Search Crews Continue To Look For Obviously Dead Hikers

It’s now been seven days since a group
of hikers went missing in Maine’s Acadia National Park, but rescue crews there are
still holding out hope of finding them alive. Autistic reporter Michael Falk
is on the scene there. Michael. Hello, Brooke.
My socks got wet. That camera man gave me new socks.
I am fine. All right, that’s good, Michael,
but what’s the situation there? Situation. The names of the hikers are Casey Altman,
Brian Emery, Ashley Thorson. The hikers were last seen 174 hours ago.
Since then, three very big storms have hit here.
There’s a 1.24 percent chance that all of the hikers are alive.
There’s a 3.87 percent chance that one or more of the hikers are alive.
I talked to a man. Watch that video now. Why are you looking for the hikers? Well, we’re still hopeful that
we might be able to find them. There’s been a break in the weather
so we’re hoping that. Over the past seven days the average high
temperature has been 21 degrees Fahrenheit. Over the past seven days the average low
temperature has been six degrees Fahrenheit. Right, so we did another sweep of the park
from the air but we didn’t see anything. Without shelter the human body can
withstand temperatures this cold for a maximum of three hours.
Is there shelter in the forest for the hikers? Not that we know of.
They’re frozen. Shhh. They’re frozen. Many people are looking for the hikers
and saying that they’re alive, but that is impossible. It is confusing. That is a helicopter, a CH 146 Griffin Helicopter. Helicopter. I talked to another man who’s
looking for the hikers. It is unlikely that the hikers’ bodies
have left the Acadia National Park. That’s right. I have found the hikers.
The hikers are dead here in Acadia National Park. I am now part of the new story because
I am the one who found the hikers. I am Michael Falk reporting on Michael Falk.
Goodbye. Even though I found them, the rescuers
say they will keep looking for the hikers because some people think that knowing
where dead bodies are is better than not knowing where they are even though
we know where they are. They are over there. I am Michael Falk.

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