Roller Skating Is Back, and It’s Got Moxie

(bouncy, energetic music) – [Michelle] When I’m
skating with these women, I feel on fire. I love roller skating so much that I decided that I was gonna
bring it back for everyone. (bouncy, energetic music) I’m Michelle Steilen,
better known as Estro Jen, and I’m the Founder of Moxi Roller Skates. There are 21 skaters on the
Moxi Skate Team World Wide, but some of them are Pigeon, Indy Jamma Jones, Smelly and Legs. Anything that’s experimental
or outside of what you’ve probably seen on roller
skates is what we do. Roller skating was really,
really big until I was born, and then it really kind of dropped off when Rollerblades came in. Roller skate innovation just stopped. Roller derby was the
next new sport to come to the roller skating industry. The skates that they were selling to roller derby skaters
were made for speed. The skates that we’re making now are made for secure landings
for high flying tricks. A few years ago there weren’t gals doing back flips and on
wheels, and now there are. And I’m amazed at what my
body can do, I really am. We are chasing our dreams. We’re chasing that feeling,
that wonderful floaty feeling of being alive and you will
get that from roller skating. It’s this strange new
feeling that’s refreshing. Ah, this is where I’m supposed to be. – What, what! (chiming)

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