99 thoughts on “Skate Free | Trevor Colden’s Daily Life at Home in Downtown LA | Nike SB

  1. Im honestly AMAZED at how they keep homeless people out of shots out there…
    Its straight up Zombie apocalypse levels of homelessness and you never see it through the skater's lens

  2. You are the man trevor colden! Your my favorite skater. I always watch your videos. You have so much passion for skating its so unbelievable.

  3. i remember when Colden used to be a grom at plaza trying to show me what he learned the day before…kid would never leave the park. It goes to show there is proof in the pudding folks.

  4. that sec guard that forced you to break your foot should get fired and sued it's not his job to asault people skating

  5. He's really good, I like how he just wall rides a barrier like it's nothing. And the way he can do 360 flips and fly on vert ramps

  6. somebody know .. where is the last skatepark in the video? with some quarters and completly concrete?!! I´ll appreciate the answer !

  7. Trevor seems like an awesome person and his parents are good people too to always support his skating and all that stuff. I'm the same way now with my tv. I never watch more than an hour a day and I never can sit for longer than 30 min without wanting to get out and skate cuz the only stuff I watch is either skating, combat sports, truth documentaries or video games help lol. I'm really into the retro video games like NES (Nintendo entertainment system) and SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) but I'm the same way with that. First off I only stand when I play rather than sit down and I usually never play for more than 30 min at a time. There is a time and place for everything and MODERATION is the key. Too much of anything is never good that's why I try to live a life a balance much like Trevor and a lot of skaters out there. I'm a big fan of Trevor now and ill always be watching for new parts or clips he releases.

  8. hello ! my name is fajar i come from indonesia , let check my youtube channel for vlog skate or something , thank you , cheers dude

  9. U from va Bro? I’m from va. I live near Dtla.. when I was a kid I had a family friend who’s brother was an xgames medalist and he has a skate shop in Va beach called cardinal skate shop. Stay up. Maybe check my stuff out. Peace.

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