Samshield Miss Shield Helmet Review

Samshield Miss Shield Helmet Review

KELCIE: Hi, I’m Kelcie.
I work in Marketing, and today I’m going to be
reviewing the Samshield Miss Shield Helmet. This helmet is everything
I loved about my Shadow Matt Helmet
with the added protection of the wide
brim visor. The visor was the main reason
I purchased this helmet. Not only is it fashionable
with a feminine look but it’s also functional. The visor does not obstruct
your view while you’re riding. It just helps keep that little
extra glare out of your face. Samshields have some really
unique features and just like other helmets
in their brand, this one offers the same
airflow channels to help keep you cool while riding. Something else I really
like about this helmet is the chinstrap is designed
to reduce shifting on your
head while riding. But it’s also still really
comfortable on your head. This helmet is ASTM/SEI
certified and is a great option if you’re showing
in the ring or schooling at home. Caring for this helmet is easy. The inside liner is removable
for easy washing, and it’s a great option
for someone like me who rides six days a week
and sweats a lot when doing so. SmartPak also carries additional
liners separately so you don’t have to go
without your helmet between washings. To care for the outer shell, I just usually wipe mine
down with a damp cloth. It is scratch resistant, so I just like to get
the additional dust off and I do keep it in the helmet
bag when I’m not using it. In regards to sizing, I purchased the Miss
Shield in the same size that I did my Shadow Matt, so I do find that it runs
true to size. Of course a helmet
is an essential piece of equipment and it needs
to fit correctly to work. So check out our fit
video from Samshield. If you get your helmet and you
find that it doesn’t fit quite right, SmartPak makes it easy
to exchange for free with free return shipping. I’m Kelcie, and the Samshield
Miss Shield Helmet helps me keep my eyes on the
prize and the sun out.

2 thoughts on “Samshield Miss Shield Helmet Review

  1. Nice! I like how the inside is removable.

    Edit: Yas highlighted and liked 😂 I love that feeling! Also, best youtube channel ever! You helped me kind of put my bridle together 😆

  2. Would you all at SmartPak ever consider doing a video series/blog post/something that compares the fit of different helmet brands and models? Helmets are obviously so unique and hard to buy without trying on (or even with trying on!), due to there not really being standards for shape. Some helmet brands tend to be more round, some are more oval, there's varying amounts of space at the crown of the head… it's a nightmare. But things don't have to be like this! I think SmartPak has the resources, the knowledge, and the reach to make some kind of rough guide to the shapes of different helmets. To hold us over until helmet brands decide to standardize shape as well as size.


    Do it for all of us.

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