Skiing and kulning in the winterforest

Skiing and kulning in the winterforest

Hey guys and gals! Guess what I’m doing I’m out skiing It’s lovely and it’s so beautiful To be in the forest during winter… I’m starting to slide Look at that anthill It’s gigantic! This is going fast The sun… Could not have picked a better day to do this on God, it’s so lovely! So very wonderful! Now I finally understand what people have meant when they’ve said “You should try skiing, Jonna” You will get a whole new experience of the forest And you actually do I have never skiied in the forest like this before and particularly in the winter it’s hard to navigate trough Even if we don’t have much snow, it’s tough to move through it But now I’m just gliding with ease I can tell you, I’m not good on skiis yet I haven’t fallen yet but I’m close all the time But I mean…practice makes perfect Oh no I have to go around It would be hard to walk here without skiis Oops I did just what I used to do as a kid, you know when you make a cross with the skiis Only disadvantage with skiis is that I feel very unlimber I feel like I’m stuck in something I probably needed a break Now I’m going to ski out on a mire and have a Fika
(“to have coffee”, often accompanied with pastries, cookies or pie) Stand up Jonna! Oops I have some work to do I’m gonna try again I made it Oh god, that is good! Hot chocolate outside like this gotta be one of the best things You hear that?
The ice is making sounds I don’t know if I got it on film It rumbles It’s starting to get really cold That raw cold, you know My hair is starting to freeze Cold Cold but wonderful Look here Dark Light What a day I feel so good What’s so wondeful to be outside like this You feel… darn good, really you can really feel that it’s good for your well-being Like your inside gets silent You can now start seeing the first star in the sky Time to begin the journey home Thanks for joining me today And shared this nice skii-trip with me See ya.

100 thoughts on “Skiing and kulning in the winterforest

  1. I've never seen anyone that connected to nature and snow, you're amazing, keep it up with the English subs 💕🌿

  2. это просто великолепно! я буду рекомендовать этот канал всем своим друзьям!
    we need a russian subtitles.

  3. Hey ! You're great , if you will maybe come to Poland making some videos or just to travel i can provide you sleep ,food etc if you will go to "Mazury"(North-east Poland). I invite you to Poland coz in winter it looks realy similiar to this what you show in your videos 😉 Greetings from Poland
    PS. Sorry for gramma mistakes engilsh is not my native language

  4. Jonna, the kulning in this video sounds like it came from Legend of Zelda, magical and ethereal! I can't wait to hear more soon!

  5. You are so brave to go all the way out there in the woods and lake, it looks pretty on film, but too cold and desolate.Your smile brings warmth to the frozen landscape 🙂

  6. Good thing you live up there in northern Sweden. And not in the city areas which are over run with Muslim Immigrants that are destroying your beautiful culture and country! Just watch Out for Bears/wolves, and put some Cayenne pepper in your socks to keep feet warm 🙂

  7. I realy love your singing – you sing like ouer ancient and beautifull parents. Jonna – you are like dotter of Sun. I am hearing and my tears fallt down like dimonds stright to your hends. When you kulning cows in summer you loocked like from Latvian and Russian fairytale about heppy pricess who eat the golden appels. The name of fairytale is Сказка о крошечке Ховрошечке or Zelta ābele. Wish you joy and happiness. Your friend from Latvia Andrejs Možeiko.

  8. I love your video. It shows the beauty of Sweden. Maybe someday I will visit this heaven of a place. Till then take care.

  9. everytime you start to kulning, I have tears in my eyes. You are so handsome 😍 I like to watch your life and how it goes 😊
    I want be you 😂💚

  10. Hello, you're very nice and beautiful. Thanks for your videos. You have a beautiful voice . The emotion I feel when I listen to you is serenity. A hug ☺

  11. I recently found your videos and Kulning is amazing and hypnotic…I really want to come and visit Sweden it seems magical and spiritual. I would love to move there to live x Any tips of where to visit? love to visit ur town looks picturesque x

  12. So sweet, such pure joy in just living….You didn't just make a snow angel, you are one.
    With all the pain and hate in the world, you remind me that simple joy trumps all hate.
    Thank you Jonna.
    You are a quiet and peaceful dream that one wakes from smiling.

  13. Hej! Jonna, I am American my grandparents were from Sweden, I only can recall some nursery songs and rhymes from my youth. I am trying to learn to speak Swedish and listen and watch you frequently since you speak so clearly. Could you please post the lyrics to your kulning. Thank you for your beautiful channel and all that you share.

  14. Your videos are my favorite to watch. One I have a day of anxiety and need a lifting up I watch your videos they are so stunning. Thank you 🙂

  15. Nature is a reminder to stay connected to our land. You do it so beautifully. Keep being that light that shines and keeps the rest of us searching to be closer to Mother Earth!

  16. Är det inte JÄTTEjobbigt att släpa med sig allt själv? XD Du är fantastisk verkligen! sån stor inspiration. Ser fram emot ditt album! <3

  17. …tears falling..oh my..yuo are so beautiful angel!!thank yuo again sharing yuor love..with us!!my heart opens when i whatch yuo..yuo are the key Farther use to open my yuo Jonna.

  18. You remind me of when I was a girl in Michigan. I always loved the woods! I still crave that feeling of my insides becoming silent while being still and listening to the forest sounds around me.
    But now I have to drive 45 minutes to a national park. But at least I have access to wilderness! Starkey Park is wonderful but not the same as the untainted and untamed wild of northern Michigan woods!
    Keep making such videos: They bring peace to us living in highly populated areas with heavy traffic. I don't belong here. Thank you, through your videos I can take a break and touch the woods. Imagine the fresh green smells and reclaim an inner peacefulness!

  19. Your magic is created through your deep connection to nature. You are truly a child of the universe….a magnificent shining star.

  20. OMG YOU'RE some kind of Northern Ice Princess. Are you Pleadian? Who are you? How come I never met one of you damnit!

  21. I live in india. Here all the time summer and hot. I always searching this type of vlog in you tube. No finally i got this. Im kinda stick person to nordic weather always.

  22. I like winters like this, even though I freeze very fast. But my siberian soul needs to feel the snow and ice and cold winter air. Thank you for sharing your day.

  23. Thank you for the walk, and more important for the inspiration…
    You are really a very especial person.
    🌍Love from Portugal🐾

  24. Мало сейчас таких прекрасных людей! Заботы только о деньгах(. Ты слушаешь свою душу, она тебя ведет к Матери Земли. От тебя(даже через видео) идет свет! Хочется быть рядом с таким человеком как ты!

  25. Cha cha 2:25 you made me fall yes very familiar experience 😁 and at 6:00 so overwhelming moment feels like you holding my hands and spinning face to face,
    You are amazing film maker 💟 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  26. Been watching your videos jonna. I lived near in the mountains and pacific ocean since birth in the Philippines till i was 23. Then came here to u.s.a and got married to my husband. We've been together for 8yrs now and hes my man..when i saw your first video,right then I didnt realize how lucky i was before to lived in such a great natural nature before until i realize my life here is just..home and work and no forest at all neither ocean.we still have to drive almost 3hrs to get to the ocean. When i saw your videos, your lucky to know what you really want in husband and i once our kids is having their own family.. I still want to pursue the simple life like yours and live so simple. Im a fan of yours!!! God bless to you and to your whole family .

    Fr: Pennsylvania,u.s.a.

  27. min mormor på min mammas sida var svensk. Jag har vänner i Malmö. Snön ringer till mig med en tyst röst.
    my grandmother on my mother’s side of the family was Swedish. I have friends in Malmo. The snow calls to me with a silent voice.

  28. Thank you for letting us into your beautiful life you really are an inspiration to me bless your heart always 🧚💕🦋🌹

  29. Jonna, do you think you could do a video while you play the piano? It is so soothing. I've seen you play in one of your videos and I forgot which video it was. I would like to listen to it once again. I have the melody in my head, it is such a popular music, but I don't really know what what piece it is.

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