SILVA Cross Trail 5X – rechargeable headlamp for XC-skiing, running and biking

This is Cross Trail 5X. A versatile and lightweight headlamp. It has a rechargeable battery with generous burn time. It has multi attachment options A great headlamp for biking, cross country-skiing
and running. The key features are: Intelligent Light. A combination of long reach spotlight
and close range floodlight. It also has Flow Light. When you tilt the headlamp downwards,
you get a close flood light. And when you tilt it upwards,
you get a long reach spotlight. It has a battery indicator. Green light indicates that you have a good battery level. Red light means that you have a low battery level,
and need to recharge your batteries. It is water resistant and the large on/off button is easy to operate
even when wearing gloves. This is how you attach the battery to the headband. and connect the cables. If you need to adjust the headband,
use the buckles on the side. Attach the helmet bracket on the helmet. Attach the headlamp to the bracket. Run the extension cable through the cable guide,
and connect it to the headlamp Attach the bike bracket to the handle bar. Attach the headlamp to the bracket. Attach the battery to the bike frame. Connect the cables. If you enjoy running, cross-country skiing and biking. Cross Trail 5X is your ultimate allround companion.

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