Sea Creature Adventure!

Sea Creature Adventure!

– I’m Coyote Peterson. This is Julia and this is Naia. And today we’re exploring
in their backyard, looking for sea creatures. Anything? Should I put my hand in there? – Yeah. – Ooh, what if
something bites me? (adventurous music) (upbeat tropical music) On this episode of
Coyote’s Backyard, I will be exploring alongside Julia and her best friend Naia. They are two of the
Brave Wilderness
Channel’s biggest fans, and over the course
of the past year, have sent many
stories and pictures of their adventures together. Julia and Naia live on
Orcas Island, located within the San Juan Island
chain of Washington state. This was the perfect
place to film an episode of Coyote’s Backyard. So the stars aligned,
and before I knew it, we were getting ready for
an epic tide pool adventure. All right, girls, I’m gonna
get on the boat first, and then I will help you
get down here, sound good? – Yeah, you go first, okay? – Alright, Julia,
you wanna come down? I got your hand there. Go ahead step right
down on there. Okay come on this side. Sit right up front with me. Naia, you all set? There we go. Got it. Are you excited to go
on the adventure today? Are you excited to
go on the adventure? – Yeah. – Are we gonna catch
lots of cool creatures? – Yeah. – [Coyote] Alright. Crew ready? – Ready. – When we get to the beach, we can look for
alligator lizards, too. – [Coyote] Are there
alligator lizards out there? – Uh huh. – What do you think, Naia? Are we gonna find some
alligator lizards? – Yeah, I love ’em. – (laughs) Alright! Lizards and sea
creatures, here we go. (engine revving) Bye Mario. – [Woman] Wave to Mario. – We’ll see you on the island. Woo! All right guys, we
have left the shore. We’re on our way to
Sea Creature Island. Julia, are you excited? – Mm-hmm. – We got you tucked
down there in your life jacket like
a little turtle. And Naia, I think you’re
ready to go, right? – Mm-hmm. – All right, I’m gonna
hold onto you guys tight. We’re gonna head out
across these waves, and make it to the other side. – Whoa, an eagle! – [Crew Member] Whoa,
it’s a bald eagle! – [Mark] That’s a sign
of good luck, guys. We’re gonna have a
good adventure today. – [Coyote narrating] Julia’s
dad has been taking her to explore tide pools since
before she could even walk. Now that she’s a little older,
all of five and a half years, they often frequent the
uninhabited Doe Island. At low tide, this
is the perfect place to find marine
creatures hidden amongst the inner tidal pools. So, we slowly ferried
over in a small boat and safely made our
way to the shore. (adventurous music) Okay, ready? One, two, three. There we go. I’m gonna come up
here with you guys. – [Julia] And there’s fish here. – All right, let’s do this,
let’s get up on to dry ground. Real careful, be
careful there Julia. There you go now. Be real careful on that kelp
let’s get on to the dry ground. – Wow’s it so cool. – And wait for the cameras. – [Julia] Oh, I saw a sculpin! – Okay, so right
now, Julia and Naia are fast at work searching
out the tide pools. We’ve got the rest of the
crew coming over on a boat. It’s almost impossible
to contain these two. As soon as they see
a tide pool they’re immediately catching things. So far, we’ve found
kelp crabs and sculpins. I gotta catch up with them. They’re gonna be leading
this entire expedition. Wait for me guys! – I found a hermit crab. (short drum roll) – Oh, guys, I found something! – [Mark] What is that? – A huge fish! Julia! – [Naia] It’s a
huge fish, Julia! You got it! – Got him right
there, there it is. – You got it! – So, Julia, what is this? – A Clingfish. – That’s a Clingfish. Now, the reason they’re
called Clingfish is I’m gonna flip
it over like this, look at the underside
there, Mark. – [Mark] Let me see that. – It looks like a
big bullfrog tadpole. – [Mark] Whoa! – But it’s got that big
suction cup on it’s underside. Now they use that
to actually hang on to other fish, right? – Mmm-hmm. – They can hang on to other
fish and catch a free ride. It almost looks like
a bullfrog tadpole, have you ever seen a
bullfrog tadpole before? – [Naia] Mm-mm. – Well they look just like this, but they don’t
have that distinct suction cup on the underside. I should put this little
guy back under his rock. – [Naia] Right there. – [Mark] All right.
– Cool. – [Mark] The journey continues. – All right, we’re
gonna put this rock right back where it was. And let’s see what
else we can find. Good job running the
camera there, Julia. She’s a natural. – [Julia] Okay that’s a– – Here you hold the net and
I’ll get him in the net, okay? Watch your fingers,
watch your fingers. – [Julia] Got him. – Got him? Get him in the net. There we go, that’s big one. It’s a rock prickleback
fish right there. – [Mark] Oh, careful. – [Coyote] Let’s take that up
to your little tidepool, okay? – Okay. – Well, now we have
some prickleback fish. And what did you find? Look at that! – [Crew Member] What?
That’s a great starfish! – [Coyote] Naia’s
got a tiny sea star. Well, we have spent
our entire morning adventuring around
in these tide pools and we’ve come across
a whole bunch of different cool marine creatures. But right now, we’re
gonna get three of them up close to the cameras,
are you ready for this? – Mm-hmm. – How ’bout you,
Naia, are you ready? – Yep. – Okay, now the first thing
we’re gonna look at is called a chiton, I’m gonna grab
it, it’s right here. We put it in this
pocket of water. Come here big guy. Oh whoa, look at this. – It’s really heavy. – It is heavy. Look at this, it is like a
creature from another planet. Naia, have you ever seen
something like this before? You think we could
put it on your head? (laughs) – No? You wanna see what happens if it suctions on to my face? Aaaaaahhhhh! You know what,
nothing’s happening, it’s just kind of
like a big suction cup and you can see
that, see how it’s kinda curling up into a ball? It’s doing that
as a defense, now. Touch the back of it,
what’s it feel like? – Rock. – Like rock, right? It’s
very rough, it’s very rugged, it almost feels like
rhinoceros skin. You know what, pet
the back of that, does that feel
like a rhinoceros? – Yeah. – Have you ever pet
a rhinoceros before? – No. – Well we’re gonna
guess that this feels like rhinoceros skin. And on the inside,
it has this big foot, and that’s how it
suctions on to rocks and it just kind of moves
along, eating algae and kelp. You wanna put your finger
in there, see if it bites? No, it doesn’t bite, does it? Julia, you do it, put
your finger in there, tell me if it bites. – No, it doesn’t bite. – Nothing, totally
safe to handle. All right, I’m gonna put this
back into the pocket of water. You guys wanna see what’s
in that net over there? – Yeah. – All right, we’re gonna see
what is inside of the net – I’ll hold the big guy. – You wanna hold the big guy? – Yeah. – All right, put
your little net down. Oh boy, come here
Naia, check this out. All right, I’m gonna
slowly kind of reveal what’s in the net, Julia
can you get the big one? This is a rock prickleback fish. Hold on, he’s kinda
stuck in the net there. Very slippy. Now it looks like an eel. You got ahold of it,
there you go. Two hands. It looks like an eel,
but it’s actually a fish. Did you know that? – [Naia] Yes. – And the way you can
identify it as such, Mark, if you zoom in
there you can see all that stripe patterning
on the side of the face, right there by the gills,
that’s how you identify it. – Coyote, he’s
trying to bite me. – He’s trying to bite you,
you want me to hold onto it? – Ah, I got to put him back. – Yeah let me see
for a second here. Here, put your hand flat. There you go, Naia’s
gonna help me hold it. There you go, can you zoom in
on the side of his face there? – [Naia] Whoa. – You wanna know
something pretty cool? These fish can breathe out
of water, did you know that? – [Naia] I knew– – But they do have to go back
into the water eventually and then they will swim
off into the water. And these can grow to be
about three feet in length. Did you know that? That’s like as long
as you are tall. Three feet, how tall are you? That tall, yeah, this can grow to be about as long
as you are tall. – Whoa. – Isn’t that crazy,
pretty wild huh? All right, you also have a
little sculpin in there, right? I’m gonna put the prickleback
down into the water, in the net and let’s hold
up this little sculpin. Can I see? Put him
in my hand there. Now this, Julia, this is
your favorite fish, right? – Yes. – The sculpin. And
aren’t they cute? Look at it’s little face! And you know what they have
on the side of their gills? Little tiny hooks, and you
know what they use those for? That’s for defense, in case
a predator tries to eat them, they’ll puff those out
and they’re very spiky. So if something
tries to bite it, it’s gonna get like a
spike right in it’s mouth. Have you ever tried to
eat a sculpin before? – Yecch. – Yecch, that’s
what I would say. We don’t eat sculpins right? Now, here’s a little,
teeny, tiny, one. All right, you wanna
put the sculpin back down in to the net there? Julia, are you ready… for the spider crab! – [Mark] Aaahhh! – Eeee, look at that! – (giggles nervously) – Have you ever seen
a spider crab before? – Yes. – Put your little finger on
his back there and pet it. What does he feel like? – Fur. – He’s fuzzy! Pet that crab. – Whoa! – Fuzzy crab, right? – It feels like a
short-haired cat. – Like a short-haired cat,
that’s a great description. Now, we’re not sure
exactly what variety of spider crab this is, so
we’ll have to look it up. (record scratches) – [Coyote Voiceover]
As it turns out, this is actually a helmet crab, A species that is
often misidentified as either a kelp or a spider crab, and which can often
be found forging amongst eelgrass or kelp beds. That’s what we call
facts from a field guide. Now, look at this it’s not
even trying to pinch me. It has very small
pincers up front, and they use those
pincers to pull apart all of the plant
material that they then feed into their mouths. Look at those claws
up front there, Mark. Zoom in on those. Pretty crazy looking isn’t it? You wanna put your hand out? Here, put your hand out. And let’s let it
walk. You see that? Look at that, look how
the legs on this side are longer than the
legs on that side. – [Mark] Why is that? – It could be possible
that this crab lost some legs at
one point in time ’cause did you guys
know that crabs can grow their legs back? Now, Julia, if your leg falls
off, is it gonna grow back? Probably not. Naia, if your leg falls
off is it gonna grow back? No, I don’t have
that power either, but all crabs have the
ability to drop their legs, which means they can pop off and then after a little
while they grow back. All right, you guys can
be super brave, right? You’re brave members of the
Coyote Pack, aren’t you? Okay, so to test your bravery, we’re going to see if you
can hold the spider crab. Are you ready? All right, we’re gonna
go with Julia first. Ready, keep those hands flat. – [Mark] Ooooohhh. – [Coyote] Oh, I hope
it doesn’t pinch you! – There you go,
that’s you holding a little, fuzzy, spider crab. – [Mark] Whoa. – Pretty cool, right? – [Mark] So brave! – Naia, are you ready? – Mm-hmm. – All right, here we go. Spider crab. (moans nervously) – Ooohh, there it is! – [Mark] She’s doing it! – That’s no problem, right? – [Mark] Oh wait, Julia! – Julia, where are you going? All right, let’s dunk
it down in the water because you know they
breathe using their gills. And we have to put it under
water for a little bit, There we go crab. See that, it’s just
curled up in a ball? – [Mark] Well, I think
Naia gets to name the crab, since she’s the
last one to hold it. – Would you like to
name this spider crab? – I’m gonna name him Fuzzy. – Fuzzy! Fuzzy the spider crab. – [Mark] Coyote! I think you uh,
you lost your team. – I did lose my team. Mario’s up there exploring and he found some alligator lizards. So, the girls left me to release all of these marine creatures. But it was one epic day,
exploring here on Doe Island. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave! Stay wild. We’ll see you on
the next adventure. Animals are present in almost every backyard around the world. And to find them, you just
have to know where to look. Exploring alongside Julia and
Naia was an absolute blast. And it’s young, adventurous
members of the Coyote Pack like the two of them, who
truly bring a smile to my face. Knowing that they
have a genuine love and admiration for
the natural world. – I saw another one, Julia. (exciting music) – Oh guys, this is so cool! The official Brave
Adventures tour poster. – [Mark] We’re going on tour? – That’s right guys,
we’re hittin’ the road to meet members of
the Coyote Pack. – [Mark] That’s awesome. So what are we doing
on tour, Coyote? – Ah, it’s gonna be incredible. We’ll be talking about animals, the adventures we’ve been on and the locations we’ve visited, some exclusive and funny
behind the scenes stories, plus taking pictures,
signing autographs, and most importantly, meeting
members of the pack in person. – [Mark] Man, that
sounds awesome. So, where’s this tour going? – We’ll be traveling
down the East Coast, from New York to Florida, and there’s a good chance that we will be visiting your city. – [Mark] Awesome. So Coyote, I’m guessing since
this is an actual tour, there’s gonna need
to be actual tickets. – Ah yes, the tickets, there
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show with me and the crew. Exclusive hang out time
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general admission, can you still buy a book? – Oh yeah, books are
definitely gonna be for sale and actually I have one of the first prints with me right
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let’s take a look inside at some of the featured
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Be brave, stay wild. We’ll see you on the road guys! If you are excited for the tour, and we know you’re excited to
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