Ski Basics for Beginners : How to Put on Skis

Ski Basics for Beginners : How to Put on Skis

I’m Ivan Madar. I’m a professional ski instructor
and I’m here on behalf of Expert Village. Next thing we will do, we’ll give you one
ski. And with one ski on, we are going to do drills such as scooting and skating with
one ski. So, you will push off with one leg and ski on that, okay? We will take the ski
off and go with the other ski. We do it with both legs and eventually, we will put both
skis on to teach you some of the basic elements. Now because we are starting slower, because
you have not done a lot of athletic things, we are going to teach you first how to stop,
how to keep your balance on skis and eventually how to turn. Now, there’s a different progression
for someone who’s not in very good condition as there is for someone who is in better athletic
shape. So, first, we are going to learn how to do what we call a straight run on your
skis. We are going to pick a slope that is feasible for it (where you can not run away).
We put both skis on and you are going to go straight down a hill.

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  1. I dont know what u guys are so upset about… I can perfectly understand what he is saying and Im not neither english or american

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