SkipTheDishes Couriers Get an Unexpected Surprise!

SkipTheDishes Couriers Get an Unexpected Surprise!

[Light Music] Hey Scott, I’m Myles. I’m excited to meet you! I’m Amanda I have a wonderful boyfriend of three and a half years. And we have a blended family of eight children. I got here today, because I received an
email from SkipTheDishes, asking me to come in to do a courier profile video. So you said you’re a musician. Yes You’ve been playing for a while. Yes What instruments do you play? Well, I’m predominantly flute and guitar. What do you do for fun? Spending time with my kids, and playing basketball. So, you’ve told us that you’re a racing
and sports car enthusiast. What sort of sparked that love for cars? When I was three, at Christmas, all my parents got all my relatives lined up, and they all chipped in and got me a pedal car. And by spring, I could four-wheel drift it around the corner by the refrigerator in the kitchen. That’s awesome. Do you guys ever go on vacation, or do you go away for the weekend or anything like that? No, we haven’t. No? And that’s one of the original reasons why I started Skip. Was that, I was gonna take that money
and put it aside so we can do a vacation. Yeah, I knew I didn’t have enough pension.
I’ve been retired for a couple of years. And, you know, I knew I needed to go back to work, so I started looking at, you know, driving jobs. And then, SkipTheDishes popped up. What is your favorite part about it? Having some time to myself, meeting the people, doing something, you know, seeing happy faces, and at the same time,
I motivate myself to do a good job. I’m a single mom, and I’ve been working three jobs. And taking care of my kids all by myself. Wow. Part of what we wanted to do today, was
to bring you in to figure out what motivates you, what you’re passionate
about, what sort of makes your world tick. And we want you and all of our couriers to know how important you guys are to SkipTheDishes. And so, we have a little bit of a surprise for you. We’re going to be sending you
on the ultimate driving experience. We’ll fly you down to Las Vegas, Nevada. You’ll get to choose a supercar of your liking, and race it around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. [Emotional Laughter] What do you think? I can’t talk. I mean talk about someone finding your secret dream, and plugging into it. That was really neat. You think it will be cool? [Humble Laughter] Yeah We know how hard you work to be super mom
to your daughters. And so, that’s why SkipTheDishes is going to help you send them to swimming lessons and basketball camp. Oh my god! No, seriously? Oh, my god. We know you’re an avid musician. We actually have a bit of a surprise for you. And so, we wanted to get you something special – for your gigs. We wanted it to be something iconic. Okay? And so, we got you a Gold Top, Gibson Les Paul guitar. Are you serious? I am very serious. Are you kidding me? I am not. That’s for me? It is. Take a look! Wow. We have a bit of a surprise for you. Okay? We are going to send you on an all inclusive, five day, hot vacation. Does that sound alright? That sounds fabulous. I am absolutely enthralled, I couldn’t
thank you guys enough. Time away is going to be fantastic. [Light Music]

19 thoughts on “SkipTheDishes Couriers Get an Unexpected Surprise!

  1. To bad you put to many couriers on at once give them barely any deliveries. I was making about 6 dollars an hour and gas is 1.42$. Just sad the way you guys treat you're couriers

  2. Very nice work !
    Now i saw something that i can be proud to say "why i want to work for you". (Y) I will try to get hired by you guy´s this next saturday. Here in brazil gonna happenan event about jobs to canada and i was selected to go. Let´s rock there!

  3. Painfully cringey to watch, major fail marketing team. Feel like i'm watching an appeal for a cancer hospice. Skip the Dishes tryna act like working for them is really deep and will change your life.

  4. Well you cant expect to have an easy job and it work for everyone..has to benefit them as well to have fast and good service.. If your not its not the job for you

  5. I've heard some negative comments about Skip (regarding working for them), and this hasn't been my experience at all. Like any kind of service-industry job, you get what you put into it. I always treat customers how I expect to be treated and because the pressure of tips is taken away from the customer/courier interaction (on pre-orders) customers don't get a sense that I'm just "whoring" for tips, and know that my pleasant demeanor is genuine.

    I think some couriers that whine about the car maintenance and gas don't understand that there are all sorts of contractors in all sorts of industries who work for themselves who swallow those costs, so it's kind of moot really. There's no pleasing those people and I'll gladly take their freed up shifts.

    The only downside is my community has a retirement population and don't understand that we are growing into a fast-paced city and some people aren't out on the road for a "casual drive". I've only had one customer be rude out of 100's of orders, and generally, it's great working for yourself.

  6. I do moving own and operate a small moving company and as you know moving is never everyday and sometimes there is no money. Skip the dishes saves my life to support my family. Thanks skip the dishes.

  7. I just joined Skip tonight, I start tomorrow! Can't wait to be a part of your company! What a nice touch that was for these people =-D Oh how I would of loved to have that gold top les paul, in left hand though! =D =D

  8. I work for skip the dishes. Some days are good like $20-$30/hr. Some days are $7-$11/hr. It's good part time work. I'm waiting for these guys to give me my surprise, I wish for million doller as I know.

  9. Went to work there and started off great. One month in they only gave you three four-hour shifts. After that ended up waiting hours for calls on the crappy shifts they were giving. If you get okay with them, good for you. As for me, it doesn't take long to say goodbye when you're getting fucked around. The best part: they still ask me about my availability. The bags are good when I want to get my own food to bring home.

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