Sierra’s on a Runaway Horse ‘Sneak Peek’ | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

Sierra’s on a Runaway Horse ‘Sneak Peek’ | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

(synthesized music) – Don’t bust ’em Sean! – [Everyone] Oh! – [Sean] Oh! – Get on it! – Sean Garret knows a
lot about horse power. But ain’t gonna lie, this is my first time
horseback riding. – [Cowgirl] Be careful. – Sean coming from behind. You got the biggest, he
got the biggest horse on the ranch.
– Yo, she’s rich. – It ain’t every day that
I go horseback riding, but the ladies have told
me that I’m hung like one. So, it shouldn’t be that
hard for me to fit in. – Oh (bleep)! What the … Oh see, I ain’t signed up
for no (bleep) like this. Oh, hold on, wait,
wait, Rooster! – [Cowboy] Alright, let’s go! (uptempo music) When we go down this first hill, lean back a little bit. – ♪ Lean back! ♪ – I feel like I’m in a parade. – I trust these horses more than I trust some of
these people on this trip. We might have a little
moment at the campfire, but don’t think I
forgot about B.K. trying to turn up on me. – Whoa! – [Cowboy] Okay screaming’s
not going to help anything. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! – Too hungry! Where is shorty going? Whoa! Tell me what to do! – [Cowgirl] Pull his head
up and give him a kick. (screaming)
Pull him into line. Pull him to the right. – Uh, uh! I want
to get off y’all. He won’t– – [Cowgirl] Pull
him to your right. – I’m telling y’all, for
real, he will not listen. – [Cowgirl] Give him a kick. You have to show him
you’re in charge. – I don’t feel
like I’m in charge! – [Cowgirl] There ya go. Now bring it down. There ya go. – Whoo, (bleep)! This mother, this wild– (screaming). Woo hoo! I’m… (screaming)
– Relax! Relax! Pull back, pull back!
– Wait! – Wait, no! Get me off, get me
off, get me off!

100 thoughts on “Sierra’s on a Runaway Horse ‘Sneak Peek’ | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

  1. Lmfao first of all why is she holding the reigns all loose! That horse probably thinking “ nobody is controlling me so I’m about to do what the hell I want “ 🤣😭

  2. Estelita is a stereotypical immature latina, always plotting/seeking revenge. She betta go sit down somewhere n act like she knows!

  3. Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta is done for, the only thing Mona can do is stick them on a farm to entertain viewers.

  4. that stallion said get this damn "stallion" off a me 😂 all that ass, the horse maybe got a lil confused

  5. Really??? But she bad tho? I mean like butch up b get in like ya do the fights you luv to start!!!! Chicken💩

  6. "Hip-Hop Elitte" ?!?!


  7. I love the fact that her man was running to her rescue..that was soo romantic 😗 I hope she was okay though

  8. Lmaooo mannn I would’ve busted out crying instantly .. I’m glad she ok because he could’ve jumped up while she not holding the leash tight enough .. they keep telling her to lean back she leaning forward 🤦🏽‍♀️

  9. This love and hip hop show has turned into a homosexual parading woman show. It gets more disgusting every year.

  10. Runaway and don’t bring her back; her storyline is boring.
    Estelita is going to need to pick an accent and stick with it. Every scene she sounds like someone new. I do think BK was wrong for getting up in her face. BK need not be the Peter Thomas of Love and Hip Hop, always in women’s business.

  11. Lol this reminds me of that flavor of love episode when New york was on the horse falling off in the wine vineyard

  12. Sierra's never going to wake up she's always going He Treat Me So Bad. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 7 episode 14 Review

  13. I can't stand Carly because she's messy and Two-Face and I think she's like that in real life ain't no faking it for the show can't stand estelita cuz she's such a want to be a follower you just wanted a reason to fight just to get some attention I wish she'd stump that ass out cuz if it was me you would have been a part of that gravel and that dirt that's out there on that damn farm. Sierra seems like she has been genuine for the most part she hasn't really lied on anybody

  14. That horse is mad at her beecause she's wearing his momma's hair….and he was trying to run away because he's sick of their ratchet asses

  15. It was so funny at the end when they was yelling “relax…just rela-…PULL BACK…PULL BACK….PUULLL BA-“😭😭😭😭

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