Seymour Duncan DUALITY pickups for Metal & Horseriding

Seymour Duncan DUALITY pickups for Metal & Horseriding

Alright, it’s been a long while since I did
a proper pickup video Simply for the reason that I absolutely hate soldering more than I hate ba- I was gonna say babies, but that’s not entirely true No, soldering is probably what I hate the most in my life. Anyway, I had my guitar tech install them for me and … That’s cool, huh? Being able to say
that I have my guitar tech It sounds better if I say that my good friend Kent installed the pickups for me So I don’t have to spend time doing
what I hate the most in life. So, today I’m doing the Seymour Duncan Duality
set of pickups and … Truth be told, I haven’t heard a word
about these pickups so I googled like, you know, any normal human being would do and I found one video with Keith Merrow and obviously, because it’s Keith Merrow,
it sounds super awesome and killer And … Yeah, but I couldn’t find any other video So I guess it’s just up to me to see
if I can sound killer through them, so yeah. the Duality pickups are supposed to be
a newer pickup design and it is an active set of pickups But should be sounding like a good mix of a passive and active pickup, for a more organic type of sound It’s supposedly an Alnico 2- … pickup. And as I’m a big fan of Alnico, I’m very much, you know, expecting to like this. I don’t know, we’ll just see. So, let’s try it out. The Duality set is mounted on a Solar A2.6 going straight into my Randall Satan 50 that goes
into my Hesu 2×12 cabinet and micing it all up is my Beyerdynamic M150 … M160 Alright, so let’s go. We need to push ‘record’ Record, oh. There’s a good amount of chunk in these pickups and, you know, it has a lot of bite So, I think these pickups would sound awesome in like
a more classic amplifier like a Dual Rectifier, or a 5150 So … There’s just a little bit too much bite for my Satan. So, I’ll just dial down the grind a little bit. Okay, let’s try it with the clean channel. Wow Works really good for cleans Oh, that was cool. They’re a little bit too modern sounding
for the Randall Satan But I think this would go perfect with a Dual Rectifier
or a 5150 You know, to spice it up a little bit like that I decided, because I have no life Ta-da! Yeah, let’s just try it in a 5150 and see
how it sounds there. It’s all for my awesome audience, which is you guys And where the F- is the Fff- fart button? Oh, it’s here. Okay, fart. I’m ready. Okay, very interesting guys. Very, very, very interesting. Will I prove my theory that I think that these Duality pickups will sound awesome in this 5150? We’re just gonna see, right now. I have the gain on 2 right now. It’s very tight. Come on you f***ing amp, you’re in the way. Can I just roll back a little? Thank you. Yeah, this 5150 just makes a lot more sense
with these pickups and yeah, sometimes Satan is not the answer, okay? I’m fine with that. Sometimes Jesus is the answer. You tell me Sorry, no, do not make this into a religious discussion We’re just talking amplifiers and guitar pickups. Okay? Good. Because you can hear here Hear here You can hear, when I’m playing right now, that this bite that was a little too much on the Satan Fits really well with the 5150, which is a lot more,
you know, less modern sounding and it translates very well, I must say.
It makes the 5150 sound a lot more modern Yeah, so there you have it. These are the Seymour Duncan Duality pickups This is a 5150 from Peavey I’m Ola Englund and you’ve just watched
this entire video Congratulations You win a … chance to subscribe to my channel Thank you so much. Ok, thanks for watching.
See you next time.

100 thoughts on “Seymour Duncan DUALITY pickups for Metal & Horseriding

  1. The duality probably would sound good for Nu Thrash Metal,,,, if that’s a thing 😳
    Ola I always wondered, what’s ur preferred string gauge? And tuning? Andddddddd scale length?
    Also a Jesus amp would probably be a fender.

  2. I've been playing the old Seymour Duncan Heavy metal live wires for years the 18volt version. Wounding how the sound is compared to them?

  3. I find it funny that the 5150 is considered "classic" like it's a Plexi or something. You still hear it everywhere lol.

  4. From what I've heard from the EMG Retro actives they're a good blend of active/passive sound also. Will be nice when these become available for ER guitars

  5. Def sounded better on the 5150. Demo a set of James Hetfields Het Set. I hear it's a very hot pick up and supposed to give the passive/active feel.

  6. Yeesh- not only does he make all amps sound the same, he makes any guitar he plays sound the same, too! YEESH!!!

  7. Ola, I'm interested in purchasing a Solar A2.7, but can you please give us a demo of a Solar guitar with a clean tone? Thanks in advance! I love your reviews, your sense of humor and your work on The Haunted and especially Feared!

  8. Very thin and wayyy over compressed sounding. That could be either A over compressed via active side. Or B the pickups are out of phase with each other. It does have some sparkled tops. But the low end is a mess. I can see you trying to fix it during the video. Haha sometimes pickups are the way they are. Would go great in a strat style rig.

  9. Hello Ola what’s up?
    Could you help me?
    the ink on my solar guitar lost the matte black effect on the underside of the strings. I believe it's the hand that always stays on top. What to do to recover and prevent? thank you so much!

  10. Ola-nator! did you change your amp settings at all after having the pickups installed? They sound meaty

  11. Hello Ola. I hear your karate is very strong. How about a video where you play guitar while performing a kata at the same time? #originalcontent

  12. Sounds brittle to me, almost like a DiMarzio Humbucker from Hell, but with a bit more nuttage on the bottom…

  13. Am i tripping? in the 5150 part of the demo the midrange is dialed almost completey out and the tone does NOT sound scooped…is there that much of a midrange bump in these pickups (and cab)? Ola? Anyone else who has tried the Duality pickup?

  14. Ola- do pickups "break-in" (and sound better) over time used like speakers and cables? Thanks. also- I'm a long-time subscriber!

  15. 6:36…too late bruh…now im in a discusion with mom about why Feared is satanic (yeah…she thinks Metal is taking me to the Evil…but is a good evil 🤘)

  16. Ask the Crazy Asian's man…I don't remember etc…they did have a few actives too….but I guess the same shit other than that….Ceramic sounds cool all scoopeddd and shit….they are dryyyy though man, then I missed the warmth of the Alnico etc. You need to try the 1meg on the volume though man…telling you that is cool.

  17. Ive owned these babies since they were released, I loved them at first strum replacing 81/85s. Im running them through a 5150iii and laney cab, Im gonna replace my duncan black outs for these in my 7 string as well. great vid Ola, Ill probably throw a set in a solar guitar when I can pick one up!

  18. Seymour Duncan's "tone profile" on their website says this pickup has more lows and mids than treble, but this sounds twangy as shit.

  19. Ive heard and liked the JB but never had a duncan. Ive had an x2n in the early 80's and couple bill lawrence's and dimarzio paf.

  20. I push my fingers into my EEEYYYEEESS.

    It's the only thing that slowly stops the AAAAAAAAACHE.

    But it's made of all the things I have to TAAAAAAAAAKE.

    Jesus, it never ends, it works its way INSIIIIIIIIIIIIDE.

    If the pain goes on… AH!

  21. Hej! vilka strängar använder du och har du något tips på vad man ska gå/känna efter när man vill hitta det "perfekta" setet. Mestadels för metal-genre.

  22. Hello from Portland Oregon Ola!

    My question:

    Have you used the Seymour Duncan Blackouts modular preamp? I'm really curious your thoughts and what you have to say about it because I know it sort of mixes active the Blackouts with passive pickups.

    Thanks man!!!

  23. now i can t stop trying new gears and I love it !! My favs are precision drive into revv g3 using in the mooer Radar !! Thanks for making my #life more interesting !

  24. Honesty I can't hear the difference between the 5150 and the Satan. But maybe my headphones compress too much or something

  25. I think ola meant sometimes eddie van halen is the answer lol, nice review! I have also been curious about those pick ups

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