>>Hit it, hit it. [SOUND]>>yeah. [LAUGH]>>[LAUGH]>>Why?>>[LAUGH] So I need either more or less speed. [SOUND] Oh.>>[LAUGH]>>[LAUGH] Even he was just like
>>What?>>What the fuck happened? [LAUGH] Walk casually over here and then. Oh no, no. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] Look at this. Come on.>>[LAUGH]
>>Woop. There we go.>>There you go.>>And.>>Okay. Speed.>>And speed.>>And then hah? And.>>What?>>What happened?>>I don’t know.>>Getting tricky, you mean like that.>>Like it.>>This and then hop and [SOUND] I hit a bush.>>[LAUGH]>>Just come here, come here magic skate
board! Just come here!>>Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.>>[SOUND] Aw!>>You broke your feet.>>I’m trying to karate kick.>>[LAUGH]
>>I tried to. [LAUGH]>>[LAUGH]
>>I tried to. [LAUGH] [SOUND] Doh.>>No, no, no, no, no, no, no. [SOUND] [LAUGH]>>Fuckin fucker. Fine. No way.>>[LAUGH]. Who sits here, and is just, like these
controls are so intuitive. [LAUGH] [LAUGH]>>Wait get off the skate board. [LAUGH] Perfect.>>Yay.>>Alright it worked, no.>>Get out of here. Alright, [LAUGH] you need to glitch jump up there. [SOUND] [CROSSTALK]>>What do I do up here?>>Something funny, I don’t know, just.>>What the, you can’t tell somebody to do
something funny.>>Bring it home, Mark!>>How can I do something funny?>>You’re the one who got up here.>>There’s absolutely no way [LAUGH] [SOUND] Oh no, funny, ha ha ha ha ha.>>That was a perfect setup and you ruined
it.>>You do something funny! You make it so hilariously funny.>>See if I can break oh!>>[LAUGH] [LAUGH]>>What? What was was that? That was perfect, I was going to get it. [SOUND]>>Oh. [SOUND]>>Hop, hop, hop.>>[LAUGH] I want to do it, gimme, gimme, gimme!>>Nope, get rid of it. No you’re going the wrong way. [LAUGH]>>That was wrong. Don’t laugh yet. That wasn’t what I wanted to do.>>I know what you want to do, that’s why
I’m laughing. [LAUGH] [SOUND]>>Oh, go, go, go, go! [LAUGH]>>Yes. Okay, I gotta go all the way down, though,
come on. Go balls first into those metal.>>Oh.>>Oh, Yeah, yeah! Yeah, yes! [LAUGH] Again. Oh, my God. This entire time was just to make that
happen.>>All right, so thank you guys so much
for watching. This has been me and Bob, Bob’s shipping
back to Raleigh very soon so this is the last game that we were
playing together. I hope you guys enjoyed it. This was so much fun. [LAUGH] Oh, man. [LAUGH]>>There we go, every bone.>>You broke every bone. Yeah, this has been amazingly fun, so
thank y’all so much for watching. Thanks Bob for being here. [MUSIC] And as always, we’ll see you in the next
video. Bye, bye. [MUSIC]>>[SOUND] [LAUGH]

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