Should You Travel to Cuba in 2017?

Should You Travel to Cuba in 2017?

What’s up world. It’s Jon and the question you must be asking yourself today is should I travel to Cuba? Are any of the three following things requirements for you to travel? Constant access to high speed internet. Top of the line customer service? And a wide selection of gourmet foods? If any of those three things are required for you. Stop watching this video right now. You should not travel to Cuba. Otherwise let’s proceed. Should I travel to Cuba? Should I not travel to Cuba? Cuba is an interesting place. That comes with it’s own unique challenges. For going there. And after spending a couple of weeks on the island. I’m going to chime in with some of my opinions. And i’m going to discuss if you should or should not travel to Cuba. You should travel to Cuba if you want to experience a culture that hasn’t changed all that much in the last 50 years. I’m talking vintage cars. And outside of Havana. Pigs running in the streets. Horse drawn carts. An agricultural society. And a whole lot of things that are going to blow your mind. You should not travel to Cuba if you can’t afford to be connected to the internet at all times. Getting internet in Cuba can be a little bit tricky. You either have to buy a card at a hotel. Or at a special office where there’s always a long line. So generally speaking your internet use is certainly going to go down. And you can only access the internet in certain places. Parks, hotels, you might start to feel a little bit disconnected from the outside world. And I know that can affect a certain amount of people. You should travel to Cuba if you love beautiful beaches and nice weather. Especially in the American winter. When I went in January. During the day the weather was gorgeous. At night it got a little bit cooler. Their was a nice breeze blowing in. And I even have a video about one of Cuba’s best beaches , so definitley check that one out. You should not travel to Cuba if you expect everything to run smoothly. Buses are going to be sold out. And there is going to be no alternative forms of transportation. Restaurants and bars are going to be closed without warning. And sometimes you’re going to find it easier to buy beer than water at certain stores. You’ve just got to suck it up. There’s no 7-11, there’s no McDonalds in Cuba to bail you out. You should travel to Cuba to interact with the Locals. Especially outside of Havana. I noticed they were a very warm, down to earth bunch. They’re going to be curious about where you’re from. So definitley give that a shot. You should not travel to Cuba if you can’t handle seeing socialist and communist messages plastered all over. For example when you’re driving on the highway. Instead of seeing billboards for advertisements for clothing. Restaurants. You’re going to see Fidel Castro this, Pro socialist this, Pro communist that. If you can’t handle it, you definitley should not go to Kuba. You should travel to Cuba to see how people who are pretty disconnected from the outside world live. Family values are extremely important there. And one of my favorite things about living in Trinidad was just walking around and seeing families hanging out outside , talking without cellphones. And just enjoying each others time. You should not travel to Cuba if you’re expecting to find a large variety of gourmet foods, outside of Havana. And any big city it’s going to be difficult to try to locate anything past fish, pork, or chicken. At many restaurants. And speaking of restaurants. Customer service is going to be slow. You might be waiting a while to get your check. You should travel to Cuba if you’re American. I never heard a single bad thing from a Cuban person about the United States. In fact many of them told me about their relatives living in either Miami or New York. I do have a funny story though. I was talking to a British woman. And she said we’re in a rush right now to travel to Cuba before all the Americans get there. And I looked at her and I said. I have bad news for you. It’s to late. We’re already here. And yes Americans are starting to travel to Cuba. In droves. It’s about time you checked it out. I hope after watching this video you accept some of the basic challenges and hurdles that will come with traveling to Cuba. And this is as of early 2017. I do want to encourage everyone out there again to check out my Cuba vlogs. I’m linking the playlist down below. There’s 4 different episodes. 4 different experiences. And I hope that you guys really enjoy them. Like this video. Share it with your friends. Who might be considering traveling to Cuba. And certainly subscribe to Here Be Barr. We’ve got travel vlogs, travel tips videos, just like this one. Coming out weekly. Looking to help you guys travel smarter. Be a part of where you go. Thanks for watching.

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  2. Interesting, I see bunch of people suddenly wants to go to Cuba really bad ! If you could check our new travel video !

  3. I've heard that thing about "getting to Cuba before the Americans invade" SO MANY TIMES now! It's honestly a bit frustrating. I think people are a bit scared that the charm and old cars are going to somehow disappear and Cuba's gonna turn into a spring break drunk destination like Mexico. But I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon just because those partiers often require internet and good service. We're safe for a bit 😉

  4. honestly the internet is a deal breaker, but I wanna say massive congratulations because of your Little Manila video!

  5. Great tips. Really helpful. We're definitely going to head down some time this year. Thanks for sharing all your insights and vlogs! -Brian

  6. Great video! I'm leaving for Cuba in a couple of days. What kind of electrical plugs do they have there? I live in the US now but I have traveled the world. Is it a similar outlet to the ones we use in the US? Thank you

  7. I'm very interested for my first trip to Cuba to be as simplified as possible. As much as I love culture immersion, I feel like my limited spanish will not be sufficient to navigate our stay. I'm looking at the expense of an all-inclusive resort, and I wondered if you have stayed in a resort in Cuba?

  8. I went to Cuba last year for a month. No Internet and soviet costumer service were the least of my problems. There's ameba and giardia in the water we use to take showers. Mosquitoes and dengue, zica. God forbid that you drink the commun water. I needed medication to get rid of the intestinal parasites twice. So good luck. A lot of beaches are cool though.

  9. Can I ask which airport did you arrive at? Did you have problems with your luggage there? Did you check in or do a carry on? Which do you suggest?

  10. I was just there in December. I made a lot of videos of walking around Havana.

    I agree with pretty much everything you said. But… if you are traveling alone as a man or group of men, you will be many ladies trying to get with you.

  11. The first time I traveled to Cuba it was all inclusive for the holidays. A beautiful beach and water is very nice.
    Gastronomy is non-existent. Really not terrible. We eat the same thing all the time.
    The second time I visited the countryside. Much more interesting to live with locals than in tourist sites. We learn a lot of things but discretion obliges all conversations are not welcome !

    And I would end with a warning. Especially no love story with one of a Cuban !
    – Lies and manipulations with the help of family and friends.
    – You're just a wallet on legs!
    – A wonderful opportunity to leave Cuba. Marriages for visa are legion.
    – Also don't fall into the trap of buying a home. This is one of the biggest scams practiced in Cuba.
    A foreigner can buy a house only by associating himself with a Cuban. The house being in his name he will quickly resell to realize his dreams or to settle there with wife and children … even if he swore to you his love !

    It's preferable to speak Spanish that will avoid many disappointments and will facilitate you the relations with the locals. You can then in all friendship make beautiful meetings.
    Some speak a rough English. It's good to know that the studies being free the guy who serves you at the bar or restaurant may have been at the university.

    Don't hesitate it's a beautyful country… but stay alert !

  12. I'm seeing a lot of different information about converting USD to CUC's in Cuba. Any advice you can provide on that? Is it true there's no way to get money once entering the country? is the 10% fee for USD still active?

  13. being disconnected from the internet most be hard for a lot of people but it's a little price to pay to be able to visit such a gorgeous place!

  14. Hey! Great videos, can you tell me a bit about the process of getting the visa? Which on of the 12 criteria did you get your visa?

  15. Thank you again. I am planning to go, when? TBD I want to see once again where I lived as a child in Old Habana and El Cotorro. I also want to see where I used to visit my grandparents and uncles in two towns I will suggest for you because they are very historic and beautiful towns, Manzanillo and Bayamo, outside of there and nearby the towns of Veguitas and Holguin and Baracoa. Just to stand by and look at the River Cauto and breathe in that air would be everything on my bucket list.

    The internet IMO is a necessary evil be nice to do without for a while. Putting up with the Communist propaganda, yes that will be hard for me because they are responsible for the death of my grandfather, near death of one of my brothers and the total destruction of my family. Don't even know if my brothers and cousins are alive or where the rest of my family is.

    I took their propaganda before, I can take it one last time.

  16. I just got back from Cuba after traveling for a month within the island, I got to see most provinces and made a lot of friends. Btw some of the Cuban gals are vey pretty and very social they like foreigners, I speak Spanish fluently so it was a plus because most Cuban don't speak English I met some nice gals, I'm looking forward to my next trip to Cuba. And you are right about the food, transportation, and their internet company Etecsa sucks.

  17. Hello ,thanks for your videos. I am stuck on my decision I am going to be in miami and can fly free southwest to Havana ,so that`s easy part. Question is should i go for 2 or 3 days from FT.Lauderdale airport ,is it worth it or just stay in Miami ,enjoy beaches,restaurants,and 1st world amenities.I know Cuba is gonna be 3rd world level of service,food ,amenities. Is having A/c gonna be a issue/ problem? Can you meet /hookup with Cuban women ? appreciate your opinion ,thanks

  18. I find it pretty expensive. I wanted to take 7 other family members but the costs from what I am hearing is pretty expensive compared to other Latin Americans.

  19. Just came back from Cuba and let me just tell you all that not once did I think about buying a card to connect to WIFI. It was not necessary to me an alternative to checking your media is talking to people right there! Dancing and roaming the streets was awesome. I also went to Trinidad and my was it beautiful and peaceful. We went to a disco/ club called "La Cueva" which translates to the cave and it was an underground cave which was awesome. Met people from around the world and still in contact with a couple Cubans! They even told me to go back and stay with them for free!

    Just dance, meet people, and enjoy the time out there. Do not expect things your way. Be open-minded. The only thing I planned in advance was my airfare and my bnbs. Other than that, we had Cubans recommend me where to eat and to go for good prices for our horse excursion in Trinidad. I can go on and on, but I think you all should go with an open mind and enjoy!! Next time I go, I plan to of course returning to La Habana.

  20. Question: I mailed a package of clothes to a non- relative family in Cuba. PO said it could not exceed a value of $200. Ok. Then I looked at your videos and several other videos, and people are getting off the planes from JFK & Miami bringing big-screen tv's and appliances worth a whole lot more than $200? What part of this picture am I missing?

  21. geez nobody can live a week without the dam internet just go to Cuba and enjoy it people. live in the real world for a moment and go without your phone for 1 week. life is too short

  22. Honestly cuba wasant what i expected….i stayed in havanna for 7 days . i think 2 days was good enough. It was a bit expensive . there wasant much to do honestly.. Enternet was really hard to find….atms where also hard to find. Alot of prostitution at night by the malecon. A friend i meet in havanna got robbed. By downtown….i honestly think some people werent trustworthy… They would only be nice if you bought them something…. Iam sorry if i sound like a sore loser but honestly i wouldn't recomend cuba for a yung adult…. Strongly recommwnd to do your researh before you go…. Cuba ia not for everyone.

  23. I found the tips below about Cuba very useful and true

  24. Wow! I'm LOVING your videos! I am going to Havana from Tennessee in 3 weeks! I've downloaded the apps and ordered the books you suggest and nothing pleases me more than traveling to a place where there are NO STARBUCKS or MCDONALD'S! ha I have also researched US gifts I can take to my airbnb hosts and others I meet along the way! I plan to dine nightly at local paladares! 🙂 Let me know if there's any other "secret" knowledge you might have to help me out! 🙂 Teresa, from Nashville, TN! 🙂

  25. Only in American Vlogs made a big deal about highspeed internet the Eurooeans and Canadians are just fine and enjoy cuba and any part of the world without all the things they have at home … If you expect to have the same you have in your country what is the point to travel , where is the pleasure on that?

  26. WIFI cards are readily available for purchase. It seems every young Cuban has a smartphone, just like the US. And, BTW, try a Buccanero, a great Cuban beer!

  27. Love the music. We are going to Havana as a family!!! Any recommendations for the excursion or best places to visit or meet the Cuban people?

  28. I'm well world traveled and have been to Cuba 60 times over 27 years and never had a problem. Cuba is the safest , people friendly place I have visited. Food wise,, I've had some of my best and inexpensive meals ..go where the crowds are and the food is great..Be polite just say "No gracias" if approached by someone trying to sell you something..Don't purchase rum or cigars on the street rather in stores or the airport. Keep your exit visa in a safe place. Don't take American credit cards….As a traveler don't expect the same is in's an Island and has limited resources.
    Havana is a wonderful city for taking walking every where, street entertainment and site seeing…Drink bottled water forget the ice cubes….Interact with the locals….Stay in an Iberostar Hotel or "Casa Patiular" Cuban rental home room. I recommend a week in Havana and a week in Varadero to experience beautiful beaches…Always check your purchase receipts for accuracy …

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