Skier vs Drone with Victor Muffat-Jeandet | Salomon TV

Jet, we’ve got this. It’s time to take this skier down. I’m Victor Muffat-Jeandet, coming from France in
Val d’Isère in the Alps and I’m an alpine ski racer,
more on the technical side, GS and slalom, but also doing
some speed for the combine. My name is Jordan Temkin and I’m a professional drone racer out of Seattle. He takes it! Jet wins it all! Jet is your 2017 World Champion! What do you guys think about the idea of a skier racing a drone? Never thought about that before. That’d be cool. Yeah. A racer versus a drone racer? Uh huh. So, who do you think would win? I would say a drone. The big kicker is the acceleration, right? He’s gotta deal with gravity Where I’m powered. I think I gotta say drone. Zero to 60 in one second. There’s no way you can
go that fast on skis. For sure, the acceleration of the drone is much faster than in skiing,
but now we saw the hill and maybe I can get my
chance as a technical guy. Okay, so would you make
the drone come through and then maybe go through the gates? Okay, there you go, so
that’s what you would do, is make them go through the gates. Maybe even make it one,
two, like croquet. Then, I think the skier would win. Did it? I think it’s gonna
be pretty hard for me, you know, he professionally goes down that kind of hill every day. I don’t. I think the drone will
have to be really precise so it could be close. That guy is such an awesome
skier, I’d probably have to say, he probably could take it. Um, I think the drone would win. I’m hoping for the skier,
that’s really weird for me to say too, as a snowboarder. Oh, the drone’s gonna win. That’s, come on. Science. Science, man. Red course, ready? Blue course, ready? Three, two, one. Go!

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