Scooterdriver helps woman catch her runaway horse

Scooterdriver helps woman catch her runaway horse

Oh how great, thank you! Oh Jesus.. Just to late Could you stop at the bridge? He keeps on going! What? – He keeps on going! Ho, Walter! Easy, easy, easy It’s okay Thank you SO much I can’t give you a kiss – Haha No problem! I saw you running and panicking Yes indeed Hey, good luck! – Safe travels home!

100 thoughts on “Scooterdriver helps woman catch her runaway horse

  1. He could have been seriously injured into someone else it’s extremely scary business so don’t do it please

  2. One thing you should never do is scare the horse, or stand in front of him/her bc he will jump over…

  3. Hihi rude Walter.good that She meat You on the road And that You Help her. You are a good person.👏👍respect😊🐎

  4. In no way is this helping. All it is doing is scaring the horse this kind of stuff needs to stop. They should of just let the horse run because the horse will not run forever it will come back

  5. if a horse runs from u DON"T chase it! it will stop and eat grass a little ways away just let the horse run OK you scared it and next time LET THE HORSE RUN!

  6. he was just scaring the horse even more by chasing it. he should have just let the horse run. the horse isn’t gonna run forever

  7. He wasn’t really helping by chasing the poor thing on a loud and fast scooter-no wonder he’s running away

  8. I know that the guys on the scooter was only trying to help but the noise would have made the situation worse and it would have made the horse run faster.

  9. Oh my horses used to run away all the time but we lived in the country at the time so they thankfully never got hurt or ran too far.

  10. Is this funny to you people? This horse is obviously terrified and if you see a runaway horse you just DONT mess with it, eventually it will stop if you don't chase it. Chasing it scares it more and makes the situation WORSE. LET IT FREE AND YOU CAN SEARCH FOR IT LATER!! This woman obviously had no idea what she was doing and was not experienced with horses, I'm not blaming this on the biker because he was trying to help, I'm coming for the owner. That horse could have gotten really spooked and possibly hurt someone. HORSES ARE NOT AFRAID OF MOVING CARS OR ANY OTHER VEHICLE!!!! Both the man and the woman could have gotten trampled. Just wanted to put that out there, it was stupid.

  11. The horse would stop, but you are scaring it by driving to it. And if you would do nothing it would still stop somewere to eat grass


  13. he run away again next minute the biker left…legend says she still chases the horse…Waaalter…O'Waaalter…

  14. Why would they chase the horse? If they didn’t it would have just stopped to graze, and not bolt off. I get the guy was trying to help, he probably doesn’t know much about horses. Great job being helpful though.

  15. No offense but that is the worse thing you could've done chasing the horse it's just going to make the horse more spooked and want to run away from u the owner of the horse should of known better this is disgraceful nothing to be proud of if this was my horse I'd check the micro chip find his location then waited till he calmed down

  16. He was SORT OF NOT helping, i assume she fell off and he ran away and the horse was gonna run more bc of the scooter! Chasing a horse makes it run even faster and run more and more. The woman had her horse back but still it took them three minutes. Ok! You cannot let ur horse run away but do not chase it.

  17. Chasing a horse with a motorbike is a stupid idea. Sorry but like, you are proborbly scaring the horse even more. Just wait for the horse to slow down or wait for someone who actually knows how to handle horses eg the owner to catch the horse themselves. Wouldn't you run away if you had a motorbike chasing you?


  19. for God's sake can people please stop saying how 'amazing' this was, no it was horrible. Can you not tell that the horse kept bolting because of the motorbike? If you were being chased by something that makes an unusual sound, looks weird to you and goes very quick wouldn't you try to run? The horse probably hasn't seen many motor bikes before so the horse probably will get scared by it. I think some people forget that animals have emotions as well, just like humans. If this was a dog or a cat people would speak about it saying about how it's wrong but because it's a horse that means it can be chased. Honestly shame on the rider. The guy on the bike didn't know much better but still shouldn't of done it. But can we please appreciate the riders stupidity I mean come on it dosent take much for you to get some common sense. Oh and for those people saying it's the horses fault for getting the rider off some how (I dont know if she just fell or if the horse bucked) but she dosent look very concerned that her horse is galloping on a solid surface. Honestly people there is so much more I want to say but please get some common sense

  20. Ok, i know the biker is really trying to help but hes causing the situation to be worse. This is because horses usually run for a little bit and stop to eat, its just in their blood. The bike was obviously scaring the horse, making it run away even faster and further.

  21. Oh wow! Thank God for that good samaritan! What a blessing he was! Glad everything turned out alright! Beautiful horse! Happy owner! That's a good day!

  22. Ik this man was probs trying to help the woman to catch her horse and i don't have a problem with him, i have a problem with the woman who agreed,as a horse rider ik that if u chase the horse he has even more reason to run bc u come across like a predator and the horse will keep running, u may be thinking "well yeah but horses can't run forever" this is true BUT if u had not have of chased it, it wouldn't see any reason to keep running and would slow down sooner than he would have being chased, NEVER chase a horse bc it will be a harder job than just leaving the horse be, i think u get the point 😅
    I appreciate u helping that woman tho! 😊 But i feel like if that woman is a horse rider who has ridden and learn about horses for a long time, she should have known better…
    I can't believe no one (who probably is a horse rider ) has addressed this 🤔

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