7 thoughts on “Salomon – How to Sharpen skis

  1. @HoogerDam I doubted i and all the national alpine skis are doing it wrong. Besides the fact that we are pretty much the only skiers (racers that is) who look for ice is proof enough that our skis our sharpened correctly.

  2. Anyone can recommend some awesome skis mainly used for the piste, but also works outside the piste? I heard Volkl Mantra should be awesome for that, but not really sure. Would appreciate an answer, thanks!

  3. @iDenmark I use the salomon shogun as an all rounder. its a little fatter than most all mountain skis but its super rigid and also usable if you want to place the binding in the middle.

  4. @iDenmark i have a pair of nordica enforcers and they tear through crud and pow but also are great on groomers

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