SKATEBOARD WHEELS: All You Need To Know – Skate Setup | Titus

SKATEBOARD WHEELS: All You Need To Know – Skate Setup | Titus

33 thoughts on “SKATEBOARD WHEELS: All You Need To Know – Skate Setup | Titus

  1. what is the hardest like really hard like no sticking at all on slides ? spitfire f4s are nice but any harder wheel like litteraly no sticking?

  2. What are the fastest wheels for cruising on the streets? I've got a board that I want to use to commute to work. The surface all of the way to work isn't too bad. It's not going to be used on skateparks or any tricks. Just to get me two miles to the bus stop as quickly as possible.

  3. i have never skated with wheels less than 100A but i recently want to have a try with the ricta, people online say that is the finest wheels ,the problem is the wheel i found online is 98A, i love skate on the street a lot ,so it is really bugging me ,i am afraid its gonna be like that much softer on the ground , can u help me off the hook?

  4. Hi! I want some wheels. I skate on a rough street but i want to learn tricks too. What kind of wheels i have to buy?

  5. take away the last two letters of your channel name. thats why I subbed. that and your quality vids of course

  6. Can anyone suggest a wheel that is from 55-60mm and a durometer of 90-97a I cruise a lot but also need a wheel with a good pop

  7. so I bought a pair of bones wheels at Zumiez and I wanna know if there good for bowls..they only say 100 bones on them there 55 mm 25 bucks at the mall Zuimez I'm thinking to myself now I should probably go back and buy 58mm now that I know what the wheels mean now

  8. Hey i want to know if the spitfire big head wheels 54m are good for me i want to skate a lot of street but the streets in my town kinda rough but also i want to learn a lot of flat ground tricks should i buy the bones stf v3 54m or 53m or how about the ricta nrg 53m its my 1st board so im really trying to do this all one shot

  9. Hi! I have 101a 50mm wheels, but i always skate on rough streets, so I'd like to buy softer and bigger wheels, but I want to be able to make tricks without problems… What wheels should I buy? I think 52/53mm would be perfect, but what about the hardness?

  10. Hi, I currently have 60mm 78a wheels on my cruiser, and I was thinking about buying some wider wheels. But would it really benefit me with going over cracks more easily? (since I only weigh 46kg I would like pretty soft wheels) What would you recommend?

  11. I used to skateboard in the late 90s and I feel like we rode bigger Wheels than they do today I don't like those small wheels I can't remember what size I used to ride but I'm thinking 56 ?

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