Skate Videos | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding | VANS

Skate Videos | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding | VANS

there was my soul you like that was everything I that was like you don’t even know like everything all of it it’s right there it’s just sitting on the pavement logo bags the letters I’m your host Jeff Grasso and this is skate videos here’s my disclaimer I hate skate videos okay I hate them when skateboarders came in and everybody started skating for video skate videos that’s what I got to say about I like real-time skateboarding skate videos but when I saw Pat Duffy skating in the rain – riders on the storm or whatever Jim Morrison I thought well that’s some pretty heavy the skateboarding is so weird and insane that if you don’t actually have proof of it it’s like it never happened yeah and then to a normal person who’s never seen a skateboard they’re not going to believe that you can ride this piece of wooden ollie over this thing like how are you going to fly over that they could even imagine jumping over it without a board how you’re going to look that forward that’s not attached to your feet it’s like it seems like pure magic and you can’t all over hydron it’s like couple I mean for me the most influential videos I think would probably be some of the videos that I grew up on as a kid obviously and I would say that’s probably sick boys for sure it’s probably number one whatever you’re gonna go you’re gonna go back into like skateboard madness skater Gator and nadir and like early came offerings of trying to promote skateboarding through film the craziest kids on wheels street boy the movie that defies gravity some point they’re gonna we’re gonna end up talking about thrashing and that sucks fashion was the first only it’s a movie but that’s what got me skating it was like red curbs there was not one red curb in my town I was so pissed you know the first video I ever saw was animal chin I just started skating you know I went to a friend’s house and they’re watching it so good evening tonight’s top story legendary skater wanton animal chin has been reported missing by friends and relatives I know I didn’t even know that skate videos existed what’s your favorite skater do ya I’m trying to think III don’t know I used to like the Gator where is she goes mark did you clean your room and make your bed or something like that do you remember he goes out in skates and he meets up with Jeff Phillips he walks up to a pipeline you see him and the video is like he’s like so happy you thing but there’s Philip silly jumps of his board yeah that was a snake I think that’s gotta be my favorite video skate vicious I think it’s so funny first thing ever first dude I’ve ever psyched on was build an for Savannah slammer that was that was the first thing I thought I was like I’m on a skateboard this is sick yeah I guess when you say skate videos I don’t even consider the contest feels like all the NSA Pro videos and and all that stuff that the Don Hoffman videos somehow I ended up with this video called curb Dawgz you seen curb Dawgz for me each trade was really like the biggest influence at the time because it’s when I started skating and I found out that magton s key was making all these videos and it was my hero you know everything was like so perfectly made like together like the filming the editing music anyway it created like really strong experience and has had really a lot of impact on me so both Brigade video shows just straight skateboarding it was the most it was the most inspiring like for me as a kid a lot of my friends it was like lamps came down the street the better pools off his roof and you were just like yes sure is the same for all kids but you know Lance Lance was our favorite obviously he was like a really sick skater but I think some of the stuff that he where he’s just cruising around that was the that we loved the most yeah I know that’s just that’s like one of the things about skating you know it’s it’s as much the active skating as it is the discovery of you know what you’re all about checking out the world and yeah it’s just a lot of things but this is equally as important as you know it’s not it’s not just a thing that happens between the top of the stairs and the bottom of the stairs or you know one side of the ramp to the other it’s like it’s all of this too the CIA made Tony Hawk’s life do you have a favorite video partner of yourself like a part that you put out that you’re like that represents me the end what so the end for me was the culmination of my skating at the time and I had never worked on something so hard and the end was supposed to end with me doing 903 on it I tried so hard your show is called love letters to skateboarding you love skateboarding I love skateboarding like an awful lot like I’m kind of crazy about it and so when I’m skateboarding like you know I don’t really like to hear bickering cuz I want to go and do the skateboarding I don’t want to hear about like you know what’s popular what’s gonna happen you know I want to be the person making the happen you know I don’t want to be the person you know I want to be who they’re talking about I don’t want to like hear the people talking yeah Sam I appreciate what you do but if you don’t mind I need like two feet just to fee that’s all I need cuz this is crucial what you’re doing is also important but it’s not crucial let’s do that it’s always been about capturing it on film and I think it started out innocent enough of just wanting to see yourself and your kid I just fell in love with like a whole like image and how people shop things and our parents got a video camera of course good it would be like a family thing and I kind of like adopted it right buying bow it brings you this fully featured LAX on three let’s camcorder that shoe then side of using it on just for skateboarding and just shoe all my friends and myself I never really knew a time even before sponsorship we were always filming just cuz it’s just what we did as skateboarders I don’t know what it is about skateboarders and videos on photography why it’s like kind of obsessive to document it you know I guess it’s like like the rest of the world doesn’t really care about it but between your bros like that’s the coolest thing ever you know but I would probably say the first the one that sparked it all off was probably video days just because that video was so influential I feel like when that came out it’s just like every video after that was so similar video days obviously comes up a lot as you host favorite videos and stuff and in whatever you’re one of the earliest guys to be a first video people that yeah we’re all first-generation video people at the time the guy mike ternasky was doing his videos and he was popping them out quick and all the guys doing the tricks right away I we had Jason Lee me and him kind of both started blind and and we wanted you know it’s like kicked like to blow that out like you know I mean just to put a final end to that his crap that’s what I was thinking so it was basically an answer to H Street what H Street was doing kind of yeah we filmed Fallbrook in a day day that was literally a session well he had a narrative all wrinkled cuz I was a cool guy and I decided to write down my shoes cuz I’m in the surf school the old school the day that they filmed me is they had you follow me you do all the follow can work all mine you remember that King God I drop in and do a lean detail and like the cameras right on me it’s him and they take a full turkey dinner that’s how heavy eyes hey what do you think about skateboarding I mean skateboarders by nature were we’re crazy we’re relentless it’s just it’s an obsession so and I think that translates over into like yet tricks it takes a psychopath to get hit in the shin a thousand times over to do something the America video part the reason that it’s all switch is because add two knee surgeries during the filming of that that part it was like eight months to a year of recovery when I started to skate again like I couldn’t like click all ease and my knee would just be in so much pain I couldn’t get off the ground and it’s like so painful and I was just dying to skate so I just skated switch all the time building on these fundamental principles an infinite variety of maneuvers becomes possible actually doing skateboarding and it being so difficult to do it made sense why I went video because it’s just like you can try something for forever and then show it I mean dude I’ve trod trucks the longest trick I ever tried was over the course of two years one thing is this as a whole is all Danny way stuff on that first mega ramp because that thing was crazy there never been one I remember seeing that ramp for the first time and just thinking like what in the we were laughing like we were thinking like – he’s not even gonna be able to roll in on that thing it was so gnarly to be honest recently I’ve been watching fucktards all the time it’s like the best job in the world making skate videos you know or being a skateboarder or we just do what we want which we do what we like and we get to travel the world and do all these different things and and then skate videos they should be like it should be completely different it should be like every video is different if you make something good then it’s good it doesn’t matter what you made it on you know I mean there’s no rules to follow standards or formats – to respect you know I think he has to be he has to be free thank you so much for having me photos I always wanted to get on here and then it took like two years I know um this has been the letters thanks for watching sorry then I got a job for Transworld and I had like a px 1000 I never used one before I didn’t know what the to do I remember filming Diego boots Jerry at those the pier the pier spot and I remember the furthest is the first line I ever tried to film trying to film a line of him so we start going and keep in mind I know what the I was doing and he goes he tries a line and then he like didn’t make it or he made the first trick and I was going too fast I didn’t know what to do it sounds so stupid but I didn’t know how to like slow myself down so I dragged my hand on the ground like I never once saw but like I just didn’t really like no hot what to do but that guy was already I already have a job making skate videos and that’s how little I knew about about video and I knew nothing about editing either like what how uh-huh you’re confused you’re alone it’s Saturday night you have no pants on click here to watch more love letters to skateboarding

100 thoughts on “Skate Videos | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding | VANS

  1. so, jeff grossing, jason Jessee and mark gonzales talking about skateboarding…..doesn't get much better than that!!

  2. Hilarious that the most articulate guy in this video is French and speaks English as a second language. Grown men who have to say "like" five times while trying to spit out their idea are sad.

  3. Nice. So glad it's back!

    And fuck yeah 6 stairs! Steppin' up yer production game! The low-pro style was fun as hell too, but this is looking def a bit more polished.

  4. oh my god i've been trying for a looong time figuring out what's the song from the Skateboard Madness part. Somebody pleeease tell me the name !

  5. Anything Natas, the rubber boys, Hokus Pokus, and especially Frankie Hill! I could not sit still after watching it. Then after not skating for ten years I bought the Yeah Right DVD, and got the same feeling!

  6. One thing's for sure: video killed vert skating. The late 80s/early 90s street revolution was made possible by smaller and more affordable recording equipment becoming available. This, of course, allowed for crazy one-off video magic to be the stuff on which careers were based, rather than consistent contest skating. But vert also just doesn't translate as well to video: unless you're going out building crazy Danny Way-style ramps, you're going to be looking at the same skatepark environment for the whole part. Street skate videos, on the other hand, provided a glimpse into other cities and scenes, way before the internet made this possible. The excitement of street skating videos comes from seeing skaters put an urban environment to innovative use. That's why it's still not on to have park footie in a 'street' part. You don't really get the sense of speed and how crazy vert skating actually is by watching it on video, either.

  7. I dont really like watching skate videos anymore unless its of people I know. They all look the same to me now. But I do love making them.

  8. Well for us skate videos and even the cheesy movies from 70s-80s were gold as we lived in the sticks with the closest skatepark 2-3 hours away. Our only exposure was via the stills in Skateboarder/Transworld/Thrasher/etc. and the occasional clips on CBS sports, or even more comical shows like Charilie Angels or CHIPs. Made it difficult to try to mimic some of the more advanced stuff on our plywood monstrosities until we got access to videos. Especially the contest vids from the 80s so I'm thankful they came around. But I agree the last 15 yrs or so seems kinda pointless as you can find what you need online, but in those early days, even the most ridiculous of live action movies/videos were a God-send!

  9. Somebody tell Jeff to watch the pocket pistols video daydreamer i made. Maybe he'll hate it. You can find the video on my You Tube page.

  10. OK Grosso, the vids from the late 80's and early 90's ruled. Not all of us lived in the great skate utopia of California. Try growing up in a little town in Missouri that's biggest attraction was Walmart. Videos were like reading Thrasher, but it moved. Animal Chin blew our minds. Hocus pocus no words. Watching Lance skate was the best inspiration we ever had. We didn't have ramps. We had schools loading docks and ditches.
    Love you man but vids rule.

  11. Grosso, I know what you mean but I like the videos because I love skating, but am old and suck, and I never will be able to do any of this rad stuff, so I can live vicariously through these and pretend I can shred like Lance, Jason etc. this is shock and awe shit, and even though I won't be sailing through the air (on purpose) these vids get me stoked to get out there.

  12. Lance was soo Gnarly..He didn't seem as stiff as Rodney or Cab or McGill..
    *Still looking for that Rare Lance Mountain Adidas

  13. Embarrassing to admit, but 'thrashin' had me and my crew dressing up and actin like the 'daggers' at one stage there. Spiderweb grip and we even had a fukn joust skate fight down at the drains. It was the only real skate movie we could get our hands on in our housing commission estate (lego land) here in Australia. Only the rich kooks had the 'animal chins' and 'future primitives' on VHS. Funny shit.
    Magazine were the BOMB for us, we were just being blown away by sum of them photos. A magazine is sumthin us poor kids COULD afford. Vids were awesome too tho. Public Domain was very cool…Skating is so sick.

  14. I tell yas one thing that is REALLY shit about todays film camera work, is that EVERYTHING over the last 5 years (at least) is filmed with stupid fukn FISH EYE- widescreen crap. Am i seriously one of the only people seeing it. It sucks so hard.
    After watching this and realizing the wonderful difference in NORMAL lens, im blown away on how brainwashed everyone is by GO PRO, advertising and 'fitting in with the crowd' mentality.

    Get rid of the fish eye wide screen and everything will have normal perspective like in the early vids and LIKE IT SHOULD. Just remember sumthin…they got EVERYONE using this dumb widescreen 'sports mode' setting now…Skaters, skydivers, surfers, climbers etc etc…like blind goats, people just follow, buy, consume and follow. So much footage over the last 5 years in these areas is almost unusable. Especially the surfing, climbing and skating. Fish eye footage was a gimmick in the late 80's early 90's. It was only meant to be used here and there for 'arty' type shots and to give ILLUSION that the trick is much more intense than reality. A GIMMICK. A LIE even, deceptive footage…Sum fun….NOT 24/7. . Go Pro has tricked everyone into buying and using these things. It is truly terrible footage…ANY wide screen footage is TERRIBLE. Its useless. Makes ya dizzy, cant tell up from down at times and EVERYTHING is warped, bent and twisted. Things just a couple of meters away look like they are miles off. Useless crap.
    Get a normal camera or see if you can change it to normal lens. Go Pro has pulled a fast one on everyone…what i don't understand is WHY don't people see it? Are people truly this stupid?… Yes, THEY ARE.

    You are all trying to make the footage AND the skater look better than it/he truly is…EVERYONE is doing it…..scamming the watcher into thinking its MORE amazing than real life….get over it for fuks sake. Turn the setting over to NORMAL or whateva its called. Its getting SOOO monotonous. Fuk people are so seriously dumb and self absorbed these days. I hope this gets thru to someone out there…honestly fed up with this crap footage that EVERYONE is posting now.

  15. Victims of intolerance? Really? Comparing yourself to Rodney King is a bit of a stretch. Pampered snowflakes.

  16. 1980s contest footage is always cool. future primitive was awesome. i dont like production films of skaters unless its live contest type un-edited non-peralta footage. close ups of manual flip-tricks is annoying as hell.

  17. 6:19 Grosso looks like a little kid embarrassed cause daddy Hawk caught him talking shit. Tony's not mad, he's just disappointed.

  18. Who is Bogarting the "Duel In The Desert" vert contest footy from that Tempe AZ water park? Dorfman? Hoffman? The Man?!?!
    It's a very historical contest, bcuz Miller beat Hawk (came back from the Losers bracket 2X) without the 540. I have also been told that T-Mag got seriously overlooked by the judges. Regardless, it's a DAMN SHAME that such footy is not available in any format. The news of that contest traveled FAST

  19. the video parts I hate is when they wake up and brush their teeth before going to skate, or jump a fence and then put the griptape on

  20. I admit(proudly) that I don't have 1 single video part of myself since 1987 when I started…
    *im in a lot of videos others filmed (locals/regular Joes),, and most of the time they would be session on the fun box and I would skate fast around the WHOLE are/park etc and do a fast Manny or 5.0 on the funbox.. totally snaking them.. I used to do this a lot back in the day but haven't done it since 2018 ;D
    *Yeah I get triggered when I see the 18-21 year old kook with Elvis looking hair and skin tight super short shorts & his Nike, not landing shit because they try something too hard like Manny tre flip out/off fun box.. Where I may not do that but I can lipslide and nose,tail,blunt slide the box and roll away makes me happy….
    *Maybe i'll be nicer when I turn 50 in 5 years..

  21. Just my theory.
    Skateboarding is the ultimate peaceful stand against the system. Wood and metal used to grind away concrete, Skate and Destroy, literally. We wreck ourselves to obtain a tiny fraction of a second it takes to land whatever trick, we show our will power, our stubbornness and our soul,open for all to see. Yet nobody but a fellow soul-dier knows your mission, and how close you are to the existential victory over that unseen entity that represents that system. We're children riding toys to them. But to each other we are inventors, engineers, soothsayers, and one Tony Trujillo. SK8orDiE.

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