SKATE 4?! | Session (DEMO)

SKATE 4?! | Session (DEMO)

* LOUD CLAP NOISE* Top of the morning to ya ladies, My name is jacksepticeye and welcome to a game called session! This is made by a company called creature studios Which is supposed to be like a spiritual successor to the skate games you all know how much we love skate 3 on the channel That game was awesome. I should go back to that eventually(you should) It’s just for a throwback episode, but I’m excited for a new one and everyone wants EA to make a new skate game There’s a campaign going around called make “EA skate again” that clever(Yes. It is Jack XD) But please don’t EA, as much as i love skate and as much as I want another skate game You’re gonna fuckin ruin it like you’ve ruined everything else lately why were you doing that, EA(we had no idea says EA) Hey, how about you get your heads out of your asses, I bet it smells great up there though! At least you think so. So I’m excited for this. I- don’t really know a whole lot more about it I just saw some articles online that we’re talking about it and saying that it’s kind of trying to do what skate did But I hope it’s not too serious. It’s supposed to be a skateboarding simulator, but if it’s too serious and It’s trying to actually just be a really good skateboarding game Then it might miss the point because skate was supposed to be that but then also really goofy (and funny)😆 weird shit all over the place so That was the the MAIN fun part of it But they do have a Kickstarter coming out on the 21st, as you can see down here So I highly recommend everybody go check that out after this Um…Let’s let’s actually play the game for now Uh, This is just a demo by the way, so I don’t know how much is actually gonna be in it I am just out of prison, and I have a tattoo of a naked lady on my elbow.(Nice) “Hey first time here? welcome to It’s a jail alright.(Looks like one) that’s all you need to know, For fuck’s sake stop crying like a little bitch you won’t die” *giggles* I love this already, oh (Me too Jack) He’s talking about skate four. Oh Christ, this is scary *sound of realisation or satisfaction* Oh my god, it’s a lot like skate Yes! O-Wahoo! Oh… *face of disappointment* th-HAHAHA I didn’t even get that far yet! Ok *giggles*. Hahaha Oh That’s stupid, okay Okay, so I can control like this. I got it. I got it. Look at me go. I’m a skateboard boy! Take that Avril Lavigne(who is this person). That’s it “Okay, pop these steps hold on the right stick to crank and then push up on the left stick.” oooh What?! Oh that’s weird. Why do I have to hold down on the right and push up on the left? That’s bizarre! I don’t like that Oka-, please no *shooting noise* i ju- I didn’t even mean to do that just fucked up the timing *giggles* Okay, okay and then… UAH! Okay, why is it triggers to move left and right? This is so counterintuitive Okay, I want to figure out how I got that grind “Try to add some SCOOPINING after you’ve cranked and flipping by pushing the stick To the left or right why not try some triggers as well while you’re up there? be radical, dude!” 🐶 if there’s anything Jack- Septic face face knows how to do its be radical and be dope “AF” “Alright time for grinds allow yourself that rail Ollie, and then push left stick up to nose grind” Okay, okay a lot of fucking buttons to remember for this shit HUGH! I fucking did it, what? What happened to ya? we were doing it. We were fighting we’re in it together dude! Oh God, we’re even am I in fucking space and time *abrupt silence, concentration is taking place * HUAH! Nailed it *not enough concentration XD* HUAH! HA HA HA, nailed it! Okay, so use the triggers to move left and right, pressing left and right and the stick does nothing. You have to hold down on the Right stick to prime it and then you push up on the left stick to jump? That makes no fucking sense! Why would you do this?! *more silence equals more concentration * Okay, okay get ready… DONG *flrphhhhhhht* I Tried to steer again It doesn’t Fucking work like that God, its like playing finger twister was my thumb in the kitchen with candlestick *sound of shin hitting railing* nailed it! Really, I’m grind into some fucking bones HUAH! fuck ya! *random gibberish* I was on it! [REMIX] Ha haa ha haa Ha haha Fuck *Jack laughs at his own faliure* Yes! HUAH! YES! Look at me go! I’m amazing! *Your not Spider-Man* Stop- stop stopping me “Yeah, you did it. What do you really expect some gratitude for this is? God you’re mean “get lost go skate break yourself discovering a new addiction!” What’s wrong with this guy!? “Just skate. hashtag make session happen” OK ap-ap-ap Copyright. Okay, I’ma I’ma try this out a bit more. I’m gonna get some speed ,going down here Then we’re gonna go up here around okay get the *flrpht* fuck sake! I can’t even skate in straight lines HUAH! WAHAHOO! Nice. So anticlimactic. Oh God, ok- ok. Can I change the fucking contro-o-o-ols?… *Jack continues to laugh at his own failure * Oh why? I’ve got this down, this part of the game. No problem. I got this down to a tee! it’s- it’s… I’m stuck… That face tho XD What oh I’ve got I can get off my board. Oh, this is much nicer, look at me go! Haha, God. I feel like a giant all of a sudden! I know it’s just cuz the perspective change, but seriously *silence but this time no concentration * *giggles* huuuuun- hua! It shouldn’t be this hard… oh fuck! *silence, then laughter * He just gave up on life. Oh no I broke him! Oh, dude, why? Wh- What’s happening? What part of time and space are you in? Blink once if you’re in trouble! Blink a billion more times if you’re in real big trouble! Dude, put your hands in the air and wave them like you don’t know what’s happening Hey, back on our board. Just me and board for life! That’s what it’s all about HUAH! SICK! Fuck ME! Dude, di-d you learn how to walk? I assume. *MORE ABRUBT SILENCE * Yeah, just like that buddy! WOO! It’s hard to fuckin turn! It’s just shaking his head on the guard, even he’s sick of my shit. you know when you walk into a room and you think that there’s a big spill on the floor and you’re almost walking in you’re? like Oh, no it’s fine. Oh puppy! Oh god. Thought there was a puppy on the ground there for a second! *Jack just sits and is thinking about lunch* HUAH! Just like the beans, in coffee. I LOVE TO GRIND! Okay, [SINGING] “you spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round, round, round.” *Where did Jack go?* *DING* *SCREAM* Again it’s because turning is on the analog Sticks wait, this is simplified mode. What’s hardcore mode? What are the controls then? God, I’ve shit on my eyes!*That should go in the toilet. Not Jack’s eyes.* There needs to be the exact same thing, okay I will be happy if I can make it up around this thing go, go without falling, without falling! I know a light fucking breeze is enough to make you fall over. Just just skate around Dude, this is the most accomplished I’ve been in this game so far! Yes! I liked it now watch this, sick tricks! *CRUNCHING SOUND* Maybe I’m going about it all wrong. Maybe were supposed to go at life from this angle? *Jack thinks about what he is going to say…* You know life hits you hard so does the concrete But you just got to get back up in that board and pretend that you’re a real human again like that good job, Delsin Rowe *minus the powers* You fucking did it! I don’t know, ah! Fucking hell. I don’t know how to do anything! Turning should not be this hard. So say if I wanted to do a flip how do I do that? HUAH *Jacks face has concentration written all over it* Okay, okay, that wasn’t so bad and get out over this nice. Okay. I’m still on the board *Job well done Jack👍 * That’s good, at least I made it coach! *Now on to the Big Leauges👍 * ok now again, HO! Guys, I’m a fucking natural. This is the most amount of the tricks I’ve done. I’ve learned is how to fucking grind Are you gonna? Are you just gonna? Okay? Okay? You’re fine. You’re good. You’re sorted. I like it! I don’t know how to grab Okay, trick list he-, oh mother of fuck Let me see you do this *sound of realisation* *Jack’s disappointed face* Okay, okay, okay, this is my favorite concrete barrier. This is fucking confusing! *More abrubt silences, you all know what that means.. There is concentration going on in Jack’s head* Tu hu hu hu, that’s some fucking crunch bones, okay, I need to I need to land one of those Yes! Here comes the bone cruncher Yea! Fuck yea my Dude, that’s how we do some shit, that’s how we, ah crap My biggest nemesis shin-high *not Shaghai* barriers. Ok what happens if I ? *Concentrate Jack* I-I got my answer. *Jack is now an expert at grinding rails* OH YEAH!, do you see, you see? it’s all I can do all I can do is restart and try this fucking move *Delson sits on the rail but falls* *strange annoyed face* *Delson Rowe becomes Superman* My god you just got launched, okay, my problem is that what I’m trying to jump… *Delson goes flying again 😆* OH My god! when I’m trying to jump and turn, my instincts are just like okay left analog stick that turns There’s too many prompts! The train, like, that looked cool, but my fingers are literally doing this *wiggles fingers* There’s too many prompts to get me to do shit, so if we go a certain direction *Some of the best concentration I’ve seen👍* Okay, i forg-, I’m already forgetting buttons! Okay, you go *HEGH HUAH* *Delson goes flying once again * NICE! Yes, so if we go this direction Let me see if I can make it happen go up that way and then it come back Now the board is backwards So now to do tricks. I don’t push down. I push up on the right stick and now it’s back to normal I *giggles* i Feel like, I feel like the characters reactions are analogous to how this game actually is *HUAH* *Delson gets stuck * Now I’ma, i’ma just chill out out here. Oh my god. You look like You look like you’re dead inside if you walk slow enough gravity doesn’t exist * Space Alien sound effect* And now I call this the symphony of the meat grind [ SYMPHONY] Oh Yeah, that was the sickest trick so far I want to do that again well, what did I press? I can’t fucking remember. *Jack tries to line up the jump* You didn’t even fucking jump that time! Yes, oh, funny you could land, and you didn’t have Bambi legs hey, I got it this time watch *A series of faces* OH HO YES IT DONE! That’s it. It’s done. It’s over. I have mastered the game Yes, okay, well that was the session demo not gonna lie I expected something a little bit better But, I like what they’re going for They all they need to do is rework the controls, if they can rework the controls To be a bit more like the actual skate games, then it’ll be really good! It’s only because they’ve controls are so needlessly complex, that it’s hard to pull off even the simplest of tricks Maybe if you got better at the game Maybe if you played it a lot, then you’d start getting a feel for it and it might feel a little bit better? Maybe that’s why they’ve put it in that way. I just can’t fathom Why? Your left stick isn’t just moving left right forward back That kind of stuff and then leave all the tricks on the right stick and use their use the fingers for The like the grabs and the flips and the hold outs and all that kind of stuff. It’s easy then! Because it has it has very similar mechanics, It does feel a lot like skate when you when you actually get into it and stuff starts to click And it has the wacky physics, which I love it’s a bit too sensitive right now but I mean this is that this is a Kickstarter prototype demo it’s not even an Alpha It’s not anything like that, so I’m not gonna be too harsh on them because I still want this to get made I want a new skate game, and if they can tweak some of this stuff to be a lot like that I don’t know if they’re actually able to get away with that? But I- I just want it to happen I I WANT a new skate game, and if this has to be it then so be it Kickstarter November 21st I’ll be back in it. I hope you will be too! *I will👍* A lot of good foundations there, I’m excited to see where it’s gonna end up but for now THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR WATCHING ME BREAK MY FACE THIS TIME, IF YOU LIKED IT PUNCH THAT LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE LIKE A POP SHUVIT AND HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND *HIGH FIVE SOUNDS* THANK YOU GUYS, AND I WILL SEE ALL YOU DUDES IN THE NEXT VIDEO! [FUN FACT] Jack wasn’t born on Earth. He was born on the planet of Bossotronio (don’t know to spell it) “I’m everywhere” by Tecknoaxe You know what my problem was? Too many pop shuvits, too many Ollie’s

100 thoughts on “SKATE 4?! | Session (DEMO)

  1. Their kickstarter is now live if you want to help them fund the full game 🙂

  2. project session ruins the vibe that the skate games had with it being simple to do tricks and fast to learn with this game having weird controls and is probably is uncomfortable to play


  4. 4:00 jack, it makes perfect sense, any skateboarder would know and recognize the clever game controls. You hold down on the right stick as if you were using your back foot in real life to pop your board, you then use the left stick and flick up as this simulates the motion of your front foot sliding up towards the nose like you would do in real life. This is skateboarding 101 dude

  5. You should play skate 2! Who cares if its old its a really great game, better and more immersive than 3 in my opinion

  6. Loads of people said about this demo is that the guy looks like a guy from a super power game I think it's called infamous second son

  7. This game doesn't seem very good, using the buttons to turn means you can only turn at one angle you can't change that

  8. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahah

  9. Delsin how just HOW did you get caught LET ME GUESS you used your indudit powers I TOLD YOU TO NOT USE THE POWERS RIGHT NOW DUMBASS

  10. Right stick= right leg
    Left stick= left leg
    Triggers are to shift weight..makes it a bit more realistic than one stick controlling both feet. I dig it

  11. Session has come such a long way from this in a year. It has way more polished graphics and gameplay, not to mention some light character customization. The controls seem odd at first, but eventually you get used to them and it just becomes muscle memory. Being a huge S.K.A.T.E. fan for years I can actually say I enjoy the difficulty of these new controls, and the sticks controlling different feet from a skater's perspective does make sense. After playing a lot of Session lately and going back to S.K.A.T.E. 3 it makes it feel almost like an arcade game. The game is realistic, but not to the point of being painfully hard or boring. It's a lot of fun if you love skateboarding games or skating itself. The game has a long way to go, but it sure shows promise. Also, you can still play as the Prison Dude, and yes, that's his name.

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