if the filming is not that good it’s
because these arm doesn’t really move more than this – just trying Olá
youtube my name is Ricardo Lino and I´m a wheel addict injured wheel addict, and because I
can’t skate I film my wife skating if the filming is not that good it’s
because this harm doesn’t really move more than this what any reason I can do that so you’re
you’re saying that your hubby did a good job by building your app at home right to give a damn and now she’s doing it
alone because she says that she can’t have the balance with a GoPro check this most oh we almost got that one live you
know you know why there happened because he came in the ramp sideways anything
the time but then try to come more like straight into the room oh you drop it
curb they come back and then I’m gonna jump this corner it’s called the hip
gonna jump and now what you gonna do and that’s it
that was a that was a quick stop with injured lino and his wife
it’ll in lunga ban skatepark about oops about two hours away when a half hour
away from kata now we’re gonna drive back home
hopefully my arm will be better tomorrow and I can flex it and extend it
completely and well now that’s it what you guys enjoyed this one if you did
enjoy this one don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and let me know if you
like the video by giving me thumbs up if you didn’t like it give me thumbs down
and more important anything else just don’t forget why we all started skating
because it’s fun and I’m gonna try to end this with a slide and hopefully with
the lpr that’s right

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