Be my friend! I want to love you! Be my friend!! Come back! I will be the best friend you’ve ever had! Come back! Just hug me once! Please, I have cookies Top of the Mornin to ya laddies. My name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to Skate 3 No, nobody wants to be my friend. I don’t care don’t need you guys some badass moves as it is go buddy Good job Betty yeah. I am back with my cow betty. I really gonna bust some sick tricks breath. What’s this? 360 Noscope Yeah didn’t want to be my friend, huh? Who’s left for now bitch is it weird that Betty is manlier than all the other male skaters in this game That’s not weird at all Hahaha get off that board, bitch. Oh My God, what [happened]? All I did was try and run up the sign Let me let me do it look it. Just kills me. Oh my God betty her suction cup feet What’s this shit? She like Spider-Man? Who is that even possible? physics don’t work that way judo Kick God damn [it] barry Judo Kick Ya Kicked something out of his hand take that yeah my God these guys are like neo from the Matrix let me love you Yeah, she wants to be friends [ok] you better knock it off before someone get hurt screw you you can’t tell me what to do Fuck the police Yeah, I now we’re doing it. Oh Yeah Cutie good times ok well that only lasts like 30 seconds betty is not sexually satisfied. Oh, God. He’s chasing me What do you want? Jesus Clingy bitch, I told you I didn’t want to be your girlfriend. No, you can’t have my number leave me alone Girl’s Gotta do what a girl’s gonna. Do a girl’s gonna kick some ass and eagle majestic Majestic Eagle time Hahaha, that’s the most bonds have ever broken go skateboard. I will chase you What is that? I’m gonna run. Oh my God you get a good glimpse as a big old ass She is on a mission and Journal Kick Spread Eagle breakdance time all of me time [bail] through the broken Roof can do What can’t do already fail good job betty this? oh shit That did it work Ninja. I Can make it I can make it go go. It’s late to hear How r away betty isn’t it any wonder you don’t have a boyfriend boyfriends. Don’t want failures Haha, yes What? Here it is. Oh Yeah, perfect, woohoo slow motion well. It’s not really slow motion. It’s just normal motion let’s watch it Bang hahaha, you did good betty this one looks fun 25,000 point bail easy break a leg bone easy break a spine easy break your collarbone, not that easy oh And we roll over Spine Broken and 25,000 point bear I don’t even know break your leg bone, okay? done And my collarbone all of one oh my God. There’s a lot of things break your skull easy, hannah ball That’s not a can of all that’s a torpedo am I saying break your hand done bring eight bones in one bail oh crap ah stuff And face yeah, I’m so good at this and now 60,000 point per Smack that head girl Betty go yeah, I’m like Bernie only Flyways Smash and great oh Are we gonna work okay? I’ll walk with you. I walk with you nice weather today Hey, are you afraid of me do do do [not] walk out on the road? It’s traffic. Oh Jesus I wanted him to your hip open up me taxi. I need a taxi please run that go down when I’m down Jesus pseudonyms on your fucking joke stop in the name of the law You’re gonna have to say here. So the police can’t hear I’m calling them have a skateboard There you go skateboard power Good job skateboard. Oh dude, and Hippie jump no yeah, nailed it ah How supercars and Hippie job? Oh? Come on. Come back. Okay. I can even hippie job You guys set out a challenge a hippie jump a car That’s as high as I can jump. How am I gonna? Do that okay? I can do it line it up. Oh Can do it believe in the heart of the cards ah? ambulance Knock down a commuter. This is my kind of hall of meat. What’s this first try? Geronimo Love me ha first Tribe it Spiderman Spiderman does Whatever he can cuz he’s a betty what the fuck was that, ahhh? My leg. There’s a guy in the roof down there. Oh my God ghost You mess up my board bitch. I’m gonna grind this entire thing watch what so awesome. That’s not even nearly it ah A kneecap and go betty yeah had a girl Do it without falling your fat ass! Yeah Hahaha, jesus yeah, there you go to you Yeah, Betty, okay. You fell on your ass AH! My knee again more hall of mate almost almost I Get you There I tipped them a tip them and that’s good enough Gap into the pipe crash into the billboard got it do it in one try. I am the whole of [meet] champion we’ve ah Ok I want to do it in one try now. I will cuz I got the power of boss whoa Yeah Geronimo What hahaha? It’s like one of those sticky boards where you try to stick to them like a fly FREEDOM! score whole of meat points through the hoop oh And that would hoop on this hoop. I got it and TORPEDO! Yeah Kill us right judo Kick all the bones are broken oh Jesus my face my God. I know you broke all my bones all they do is break a spine ah man, I Salute you buddy. You’re one majestic illegal sasquatch. There are three Hall of meats left Let’s do mall bail through the tower to the bridge simples Not simples. What do I have to do ah? Like that oh All the barrels he barrels [stooshe]. Oh this one looks awesome. Well for 12 seconds Give me a challenge at least I can bear for all the seconds this is Tech House I Don’t think that’s good enough. Hahaha. Oh My vagina ok this is much harder than I thought it was Gonna be Go buddy stay in the air How the hell am I seriously just like fly all the way up here what they do that before? This is as far as we’re allowed to go that’s a long way away from where I was go Yeah, yeah Yeah, that has to be it. That’s the [longest] yet. This is impossible I know, I didn’t hit my freaking hand go buddy ah fuck you betty oh Jeez Install to injuries everybody My God, I did it This is the last haul of meat. Take it in guys What’s the last one on my list unless they unlock more areas and then I get more and it’s the best one break 50 Bones Bail into storage crate what oh What the hell is over here pull ok bail into this? Drawn nailed it do a 90,000 point bail Ok I can do that. Oh Jeez Keep falling keep falling out a girl betty can always trust you and Boom yeah, that’s what I wanted to do Now jump jump for all you’re worth Are you suck oh? I through all four things in one bale Done, hahaha. I am on to the storage [crane] where the hell is that? storage great barrels oh All right on your ass Where the hell is the storage crates is this them oh? Haha, ah here how in the fuck Can’t even get near that Go Betty go Fly yeah here we go. Oh Yeah, three push off someone bail the count as like the bouncing on the ground things like these, whoa No, dude. I’m betty what they do what? One More Betty ah oh Jeez There’s one push off. There’s two one more ready. All we need Yeah, all three. Okay. Have 40 seconds to get a 90,000 point bail and break 50 bones here It is go 20 seconds. I can do it. I got this I got it like a boss like a boss Like a boss. Oh Man, there’s a [lot] more of them like a lot more fucking things to do okay This one is hard, okay straight to the roof. That’s the furthest thing away. I think I hope so Douche. I need to do the ones that are on the freaking list first lamp post here we go. Oh Please get to it. Yeah, she will she will Duke hahahaha right on the face get the roof hit the roof Yeah, job Betty good job proud of you. Oh Man, they don’t count as push off this one will whoop yep? Okay, betty do it do it please There’s [23] and a hundred thousand point fail awesome. We’ve still got two minutes betty you were the man here. We go here We go here we go here we go. Oh, I see the storage crate now douche Storage crate is off over here look at it. Oh I’m not gonna make it boss. Oh, I might have a plan Plan does not gonna work as betty sucks. I have to push off this thing Done and pushed off it That doesn’t count why okay here. We go. We got the momentum Surahs great here. I come oh My God, what [happened]? Oh? Betty push off it push push ah That’s not it It’s a torpedo into the forklift or either. They think that was a crane support. Oh Back of my head. I here’s the crane support shit. Oh My God can I break 15 bones in one? No so close 11 bones Last try. I know where everything is now okay, so all four bales Here we go lamp post Yeah, that counts. What do the storage crate you gotta get speed here we go Yep, that loop the Roof I Beam Perros I Am inside Betty What is happening? Hey got my 90,000 point veil anyway and here we go. I beams we gotta push off. He’s right There we go that counts as one push off nope That was a cool one, two three done will do this the trick to this is to just torpedo at the last second like This done 50 bones. I can do that in my sleep Geronimo oh That is so painful looking. Oh here. We go last one finishing style judo kick Haha, she’s so bouncy. Isn’t it yeah? All done, son. I think good all hall of meats done And that was such a hard one to do for the last one There’s so much in it, but thank you guys so much for watching this video if you liked it Punch that like button in the face LIKE A BOSS! And, high fives all around *WAPOOSH* *WAPOOSH* Thank you guys and I will see you dudes, IN THE NEXT VIDEOOO!

100 thoughts on “Skate 3 – Part 4 | ALL HALL OF MEAT CHALLENGES COMPLETE

  1. Did anyone else notice how he called the white outlines broken yet they only count the red outlines as broken? It is kinda funny

  2. i like how i hippy jumped over a car first try while jack over here takes like 6 episodes😂😂

  3. No matter how many times I watch this series, I still laugh my ass off to the point where my abs hurt. This is by far my favourite series of his

  4. My friend told me that he likes your chanel i think i know why you are the funnyest persone i ever seen

  5. "Is it weird that Betty is manlier than all the male skaters on the game? Nah, that's not weird at all." OMG 🤣🤣🤣

  6. anyone else watching this well the y are eating dinner and at 6:15 – 7:35 just died laughing but also was choking on there food well still laughing ….. okayyyy ….. just me 🤣

  7. @2:34

    One Day, After the Area 51 raid, people are going hoe now, people have the perfect alien waifus, everyone has Space Guns, flying cars, but then, one super super duper duper extraterrestrial runner has escaped, BETTY THE IMPROVISED NARUTO RUNNER. People have been making interviews and BETTY keeps on NARUTO RUNNING, but nobody knows why, rumors say that Betty is still running, running and running.

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