Shark In A Swimming Pool | creepypasta

Shark In A Swimming Pool | creepypasta

shark in a swimming pool in July 2016 I went on vacation to South Africa I was told a story that I didn’t believe at first until I actually saw the photographs as a kid I’ve always been scared of sharks even swimming in pools where I knew a shark could never get into at night I always saw dark shadows and was scared that a shark or some other creature was somehow swimming with me in my mind I felt that maybe some mad killer had taken a shark via a tank on a truck and put it in the cooler swimming in well I’ve read a meeple buying baby sharks and putting them in pools nothing has happened that was even as scary as what happened to Pokemon so Pillai she was married to kanawa Pillai a millionaire property developer she loved to swim so much that her husband had built an amazing Olympic sized swimming pool in their home their home was incredible gargantuan mansion that overlooked the sea now since South African waters so shark-filled he built this pool because he wanted her to swim safely while visually stunning on a stormy night the waves will often crash over and into the pool area it was a barrier protecting the ocean from the pool so no-one ever considered that a shark could somehow get across but when the waters were extremely rough one night they see a huge 10-foot shark was carried by a wave in 2p lays pool other shark experts speculate that the shark actually was able to jump across the barrier however the wave carrying theory seems most likely that night the sea had calmed everything seemed peaceful the Pele A’s were celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary and both waded into the shallow end of the pool playfully Bochum Oso swam into the middle of the pool unaware that they weren’t alone lurking in the waters was a great white shark nearly twice the length of her both poca moso and Congo I was splashing around went for a split second poka moso disappeared underwater as her head rose with a smile suddenly the great white shark came from behind opened its mouth wide have pounced on her head she had little chance as its teeth sank into her neck ripping her head from her body Kagawa swam to the shallow end steps and then raced to a nearby cleaning net while he tried to hit the shark with the pole he could see amongst the blood that her lifeless body was already torn to shreds he froze taking in the horror swimming around in front of him when the police came they didn’t know what to do in fact there was nothing they could do upon Congo as wishes they left leaving his home with the shark still swimming in the pool now there are a few conflicting accounts of what happened next some say he just let the shark swim around the pool until it starved to death others say he had the bone drained that the shark eventually suffocated either way he made sure the shark died in a horrific fashion and no one knows fully how he killed the shark because a few weeks later his body was found in the sea by the pool depressed and suicidal he had tied weights to his ankles he blamed himself for his wife’s death couldn’t get over the guilt of building the swimming pool besides the ocean in September 2017 the property was purchased by a famous hotel chain and has been converted into a five-star hotel swimming pool still exists by the ocean no additional fencing more prevention has been initiated since safety experts claim that it was a freak occurrence next time you’re going to swim in a pool just before you dive in give it a quick look over now while finding a shark in there is nearly impossible you don’t want to be the one person like poca moso to get unlucky [Music] you you

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  1. Sharks in swimming pools do terrify me I saw a shadow in my cousins pool do I swam to the ladder and there was nothing I guess I was paronoid after seeing 47 meters down

  2. Wouldn't the chlorine in the pool poison the shark? And btw, WHAT IDIOT BUILDS A POOL RIGHT ON THE FRICKEN OCEAN!!!

  3. I quit going into McDonald's playgrounds if there is no one else when I was 8. I'm 10 now. I quit because that was when I first played FNaF.

  4. Ok 😌 then kinda simaler so I didn't believe this at first but when it was on the news I didn't know what to think 💭 so my friend was in a 5 star ⭐️ hotel when she claimed that there was a shark 🦈 in the 🏊 pool 🏊 so she was swimming 🏊 in the pool with her friends when a 8 year old girl was splashing around she was doing a how long can you stay under water 💦 but never came up because a shark 🦈 came and turned her into shredded meat 🍖 the police 👮 took every one out and put toxic in the water 💦 so it could die horibale death 💀 leaving the little girls body behind with the water and shark 🦈 inside you never know when your life is a little end 😈 !!!!!

  5. ^^^^^this is why I have a Horrific fear of water. Also cuz I can't swim, but the sharks don't help either.

  6. Right now its August 2017 and you posted this video on December 2016…HOW THE FUCK DID HE BUY IT IN SEPTEMBER ???

  7. WAAAAAY before I watched this like when I was 4 I had a nightmare like this it was that I was at a pool with my family and they got eaten by it and I woke up before I could get eaten and I'm 9 now and I'm just finding this video I'm a kid on my moms account

  8. Its a good story but a bit flawed. One a great white shark wouldnt normally attack a human unless provoked. Two, a shark wouldnt just attack they would hit you first. Bull shark would attack you with no reason though

  9. The shark was investigating the lady he or she thought they were seals or an injured fish since they were splashing


  11. True story
    When I was around 8 I used to have the fear of a shark in my friends pool. I used to imagine it lingered in the deep end so I never went remotely close to the deep end. I remember I convinced myself that I saw a shadow in the deep end coming to the shallow end and I ran out of the pool

  12. Haha when u said that as a kid yo you were scared of sharks and swimming pools that's the same reason why I wouldn't go swimming when I was like 5 so what I'd do was I used to sit on the swimming pool floor and let my legs dangle in the water so one day my cousin pulled me so hard in the water I got so wet lol I started crying coz I was too small for swimming pool now I finally can swim I mean I can't do the sleeping position one swimming the sitting one I do coz I dunno how to swim so that's why btw love ur stories a lot

  13. The builder: XD hey I have a great idea let's put a pool near the beach where ppl go to swim
    Me: you are drunk anrent you?.
    The builder: it's totally safe!

  14. I remember this video. but the pool doesn't scare me, but no lie I catch my shower drain. penny-wise scared the shit out of me in that sense😂

  15. Pfftt, what rubbish! No one is gonna find a shark in a POOL!

    …What is that in my pool? OMG IT'S A SHARK! lol

  16. im not really surpised or scared about it coz i seen people get eaten in movies but i know Megalodons (did i spell that right?) are extinct so i would be like "SHIT DUDE THATS AWESOME!!" when a megalodon gets in to a pool (pools arent even that big ik)

  17. I have Thalassophobia and this is horrifying. But thats what makes this channel this channel, and I love it 💖💕💗❤😂 Keep up the good work

  18. If you didn't write "Creepy pasta" it could have been more believe able but since everyone al ready knows its fake,theres no use.

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