Shoe Care : How to Shine Your Boots

Shoe Care : How to Shine Your Boots

Hi, my name is Mike Summers from Jim The Shoe
Doctor in Eugene, Oregon. Today we’re going to be talking about cleaning and shining a
pair of boots. So the first step in cleaning and shining a boot like this, most of the
time you’re not even going to touch the upper area where you’ve got all this stitching,
anything you put on there is going to transfer into the stitching, so most of the time you’re
going to just leave that alone. You don’t want to polish that and change the color of
that. So we’d start off by just applying a conditioner, this is leather balm, it’s a
great product, cleans and conditions leather. And that we would work into the boot making
sure that we really get it down into that welt area, and that’s the area between the
upper and the sole, that is the area that cracks out the most often in shoes and that’s
the area that you really want to concentrate on. You want to make sure you work that in
good, and you can use a cloth or a brush like I’m using. And once you’ve applied your conditioner
you can take and just wipe that off with a rag and buff it off, or, and you can see how
much dirt is coming off that boot just by doing that little bit right there, so there
was quite a bit of dirt that was on this boot. Or you can take and use a polishing brush
and just run the entire boot around that brush. So at this point we’ve cleaned any of the
surface dirt off of the boot, and now we can apply a polish, and we could either apply
a cream polish or a wax. A wax is going to give it a much higher shine. With this boot
we’d want to keep the shine fairly low on it, so we’re going to use a cream polish,
it’s a soft polish, this polish is a high quality polish made by Meltonian, you can
buy at most any shoe shop and with that you would just apply it the same way that you
did with the conditioner with either a cloth or a brush, covering the entire shoe. And
with most of these polishes, with the waxes, with a paste wax you want to kind of let it
dry up and kind of haze up a little bit, with the softer waxes, most of the time you’re
going to want to buff that back off when it has not dried yet. Usually you don’t want
that to tend to streak up. And you could either use a machine to either polish that off, or
you can use just a brush, or even a cloth. And with a boot like this, yeah, we don’t
want a real high shine so we’re not going to buff it a tremendous amount because the
more you buff a shoe and the more friction you put on there, the higher the shine’s going
to be. But if you did want to get a higher shine you can always, that’s what’s nice about
the high speed machines, is they will easily bring up a shine. And at this point you could leave it alone
or you could use a product like this. This is a shine sponge and once you’ve shined a
shoe then you just take and wipe this over it, it has a little bit of lanolin, a little
bit of mink oil in it, and these do a great job of just bringing that shine up and it
will keep a shine going for a long time. You don’t even have to re-shine the boot, you
can just touch it back up with the shine sponge. And it’s a real easy way to take care of a
boot. So that’s how you would clean, polish, and protect a boot.

25 thoughts on “Shoe Care : How to Shine Your Boots

  1. exelent video, could you do a video showing how got an exelent bull shine on a combat boot or any black leather boot

  2. Any videos on how to remove scuff & scratches on leather boots? My boots are a lighter copper color and I would like to cover or remove these problems. Thanks.

  3. @ConArtistaqw I've got combats. All I do Is just regularly clean the soles (the bottom of the boot) with a tooth brush and for the top, I use Kiwi wax polish (the hard kind) 1- 2 coats of that should do you well. Remember that they are combats and they are going to end up dirty anyways.

  4. @SuperKare123 Layer over them slowly they will cover it but will not take them away unless its just polish

  5. does leather balm take up some of the boots color along with the dirt? when i've used leather balm on a brown boot, the rag takes up some brown even when the boot seems to be clean

  6. Hey , my name is Pedro Henrique . I am from brazil, I work at shoes repair.
    could you pass me one if cotato??
    like your work.
    I don't speak eglish very well still.

  7. Will this shine work gortex boots. I know mink oil voids the warranty and also makes the leather not breathable. Thanks great video

  8. Thank you so much for this video it really had help with my justin work boots can you make a video using cowboy exotic leather like ostrich or gator boots thanks

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