100 thoughts on “SKATE Brasil with Luan Oliveira

  1. Primeira vez que vi esse moleque foi na revista 100% skate, seu sucesso brilhante desde criança, ele era cabeludinho kkkkkkk, está mandando bem pra krl velho, depois de 10 anos qUE voltei pra ver seu vídeo

  2. O luan devia fala em português cade que os outros skatistas vem pro brasil e falam português so alguns, po nem rola

  3. My little brother loves skating and he's alwayes talking about tricks, but i dont understand shit 😂

  4. Bah Luan de Oliveira é o melhor man .. sem mais, alem dele andar muito !! ele tambem é bem humilde, bem parceria, sou fã dele !

  5. I wonder how good luan olveira was when he was 13 I wanna be a pro skater like him when i grow up pro enough to win the street league

  6. Can that boy do a Casper slide, to a Primo, and then another Primo, and then finally flip it out with a Double Primo flip?

  7. This guy has it all! Skates fucking fast, has tons of tricks and style… Why have I never heard of him, guy is better than your average american pro skater brahhhhh

  8. no wonder he's the man skating in those rough conditions I mean look how rough the ground is to b able to bust all those moves in those conditions is fucking awesome no1 luan 4life

  9. Don't be so hard on your skating over that little kid he skates with Brazilian pros & ams on the regular. Idc who you are if you share with people way better then you them you will learn a lot quicker. I go to Tampa pro live every year & the next day after I'm always learning new shit it's something about watching the pro's do it and also how they bail because as you all knows if you've ever seen pros skate in real life they aren't just pro at doing insane tricks they're also pro at bailing without getting hurt. For example I remember watching Chaz Ortiz bail kickflip back lips down the huge handrail & anytime he missed the flick he some how would gap the entire rail instead of stomping it where if I bail a trick like that I better land darkslide & jump out off my board other wise I'm credit carding my sack. once I seen how the pros bailed their flip trick grinds down rails I started learning the technique myself & haven't hit my leg down a kink in a long time. It's easier to do something once you've seen how its done rather then learning it on your own never seeing it done before. It's hard to explain but I'm sure a lot of you will know what I'm talking about if you've ever seen a pro comp in real life & see the way they bail insane tricks.

  10. When I get quarter as good. I'll do this in Taiwan where I grew up and probably get rekt by a moped

  11. While Luan isn't as good as guys like Nyjah and Shane (contests) you got to hand it to him from where he came from, he didn't have nice skateparks and street spots. This dude came from the ghetto slums of Brazil. Plus he has the best style in the skate industry, he's my favorite skater by far.

  12. Nice video 😉 it should be awesome if they showed the Marinha Skatepark snake run. It is also in Porto Alegre, you guys should google it 😀
    Steve Caballero and others have been there ^^

  13. Brazil is pretty dangerous very violent especially in favelas it's probably skating around the city especially if your in a more impoverished area

  14. why do none of these guys wear guards? i just started skating and if they fell at their insane speeds…it looks like it would be scary! hahaha

  15. Luan como sempre representando bem o Brasil. O cara é foda demais.

    The Luan as always representing Brazil well. The guy is very good.

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