Samshield Shadow Matt Helmet Review

Hi, I’m Mollie, I work in Creative, and today
I’ll be reviewing the Samshield Shadow Mat Helmet. I love everything about this helmet. I love
how it keeps me cool, either in the winter or the summer. I love the look of it, the
shape of it, and I love the safety. I love the vents in this helmet, because it
allows for optimal air flow and keeps you cool and dry all throughout your ride. Another
great thing about it is it has a removable liner inside, so you can snap it out, and
you can wash it and let it air dry so you don’t have stinky helmet hair. Another great thing about this liner is it
doesn’t leave a mark on your head after you’re done riding. You see this helmet everywhere
in the equestrian world today – in the dressage ring, in the jumper ring, in the hunter ring.
This is a really popular helmet right now. Proper helmet fit is really important for
your safety, and the Samshield Shadow Mat does run true-to-size, but if it doesn’t fit,
we do have free return shipping. Care and maintenance for this helmet is super
easy. Like I said, you can wash the liner, just make sure you don’t dry it. If you get
any smudges on your helmet, you can just use dish soap and warm water, and it comes off
really easily. I was really excited to find out that SmartPak
now carries the Shadow Mat with the Swarovski Crystal options. You can either get it with
the 5 crystals or the crystals lining the vents of the helmet, which are both really
awesome. I’m Mollie, and the Samshield Shadow Mat Helmet
is my pick of the month.

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