SeolSuDae goes to roller skating rink…90’s Retro Style is a Must[The Return of Superman/2018.01.21]

What is this place with bright neon lights and exciting music? It’s a 70s and 80s-themed roller skating rink. I guess they still exist. Which family is here to play today? There were roller skating rinks when I was in elementary school. I’ve been there a few times, though not often as I heard bullies would steal money from kids there. I remember them being places for juvenile crime. Jaesi and Jaea visited a roller skating rink, and they said that it was fun. So I took Seola, Sua and Sian. It was good to reminisce as well. (He’s back to the fashion of his youth.) They walk on memory lane with Donggook transformed into a cool senior. (Donggook, the best face in town) Sua has turned into a prim girl. (Sua, the prim girl) (Grinning) Seola is now an exuberant tomboy. And just for today, Sian looks a bit older than his usual self. You guys remind me of 80s college students. Shall we go for a spin? All right. Lower your waist. (The senior guides him.) Move your legs. There you go. Good. Push through. Good. Push. Stand up. Here we go. One, two. There you go. (His posture is stable.) You’re good, Sian. (Sian is pretty good.) Look at me, Sian. Good job. Look over there too. Good. Wave your hand. Good. Just standing like that is a skill too. Try tip-toeing. If you stand like this, you won’t fall. Like this. Just stay like that, okay? You won’t fall. Oh, no. (Falling) (Crying) You were bad, Daddy. Look at Seola go. Oh, no. (She’s struggling too.) (I guess I’m not alone.) – Lower your waist. / – Yes, move your legs. Good job. You’re good at this. (Falling) Daddy, I can do this alone. Oh, no. (Unintentional slapstick comedy) (Struggling) Find your center of… (She gets right back up after seven attempts.) Try again. Move forward. (Falling) No, don’t sit. – This doesn’t hurt. / – Okay, then get up. (I should demonstrate.) It’s a bit hard, right? – Yes. / – It’s hard, right? Look at me. Move slowly and push forward. It just rolls forward. Take it slowly. (Tip-toeing carefully) I thought he said he’s done it before. He’s not much different from the children. (Waddling) At first, you have to… (On the field, he’s the king of lions.) I remember being able to ride as a child. His reputation as a lion isn’t helping him today. They’re very good. I used to stop by going backward. (What’s going on? Daddy is worse than me.) Kids, they take song requests. What do you want to listen to? The songs you used to listen to long ago. Okay. Please play music from back in the day. – How about “Sunny”? / – Yes, that sounds good. Please turn on the music. Music, cue. (Do you remember those younger days?) It used to be popular. This is the dance. (Things brings back memories.) (It’s a retro dance party.) The trio dances along to disco music. (Bask in the music.) He’s quite the dancer. Poke the air. (I’m the best dancer here.) You guys would really like clubs. (They all dance up a frenzy.) (Excited, Donggook lets loose.) (Sliding) (It’s a perfect slide.) (He always copies his sister.) (How was it? Aren’t I something?) Do you have “Macarena”? Let’s try this. Line up. (He rides the rhythm with his finger.) (What song is this?) Poke your hands. (Back then, you were odd if you didn’t know it.) (Macarena fever was strong in Korea.) (When it comes on, you can’t help but dance.) Okay. Do the wave. (The key point is the hip waves.) (The dance has become muscle memory.) (Whirling together) You’re good, Sian. You’re all good. (The next song is “YMCA”.) (Everyone, clap together.) Young man. (He shakes his legs.) (Donggook passionately leads them.) – Y, M, C / – Y, M, C, – and A. / – A. (His movements are slow.) Gosh. I’m hot. – I want water. / – You want water? Okay. Let’s go. Let’s go eat. Daddy, is that sausage yours? Yes, it is. I always made you cry by eating too much, right? So I’m giving you a chance. You can eat as much as you want first. (It’ll start with you.) Then Sua, Seola, and I will eat it. Sian always just ended up with the leftovers. You first, Sian. Eat as much as you can first, okay? Oh, this can spin. Is that it? Then, it’s Sua’s turn. She can definitely eat more. (She takes the bite down to her throat.) This is all mine, right? All right. (Daddy, you know it has to come around, right?) – No. / – All right. Now it’s Sian’s turn. It’s yours, Sian. Then it’s going to Sua and Seola again. But you can eat as much as you want. (With one bite,) (he makes a clean finish.) You ate it all? Sua and Seola can’t have any now. (That’s right.) (He just feels sorry.) – It’s okay. / – Is it? You always get upset when I eat. But Sian is okay? Yes. (Sian always got the short end of the stick.) There’s another one. But I’ll start this time. Gosh. What’s that? (He exchanges it for an empty skewer.) – What’s what? / – A baby is riding. Hey, but… (He pretends to have eaten it all.) It’s my turn, but I ate it all. (What? You ate it all?) All right. Why are you trying to cry? You don’t understand what’s going on, right, Sian? Why didn’t you save some for Sua? (Donggook got Sian totally fooled.) Hey, just eat yours. It not your turn anyway. Okay, I’m sorry. Here it is. – You hid the real one. / – I was joking around. – You switched it. / – While you looked away, I switched it with the skewer. Look over there. Did he get caught red-handed? Look over there. Or will they be fooled again this time? (He got caught.) You switched it. She knows it’s her turn. You’ll remember this later whenever you eat sausages. Once you start chewing gum, it’s a done deal here. Who wants gum? I do. Pass it down to your sisters. – Me, too. / – Pass it down. Pass it to Seola. How about mine? (He leaves Sian out and chews one himself.) Donggook just can’t help himself. What about me? Why don’t I get one? Do you want one? Show me some bravado. (Shimmying) Thunder power. (It’s so hard to get a stick of gum.) Don’t swallow it, Sian. You won’t, right? (Sian enjoys the gum happily.) How do you chew gum, Seola? There you go. Look at her. When I was in elementary school, I couldn’t come here because of girls like you. They’d steal my money. You have to show your teeth. (She seems to have chewed a lot of gum.) Looks like you’ve been chewing. Seola has a different aura. That’s because I’m the oldest.

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