is ok to skate with soft weels on streets

  7. 1:57 "if your toes touch the nose of the skate, you know they are too small".. BRAINWASH! xD
    i mean.. not to be rude but c'ommon.

  8. I bought the Roces Ollie Quad skates to skate outdoors, but I feel they're not rolling so well. The wheels are quite hard, is it possible that I need softer wheels to skate in the streets. And if so, can I change the wheels of my Roces Ollie skates?

  9. Hi! I've a question.. I have non adjustable breaks but I want to change them to adjustable ones… how can I do that? I don't want to buy new roller skates, but most of the people say I have to.. can I circumvent that?? Can you please give me some tips? I don't know what to do…

  10. I plan on buying skates, not just for fun but for going pretty long distances so I no longer have to ask for rides, I don't want a bike; just skates. Recommendations?

  11. The other day as it is almost Christmas, I saw that I had a big box wrapped under the tree for me and I asked my grandad what it was behind my nans back and he told me they were rollerskates and my heart jump from my feet to my head and I was so happy because I have wanted then for a very long time and I even started to ask the color and stuff and I told everyone I even told my auntie that I was getting some and she said that she will get some and go skating with me one of the days and got very excited, but yesterday as soon as I came home I had my dinner and while we were eating I kept asking what they looked like and my nan said that I haven’t really got any, my face sunk as they all laughed at me and they said that my nan would never get me any and once she said that I slammed my plate on the kitchen side and ran up to my room crying and now I don’t have a clue what to say to my auntie…

  12. What do you think of Impala roller skates? Was thinking of buying a pair. I havent had much experience on roller skates; I just want a pair for fun, and skating around the neighborhood/and around the home. 😊

  13. Ok some people might disagree with me but smyth toys superstore has actually really good roller skates.Their skates have adjustable sizes so you can keep them for ages.They are only £29,pretty cheap for roller skates!I have been riding my action skates from smyth for a year, absolutely nothing wrong with them.They are really comfortable skates.I can do tricks in them such as jumps, spins and lots more!But the brake thing might start to look bad if you hit the break really hard but they still work so don’t think they are broken!Just search up action roller skates or go to smyth toys superstore online and you will find them.Hope I helped you 🙂

  14. Sooo glad to see roller skates back!! Hated those dam inline skates!!
    I had speed skates by rydell, made in the 70's & 80's!! Best time to be a skater was in the late 70's & 80's. Kids are still doing tje shuffle & freestyle skating!! We har the best music too!! Roll, Skate, Bounce. I'm ready, holly dolly!! Best songs to shuffle & free style skate to

  15. So soft wheels are better for outdoor and hard are better for indoor? Cuz of grip? Or do I have it backwards (total newbie I don’t even own skates yet)

  16. I want to buy the one in the middle but I’m scared if the wheel is made of plastic cause I’ve heard that if you buy them in plastic they are going to be really bad✅🗣

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