Skiing with trampoline and hula hoop

Skiing with trampoline and hula hoop

Next up 180 to backflip by Ilkka Someone cut the ground from under my feet We have a Survivor Finland challenge here The goal is to set up a rope swing up there The fastest team gets immunity for today’s dinner vote They’re getting nowhere Ilkka just created the perfect tool Not bad Ilkka are you scared? I’m not scared of the rail Nor the rope swing But I fear it’s hard to catch the handle The rope snapped Lindsey Vonn just won the World Cup Always nice to hear ski legends winning Were you planning the dinner? It’s pizza time! So the sharp concrete cut the rope And you’re using duct tape to protect it Dear viewer, would you trust this rope? This moment though Pizza, sunshine and Ilkka the Sherpa doing all the work for us What a beautiful day! Pro tip: use one spring to pull the other in place Check out that moustache! Should we go home? Let’s go home!

71 thoughts on “Skiing with trampoline and hula hoop

  1. Jes vihdoin uus video olin pelännyt et lopetatte ja kysyin sitä ig diressä mutta hyvää kannattaa odottaa❤️

  2. Tehkääpäs semmonen temppu että kaks ottaa semmosen reili putken palan olkapäille kantoo ja laksee mäkee ja sitte 1 hyppää sen päälle vauhissa samallaku ne muut kantaa sitä ilmas ja laskee samalla.

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