S1 E2: The Road To The Rockies | The Great Travel Hack

S1 E2: The Road To The Rockies | The Great Travel Hack

Humans are meant to move around.
That’s what we do. But can we do it in a cleaner way? Two teams, 3,000 miles and only one rule. Go with the lowest CO2 emissions possible. Yes, we can move forward
while thinking forward. This is The Great Travel Hack. Previously… Tech guru Sara and her boyfriend,
pro skateboarder John, combined some efficient driving
with some clever electric boat action. While travel vloggers Damon and Jo… …got into a mess in a huge sandpit. -Look at what we did!
-Look at what we did? Helping them out are Mission Control. These super-brainiacs
will track their CO2 emissions, giving me the vital data to announce John
and Sara were the winners of that round. They take the lead one to zero. Now back to the action. What do you think about Vegas? Kind of amazing.
It’s not like anything else. But I’m ready to get back on the road. -Yes.
-As long as I’m driving. Oh, look who it is! -Look who it is!
-Hey, Kaley! Morning, guys! On this leg, you’ll be heading
through Utah and Colorado, two states with the most stunning views. In 48 hours,
you need to be in breath-taking Telluride. Like last time,
in your trunks you have a black bag containing some special treats
I got for you. No peeking or it will spoil the surprise.
Now get going. -Let’s do it!
-Let’s figure out this information. OK, car four, Jo, top speed 93mph. Claimed range of 228 miles. Claimed range 190 miles. No med 2017
North American Car Of The Year. Nomad? -Is says no med.
-No med? Named? I’m between car two and car one. Let’s see what Mission Control
has to say about this. -Jo liked number two.
-I did. -That sounds cool.
-This is the reliable one. Mission Control says number two.
I take car number two! -That’s good with us. Four?
-Four. -Ready?
-How we going through the mountains, baby? -This is sexy!
-Oh, I love this! What? -I think I want to drive now.
-A very zippy little car. Buckle up, honey! We’re driving to Utah! Utah! Come on, baby, let me hear the excitement. This is like I’m driving a cloud. Driving a stick of butter. Talk about views! -You know what this reminds me of?
-Talk to me, kid. The Road Runner cartoon. I don’t know how Team Alpha
is topping this. Look at this ridiculous view! We’re typically not competitive people,
but now I’m ready to win! I’m ready for anything
now that I have this amazing vehicle. How are my little travel hackers
getting on? Loving those vistas, right? Both teams have chosen different routes. Team Omega are pursuing a shorter route,
but possibly more traffic, while Team Alpha have opted for a longer
but potentially clearer route. Interesting tactics! I like it! -Damon and Jo.
-They’re so nice. But they’re going down.
We have to crush them. -Yeah.
-And, honestly, look at the car we’re in. I feel like we still have the edge on them
in terms of CO2 emissions. -Y’all see this?
-It’s not about looking good, Jo. It’s not. It’s about feeling good
and doing good and beating Team Omega. How clean can you go? How clean can you go? Wow! That should be a part of our cheer. Looks like Team Alpha is miles ahead. They have been covering a lot of distance but they are focused on power
rather than energy savings and it shows. Kaley’s challenge should mix it up a bit. We have now entered a new time zone. Message from Kaley. This challenge is about showing how
you can explore the world in a cleaner way and, almost more importantly,
showing it off. So, during the next section
of your journey, find a different lower CO2 emissions
mode of transport and take a selfie
of somewhere extraordinary. Challenge accepted! Get up out of my face! We got that. Kaley said take a selfie.
We can’t do that while driving. No. Which means the vehicle
needs to be driven itself. Which means either another bus,
maybe a plane. Electric air balloon? Something like that? Mission Control! -So, what do you think of gliders?
-Nope! No? I can’t take a selfie
while I’m holding on for my life! A gondola up the mountain. Or a ski lift up the mountain. OK, so a vehicle
that will help us climb a mountain. A glider is a motorless aircraft. So we’re, like, freefalling from a cliff? Well, do we have another option? We’ve already taken a bus.
We don’t have a self-driving car. So maybe we look for a train somewhere? Team Omega want to climb a mountain
in a vehicle. Is that even possible? It’s not as bizarre as it sounds. We may have found them something. Sounds good. Clearly Team Alpha
weren’t too keen on gliders. Yeah, but the train suggestion
was interesting. They have a sort of train on their route. I guess we can call that a train. -Where are we right now?
-Somewhere in Colorado. Remember when Mission Control
said trains in quotation marks? -I think this is why.
-I think that’s what they meant! Let’s do it! I feel so legitimate! Stunning. But the vehicle I think they
sent us is somewhere around this area. -Did Mission Control send us here?
-Yeah, I think so. Question. Is that it? So this is designed to go over
really rough terrain. This has got a very low CO2 emission. It’s powered by propane, right? Go ahead and hop in,
we’ll get you squared away. Cool. -You’re heading to Telluride?
-Yes. Straight over that hill. This is my favourite thing so far! Oh, my… We’re literally vertical.
We’re vertical right now. -OK, we’re picking up speed!
-Picking up a little speed here! Mission Control told us
that the trains help reduce the fuel. That’s exactly right. Though we are using a traditional fuel
to power us, one of these motor cars
could pull several other cars, each of them filled with people. So basically,
trains are more efficient when carrying multiple people at once
using only one engine. Go a little bit further and then I feel
like this is a good opportunity… -Yeah, babe?
-…for our selfie moment. -Oh, OK, yeah, let’s do it. Right here?
-Yeah. -Oh, wow!
-Right here, right here. All right, how do we get the best selfie?
This is it. This is it. -Like this?
-Yeah. Cool. Ready? I mean, that’s a pretty good selfie. -Does anyone else have that selfie?
-Probably not Team Alpha. Oh, hold on. We just got a message
from Mission Control. You’re going in the wrong direction and are now even further from Telluride
than when you started? I give up. -OK.
-Let’s just go. Team Omega were doing great, but that was a big detour
that can affect their CO2 emissions. They know they’re in real danger of losing
their lead and they’re a bit deflated. They could use some Mission Control love. Mission Control is sending
your faithful car around to meet you. Thank God. Go, go, go, go! Thank God. I’m so much happier. Team Alpha are arriving at the station. Their driving style put them behind, but thanks to Team Omega getting lost,
they’re catching up. All right, you could say the train
got them back on track? Sure. Anyway, Team Omega are back on the road. They’ll have to drive efficiently to make it to the charging point
at the hotel. I love being in the mountains. -I don’t know what we’re going to do next.
-It’s your… There they go! We got a message! Good morning, guys! Oh, there’s clearly no barista PhDs
at Mission Control. All right, where was I? Yes, the finish
line is at a ski lodge in Telluride. I’m sending you the black bag codes now.
Enjoy the ride. What the… What is this? -Jo!
-What is this? -We’re going horseback riding.
-With this? OK, well, this was unexpected! Here we are! Didn’t know what was in that black bag
and I didn’t know it would look this good. I think this is as low CO2 emissions
as you can get. And it’s technically
the original four-wheel drive. We’re going! We’re going! This is, like,
literally zero CO2 emissions. Yeah, exactly! You think they’re already there? They might be
because this mode of transportation, while efficient, is very slow. I feel like we’re very close to the lodge. Yeah, it’s got to be right around here. Any minute now, we’ll be in Telluride, Jo! Which way to the lodge? It’s right down this way.
You guys made it. -We did it.
-I’m going to walk there like a cowgirl. Oh, my gosh, we have arrived! I can’t believe I actually learned
how to ride a horse for real today. -Hey, guys!
-Here we go. -Hey!
-Walking in, looking all tired. Why do you look defeated? I want to see your selfie. I have
a feeling we nailed that challenge. -We totally nailed that challenge.
-Ours is that good. Oh, come on! Come on! -You can’t even see what’s happening!
-Ours is better. You can’t even see where you are! -This thing!
-Kaley! Oh, it’s nice and toasty in here. There was some epic selfie action
out there, guys. We loved the pics. John and Sara, that unplanned detour
in the rock crawler wasn’t great. And Damon and Jo,
you clearly had fun driving that car, but you kind of forgot
to focus on driving efficiently. Remember, guys, think lower CO2 emissions. But do it in the next episode, because
for this round, it’s over and you lost. -No!
-What? Again? No! Team Omega, your prize is a cosy time
by the fire eating s’mores. Damon and Jo,
you enjoyed the horse ride today, right? So I bet you’ll enjoy cleaning up after
the horses, as well! Have fun! Adios. You know what it is? Best mental attitude. -Best mental attitude!
-We win best mental attitude. And best dressed, clearly,
after that selfie. Man, I thought they were joking. This is really gross. I want to, like,
melt marshmallows in a fire. We’re winning the next round.
We can’t do another forfeit. Aw, my sweet and beloved road runners. What’s next? Shall I send them to the desert or under the sea? Mmm, click here to watch it now.

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  1. A friend of mine installed a hydrogen converter kit on his Prius. He fills up a small tank of hydrogen every six months. Why can't oil companies just use hydrogen. It creates zero Co2. It actually creates O2. At this point of people going green. They'll make more money than competitors.

  2. So funny how one of the leading giants behind oil, CO2 emissions, and destroying the planet likes to cover up whats it's done and defended for so long through these little ads (More like propaganda).

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  5. De verdad te digo googiol que no te creas que eres porque no eres y sigue poniéndome tus jajers de picamonta a hacer mi cuenta como todo el tiempo lo has echo acuérdate que los justos jamás serán juzgados y alos injustos les caerá todo el poder divino de Dios nunca creas que no pasa pero si pasa y por más poder que tú crees que tienes no lo tienes es más grandísimo porque él es el que todo lo puede y todo lo sabe y de verdad te digo que todos los que se anexa creído que sin más poderosos que el y más famosos el análisis sucumbido ante su grandísimo poder divino y así fue y así será por los siglos de los siglos amén maldito

  6. Soy boys? Pro skater? Um, dude can't read? They literally had the helmets on backwards. Y'all hit this one out of the park! Touchdown!!!!

  7. CO2 emissions are so scientifically irrelevant. Too bad all the supertards believe everything they hear by known frauds and exploiters because if they didn't there wouldn't be this highly needless focus on CO2.

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  9. As a non driver whos Eco footprint is lower than ANY driver I am wondering why am I being spammed with this???

  10. Thanks for destroying our planet you climate criminals! In years to come as our planet's climate changes, the earth warms and ecosystems collapse we will remember the damage you have done to our future and our home. We will make sure that the crimes you committed against humanity and our future will punished with the full force of the law. Your executives and shareholders will held to account. We will not forget.

  11. Everyone in the comment sections kicking off about eco friendly, foot print, emissions etc etc. People buying all these eco cars, then theres me and my mates going out on pointless drives red lining it, in decatted cars, and popping and banging the exhausts haha. My carbon foot print must be quite big, do i care? No, i could never drive my car again and it would have 0 effect on the world. So until i die. I will still continue to use a internal combustion engine, I will continue to go out on unnecessary fast drives, i will still continue to use shell, esso, and bp, and i will enjoy myself!

    I dont really care what the world is like when im gone, however i will enjoy my life whilst i have it.

  12. Hayley looks so forced, and the Shell dude didn't even laugh at her forced train track joke, he spoke like a robot. Would have been better to let her just be herself for this series, not an actress. I like the concept of showing alternatives, even if you end up selling us hydrogen; it's a win/win. Bring options to Australia already.

  13. Dear Shell,

    Here's a way to not use any carbon at all driving across the USA: maybe don't drive across the USA?


  15. it's interesting that they're focusing specifically on CO² emissions even though that isn't the only thing that makes something more environmentally friendly. Having an electric car doesn't matter if the electricity powering the car is coming from nonrenewable sources

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    Focus on microplastics and other pollutants if you really care about the planet Shell, BP, Esso, and all the others.

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