Scary Field Trip Horror Stories Animated

Scary Field Trip Horror Stories Animated

Back in high school, I took a mysteries and mythology type class or something like that I don’t remember the name of the class it basically just had to do with real-life mysteries and creepy shit I was into that kind of stuff I was taking the class with a good friend who I’ll call Ben for this story The teacher at the class took us on a field trip to a nearby abandoned village with an unknown past The village was built in the early 1900s but seems as though it had been quickly abandoned shortly after it was built The bus right there was about 20 minutes all of us were glued to the bus windows as we pulled up some sketchy looking decrepit road cutting through dense forests The road eventually led to a clearing We were there We stepped out onto the road, which had grass growing through the cracks. The grass surrounding was almost knee-high Then there were the buildings The tall archaic brick buildings with a boarded-up windows all gave off such chilling vibes The teacher lined all 20 of us up counted heads, and then began leading the way The point of this little field trip was to use the so called skills that we learned in class To see if we could put anything together about why the village may have been abandoned so long ago Some of the buildings had holes in the walls to serve as entry ways There were even holes in the ground next to some of the buildings Seemingly dug to get into the basements of some of the buildings, which seemed creepy There was one building though it stood taller than any of the others. It just intrigued me the most While the teacher was leading the group towards the village church Ben and I decided to sneak off on our own to look for anything interesting When we walked off in the direction of the tallest building we saw a hole in the ground It was dug by the back door of the building which had been sealed off In the hole was a ladder which led down to the concrete floor below We both looked at each other and knew we had to do it Ben climbed down first then me Luckily this was just around the time Apple started putting flashlights on their phones, so we had a source of light It was creepy down there There were a couple of beer bottles one graffiti tag on the wall and dusty wooden planks everywhere There was a wooden stairway, which led up to complete darkness since all windows and doors had been sealed shut from above We had already gone as far as to enter the building so we figured we’d go up the stairs too I went first and With each step the creepiness of the hundred-year-old wood made me feel as if I was going to fall through each and every step Ben followed soon This floor of the building was very tight it seemed like there were many openings going off into different smaller rooms It was so dark in there. You would never even guess it was daytime Ben and I were honestly starting to get creeped out in there and agreed to go back outside but just then there was a noise in one of the tiny rooms like a big rock hitting the concrete floor A normal instinct would be to run But Ben, and I froze locked eyes for a moment then both tiptoed over to the opening of the room we shine the lights into the room and ran We ran back down the stairs and then out the rusty ladder back outside We caught up to the group out of breath We didn’t say anything though to avoid getting in trouble One of our classmates asked us what was wrong? we told him we snuck into one of the buildings and In one of the rooms when we shined the light into it We saw three guys standing. Maybe 10 feet away from the doorway Facing Ben, and I in a weird formation as if they were waiting for us As we continued following the group we paid extra attention to the tall building we entered from the distance and before leaving we saw a person’s face at one of the higher level windows that had not been boarded up We never told the teacher in fear of getting in trouble We didn’t know what to think Were those just homeless people living in there? Were they gang members and hiding? Ben freaks me out with his theory He says they were ghosts of the people who once lived in the town Still the way the three guys were just hauntingly standing there so calmly staring at us the moment we peeked our heads through that doorway I still can’t get that image out of my head I may go back to that village one day Just to prove Bens idea wrong

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  1. Someone's lazy…
    (You used the exact same teacher for Scary Animated Lockdown Stories 2, the one with glasses)

  2. I actually have a question why do u guys always put fake zombies people thatโ€™s not even them I know I doesnโ€™t make any sense but just asking so donโ€™t get mad

  3. 1:46 from my days of playing Minecraft, I think that the top of the building looks like a creeper head…

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  6. Don't you dare think for one second I didn't catch that "There is Nothing" Easter egg at 2:32. <_<

  7. I found a animation mistake 2:17–2:19 he said Ben climbed down first but the animation shows other wise

  8. 2:14 We both looked at eachtoher and knew we had to do it.

    go down to your inevitable death? Why the hell not? BEN.

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