Shiva – Full Episode 11 – The Ghost of Vedas City

Shiva – Full Episode 11 – The Ghost of Vedas City

Hey! Pedaram, you please go
and bring Laddoo Singh sir. I’ll go and stop him. Hmm. Hey! Hey, kid. Why did you
come in our way? Quickly, take out your cycle. Uncle, don’t even call me a kid. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Shiva. You broke the signal,
you caused an accident. Come with me to the
police station. What will you do if we don’t go? Hey, Radhe. Let’s
teach him a lesson. Okay. I’m not a bad machine… …which you’ll fix. Hmm. You fight very nicely. I’ll remember you. Maybe I need it. Hands up! You skipped the signal and you
caused an accident in my area. Fifty miles away from here… …when someone skips a signal,
people say, ‘Don’t do it.’ ‘Laddoo Singh will come there.’ And then forget
skipping the signal… …he even stops
driving the car. Inspector, you speak a lot.
I’m a body builder. I not only make body, I
make a building as well. The driver was driving the car. His name is Radhe. Catch him and give him whatever
punishment you want to give. And, kid. I’ll
surely remember you. I not only make body, I
make buildings as well. And, the memory of the people… …who make buildings
is very sharp. Boss, what did you do? Why
did you sacrifice your man? I not only make body, I
make buildings as well. Usually body builders are smart. And, those people keep
patience who make buildings. Babu, please don’t lose
you temper in tension. Our man will surely come back. But all the kids in the city… …will leave and move far away. Every kid will leave this city. But why, boss? I do make body in my house. But I need land to make the city. And, the perfect land
which I want is this. Vedas city. It has mountains and sea
on all the four sides. And the river surrounds
it in such a way… …which is seen in fewer cities. Over here, I’ll
make my dream city. Boss, the model is amazing. But, how will we empty
this Vedas city? We’ll take help of ghosts. What?
– We’ll take the help of ghosts. Yes! We’ll take
help of the ghosts. I’ve some ghost friends of mine. Help! Help! Boss! Boss! Ghost! Run! Very good! He’s my scientist friend… …Khojilal’s new invention. Boss, it was looking very real. We really got scared. Yeah! And, this fear will
surely empty Vedas city. Just think, when you
people can get scared. Then, what about the
common people of the city? Those are innocent people. They’ll disappear from this city
because of fear in such a way… …just like water disappears
when it gets heated. Shiva, how is the sound
of the horses coming suddenly? That sound is coming
from that opposite lane. But how did a horse come
here so late at night? Help! Help!
– Be careful. Be careful!
– Help! Help! Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! Help us!
– Help us! Run! The shocking news
in such silence… …Vedas city is half empty now. The ghosts have
terrified the city. Who is this ghost? Where
did they come from? No one has the idea about it. Mr.Laddoo Singh, half
of Vedas city has… …become vacant out
of the fear of ghosts. What would you have
to say about it? Ghosts in my area! Ghosts cannot exist in my area. 50 kilometers from here… …when a ghost arrives then
people ask him to escape. Otherwise he’ll have
to face Laddoo Singh. And the ghost really escapes. Just think, the ghost escapes
out of the fear of Laddoo Singh. What would have happened if
Laddoo Singh would have arrived? A ghost will arrive in your
police station tonight. Let’s see, what would
you do, Mr.Laddoo Singh? Some human being
is the mastermind. He wants to vacant
the Vedas city. See, the doggy is so scared. He sat on the tree with
us for the first time. This isn’t any ghost
but an alien. He appears to be a ghost. My parents are thinking
to abandon Vedas. This city belongs to us and
no one can get us out of it. We’ll expose the ghost
tonight in public. Listen to our plan now. Run!
– Run! The ghosts have arrived! Run! Help us! The ghost is here! Run! The ghosts seem to have
arrived in the city. Hey, find them out. Hey, inspector! Good evening. Good evening! Good evening! Inspector, one of my
friends is missing. Will you find him? He’s
riding on the horse. He’s quite handsome.
Please file the report. Yes, the report… How… How should I write it? My hands are shivering. Here he is! Hi! I am in search of
you since long. This is a generous inspector. Let us take him to
Ghost City with us. Ghost… …City! I am not scared of you. Catch
me if you have courage. Reva, be ready. I am coming. We are ready. Reva, now. Ghosts do scream. Look. He’s screaming so much. He isn’t a ghost but a human
being in ghost’s disguise. He can also be an alien. Even aliens scream
when they are hurt. Enough, UD. You’re always after
scaring everyone. We know you are fake. Scare me if you are courageous. Where would you
escape from me, kids? I lost the battery. I’ll have to go back. This kid and his friends are
not scared of the ghosts. I’ll have to inform the boss. We won the first round
from those ghosts. But they’ll come again later. We’ll face them fully
prepared this time. I make body and
buildings as well. But all of you can’t
even make one. Can’t you even scare a kid? Shame on you! Why are you standing
here with a broom? Go and sweep the floor. Boss, both of us tried a
lot to scare him. But he doesn’t get scared.
What should I do? He will have to get scared. If he doesn’t get scared… …the city will come back. I have to put an end to the
saga about this boy tonight. Or else, my dream about making
the dream city in Vedas city… …will stay a dream. What happened last night? Last night? Last night, I hassled
those ghosts so much… …hassled them a lot. Pedaram, tell them. One old witch… …came flying on a broom,
and on sir’s pant… Pedaram, stop it. You seem to be obsessed
with the pant. So, this is what happened.
The ghost came on a horse… And, he got a witch along, one
who was flying on a broom. And then, the moment the
ghost came on the horse… …I got angry. And I told him… …get going via that tiny lane. Don’t make me angry. He began to laugh. He began to laugh, and I gave him
one tight slap under his ear. And, holding on to
the witch’s broom… …turned it around
in the air mightily. Really? What else? Lies, eh? The truth, the absolute truth. What happened then? And then, well… Move on. Move on from here. Keep coming for
interviews all the time. Don’t you guys have any
other business? Go. Laddoo Singh, they’ll come
once again tonight. We need your help. I will, Shiva. I will surely help. I will do anything for Vedas city. If you guys are out to
face the ghosts tonight… …well, Vedas city
will also not lack anything. It would be live on TV,
and all would watch. Reva, Adi, UD, all ready? The ghost’s procession
is on it’s way. Ready? Laddoo Singh, are you ready?
They are coming. I am ready. But my body seems
to be deserting me. It keeps shivering. Okay, I’ll get them. I wonder what this boy is made of! He doesn’t get scared of anyone. There. There he is. He should not get away today. That’s Shiva. He used to take on
thieves and thugs… …and now he’s on
to challenge ghosts. Why don’t you stop him? These ghosts are fake. Just watch, Shiva will
expose them soon. Laddoo Singh! – Yes!
– Now! Fine! Ghosts in my area? Ghosts? I’ll get it all off. Reva, now. Hey, Shiva! Hey! Not just the body, I
make buildings too. Today, I’ll teach you
such a lesson… …that you’d never ever mess
around with my business. Fake ghost, at least
show your face. I know that you are fake. You squashed all my plans. Kiddo, you can’t get
away from here today. Don’t call me a kid, uncle. Shiva! This city is mine. I wanted to vacate this city… …and build a modern
smart city out here. But you destroyed it all. And today, I’ll destroy you. Enjoyed it? Enough. Enough. Inspector, what are you watching?
Arrest me. Move on. Build your
body in the jail now. You may forget about
making the building now. Help! Shiva has saved Vedas
city once more. How did he do it?
What is the mystery? See all of that, tonight
at 8, on Vedas channel. Shiva! Shiva!

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