60 thoughts on “Roller Skating Adventure πŸ€ͺ YOU Don’t Want to Miss!!!

  1. Loved the video… Especially when you were trying to get out of the bowl… I will check out her channel… they look pretty fun.

  2. Making me miss CA, love this vid what an awesome collab. Maybe I should bust out my quads again lol

  3. This is so much fun and an adrenaline rush. I love it. Wish I was there…on second thought…no I don’t because I cannot skate. You surprise me every week.

  4. Very great video my friend Thank you for sharing. I am your new friend, Pls Back Dear. sub done and like 9

  5. Loved it! Great action and you deserve huge credit for getting the skates back on after … years! Interested in what types of insurance Indy and other business people need?

  6. That was cute! It reminded me of the film. β€œRoller Boogie” (1979). Look forward to more skating adventures! (toddthesage101)

  7. So much fun! Indy and Pigeon are awesome and maybe there's a follow-up video of you going over the types of insurance you would be advising all start-ups to get from the beginning.

  8. Awesome video and yes, you break down legal issues and jargon amazingly well! Good job on the skates. Makes me so want to live in Cali!!

  9. Haha, too too cool man! What a fun day, man! You were crushing those challenges πŸ’ͺ!!! I hope any aches from the fall heal quickly ⏰

  10. killing those challenges Ian! Love this video! You really know how to make your videos fun! I love that you asked for a side with the slowest guy. So good and with a tie. " attorney vibes" lol

  11. Ian, loved this video. It was super fun and playful. I also love that you had elbow and knee pads on. A must when you're roller skating in Venice Beach.

  12. Some of my most painful moments ever have been on skates..or more accurately on my back!!!! You make it look easy (and fun). Nice one Ian!

  13. What a enjoyable time! enjoy yourself. another one upload. I hope your channel day by day increase. Full view your video and like. pls let's help each other

  14. OMG LOVE THIS! All of the years Stacey was actively a litigator, she NEVER had fun clients like this! πŸ™‚

  15. OMG, Ian I need you to be my lawyer, lol. I'm thinking many people will feel this way after watching this. You're so FUN! I giggled the whole time!

  16. Awesome video!!! Met you on Michael Feyrer Jr channel and glad I did haha so much fun.😊

  17. Omg I want a Venice fun day with Ian!!! 😩 Sans skating though b/c it’d turn into a Venice hospital day πŸ˜‚πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

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