4 thoughts on “Scott Davis – 1998 United States Figure Skating Championships, Men’s Free Skate

  1. @barkingtree88 Yeah, what sucked was the ISU implementing the new system for countries to earn World & Olympic berths last season. Had that not happened, Todd Eldredge's 2nd Placement at 97 Worlds would have given the US 3 berths for Nagano (in fact, Russia and Canada would have earned 3 berths too), but with new system, where the total of the skaters' placements would determine the number of berths, the US only qualified 2 because of the low placement by Dan Hollander.

  2. He made the podium without a Triple Axel in the Long? In 1998?!? This was mercy. Nice program choreographically, but technically… no.

  3. Poor Scott was not gifted with soft knees unfortunately, which made his overall skating (but especially his jumps) look so rigid and unsteady. There was no flow or ease to it. Even when he landed the jumps, nothing ever felt secure.

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