Samshield Premium Helmet Review

Samshield Premium Helmet Review

MELISSA: Hi, I’m Melissa from Merchandising,
and today, I’m reviewing the Samshield Premium Helmet. Samshield is my favorite helmet brand for
a lot of reasons. The helmets are very lightweight, comfortable, and cool. One of the other things
that I love about these helmets is that they don’t have any visible air vents. There are
air canals under the visor so you get the benefit of the air flow without the look of
the benefits. So to me, the styling is just much more classic and sophisticated. One of my other favorite features of this
helmet is that the lining is removable. So, if you’re someone like me who sweats a lot
when you ride, you’ll really appreciate this feature. One of the other really unique features of
this helmet is that the padding in the front doesn’t make contact with the forehead, so
you don’t get those ugly hair net lines, for those of us that wear hair nets under our
helmets, and you also don’t get pressure headaches, like you do with some helmets that don’t have
that feature. Another great feature of this helmet is that
the Alcantara suede exterior is waterproof and fade proof, so you don’t have to worry
about ruining your helmet if you’re riding in the rain, and you also don’t have to worry
about your helmet turning some funky color if you’ve been out in the sun a lot. This helmet is ASTM/SEI certified, so it’s
perfect for any rider for safety purposes, and the classic styling and fit makes it the
perfect choice for the hunter, jumper, and dressage riders. This helmet has super, super easy care. Because
the lining is removable, you just take that out, wash it, and dry it, put it back in,
and it’s like fresh and brand new. To clean the outside of the helmet, if it gets dirty
or dusty, you can simply wipe it down with a damp towel. As with all helmets, sizing is very important,
so please click on our sizing video, featuring Julien from Samshield. I’m Melissa, and the Samshield Premium Helmet
is my favorite helmet.

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  1. I have that helmet but i think in a different style, it is the best helmet i have ever bought, It is perfect for showing easy to clean if it gets dusty and I have already taken a fall and the helmet didn't dent one bit nor get a scratch on it, I seriously recommend it as it has a insert that can come out and wash. Yah it helps with when you get into showing a lot.

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