RWBY Volume 3, Chapter 5: Never Miss a Beat | Rooster Teeth

RWBY Volume 3, Chapter 5: Never Miss a Beat | Rooster Teeth

♪ There’s a point where it tips ♪ ♪ There’s a point where it breaks ♪ ♪ There’s a point where it bends ♪ ♪ And a point we just can’t take ♪ ♪ Anymore ♪ ♪ There’s a line that we’ll cross and there’s no return ♪ ♪ There’s a time and a place, no bridges left to burn ♪ ♪ Anymore ♪ ♪ We can’t just wait with lives at stake ♪ ♪ Until they think we’re ready ♪ ♪ Our enemies are gathering ♪ ♪ The storm is growing deadly ♪
[fades out] ♪ Maybe red’s like roses? ♪ ♪ Maybe it’s the pool of blood ♪ ♪ The innocents will lay in ♪ ♪ When in the end you’ve failed to save them? ♪ ♪ Their dying eyes ♪ ♪ Are wide and white like snow ♪ ♪ And now they know ♪ ♪ The cost of trusting you’s obliteration ♪ ♪ Mirrors will shatter ♪ ♪ Crushed by the weight of the world ♪ ♪ The pillars collapse in shame ♪ ♪ There’ll be no rest ♪ ♪ There’ll be no love ♪ ♪ There’ll be no hero in the end ♪ ♪ Who will rise above ♪ ♪ And when it ends ♪ ♪ The good will crawl ♪ ♪ The shining light will sink in darkness ♪ ♪ Victory for hate incarnate ♪ ♪ Misery and pain for all ♪ ♪ When it falls ♪ RUSSEL: Huh? Waah! OOBLECK: “And victory goes to Penny and Ciel of Atlas.” Thank you for a wonderful time. RUSSEL: [groans] RUSSEL: Ah! [crowd cheering] Penny! Ruby! RUBY: [grunts] RUBY: [straining] Why… Ruby, this is my teammate. Ciel Soleil. Hi! I’m Ru– Ruby Rose, 15, hails from Patch. Leader of Team RWBY. Status: questionable. So… Penny! You two were incredible out there! How do you keep control of all of those swords?! It’s so cool– Penny! I believe it is best if we move on to our next location. Could we have just a minute to talk? So, is she… your friend or… Well, in a way. She’s like Blake. But if Blake was ordered to spend time with you. Oh! So, Weiss. Precisely! Does she know about… you know… “beep boop bop, does not compute?” Oh, no! General Ironwood doesn’t really want anyone to know. There was an incident with a magnet, but I was able to play it off. [laughing] Ruby, there’s something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about. I want to stay at Beacon. Penny, they’ll never let you do that. I know. But I have a plan. It’s been precisely one minute, ma’am! I’ll talk to you more soon, Ruby. PORT: “Our next match will begin in 15 minutes!” Oh my gosh, that’s right! It’s time for– YANG: Welp, now it’s our turn! WEISS: Just remember to keep proper form. YANG: [sighs] Alright. You’re from Atlas. What can we expect? Well, seeing as their kingdom, academy, and armed forces are all merged as one, I think we can expect strict, militant fighters with advanced technology and carefully rehearsed strategies. Or… whatever they are. FLYNT: Hey! You’re Weiss Schnee, right? The heiress. I am! I take it you’re pretty good with Dust, then. I do my best. Yeah! My dad was good, too. Owned a little Dust shop of his own… ’til your father’s company ran him outta business. Oh. I’m sorry to hear that. Sure you are! Hey! Why don’t you–? NEON: “Hey! Why don’t you–?” That’s what you sound like! Uh… NEON: Hey! Where’d you get your hair extensions? YANG: This is just my normal hair. Ooh, really? Yeah! Is that a prob–? You should try rollerblading sometime! It’s super fun! It’d probably take you a while though, since you’re so… you know… top-heavy. Excuse me?! Oh, here we go. PORT: “Three!” “Two!” “One!” “Begin!” Waah! [chuckles] ♪ We’re all born with a dream ♪ ♪ We wanna make come true ♪ [blows raspberry]
– [growls]
♪ We wanna make come true ♪ ♪ We wanna make come true ♪ ♪ The best will climb to the top like me ♪ NEON: Never miss a beat, never miss a beat.
♪ The best will climb to the top like me ♪ NEON: Never miss a beat, never miss a beat.
♪ The rest will end up like you ♪ ♪ The rest will end up like you ♪ ♪ I bet it’s hard to live with ♪ ♪ Knowing that you’ll never be this fine ♪ ♪ Don’t be distraught, don’t be sad ♪ ♪ You gave it your best try ♪ ♪ Listen, girlfriend, can’t you see? ♪ NEON: [giggles] Look! Now you’re bottom-heavy, too!
♪ I’m all of the things that you’ll never be ♪ ♪ I’m all of the things that you’ll never be ♪ ♪ I’m cool like the rain and I’m hot like the sun ♪ ♪ I’m a neon rainbow and you’re no fun ♪ NEON: You should cool off. Get it? Because you’re angry. Too bad all that money can’t buy you skill. [cheering] Whoa! What’s this? It appears young Flynt has just activated his Semblance, and quite a remarkable one at that. Ladies and gentlemen! Feast your eyes on Flynt Coal’s… Killer Quartet! Ooh! Flashy eyes! You know, you’re actually kinda pretty when you’re angry. Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP! YANG: Get back here! NEON: I wasn’t trying to say you should go on a diet. I was saying you really need to go on a diet! YANG: THAT’S IT! You’re fat. What? [together] Weiss! It appears we have a double knockout on our hands! OOBLECK: In fact, it looks as though Miss Schnee’s Aura has been completely depleted. She sacrificed herself to take out Flynt. Wait a minute… what’s this?! PORT: “Ladies and gentlemen! Flynt Coal remains standing!” You did it, Flynt! Don’t worry about her, she’s easy! [whispering] But kind of annoying! PORT: “Ooh, it looks like Yang’s angry!” “And you wouldn’t like her when she’s…” [screams angrily] [screams angrily]
– “upset.” FLYNT: Yo, Neon, go! OOBLECK: “Ouch! Sour note for Flynt!” Never miss a beat, never miss a beat, never… miss a… beat? NEON: [screams] [buzzer] [cheering] Weiss! Weiss! Are you okay? [coughs] I may not be singing for a while. [sighs] You know, I’m not sure that was proper form. Oh, ha, ha– [coughs] NEON: [high-pitched] What?! We lost?! We lost?! Team FNKI lost?! That was… That was… amazing! Oh my gosh, you guys were super crazy awesome! We should definitely party together sometime! Right, Flynt? That was a gutsy move, Schnee. I dig it. BLAKE: Good job, you two! RUBY: Yeah! Oh! EMERALD: What? Oh, nothing. We’re just going to be making a slight… hmm… alteration to the plan. What does that mean? It means that this will be even easier than we thought. QROW: You know, he’s making you look like a fool. OZPIN: His heart is in the right place. He’s just… misguided. Sometimes, I’m not even sure he has a heart. So, have you chosen your guardian yet? Maidens choose themselves. I simply believe I’ve found the right candidate. Ever since the day I met her, I had a feeling she would be the one. She’s strong, intelligent, caring, but most importantly… she’s ready.

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  1. What I don't understand is how flint coal was just barely above the point where he'd be out due to his aura being too low. But using your semblance beyond a certain point will cost aura, and would that not cause him to dip below that point by using his killer quartet semblance. Or in Qrows fight with tyrian, they both no longer has their aura up due to the fighting prior. His misfortune semblance caused that piece of wood to fall on rwby in spite of him no longer having his aura.

  2. I really wonder why Weiss sacrificed herself to eliminate Flynt, when she can just kick him into the fire.

  3. PENNY: She's like Blake! But if Blake was ordered to spend time with you.
    RUBY: Oh, so Weiss.
    PENNY: Precisely!

  4. My daughter lives this show but couldn't describe it.
    My first impression: of Suda 51 were asked to write a show about teenaged girls living in the No More Heroes universe.

  5. That one dude should be a Cuphead boss and then Nyan Pony over here should be one of his many little things

  6. 11:30 this. Right there. Cinder was able to use the Black Queen Virus to literally take control of Penny and she didn't because plot.

  7. Neon Katt : I never miss a beat!
    Yang : That is incorrect…’Cause According to the encyclopedia of JEISBKEBDLJEOWJRID

  8. When it was neon vs yang they played the techno song

    And then for Flynn they played the jazz version.

    I love little details like these thank you monty

  9. Can you put in your own ads if you can and you can choose what ads you want then that's not fair I can't drink milk😭😭😭😭

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