Skyrim but it’s destroyed by mods

Skyrim but it’s destroyed by mods

[To the tune of soundtrack] Hey there friends, how’s it going? My name is Kevin. [Laughs] That was extremely lame. I was just about to start talking and the tune started and it just kinda worked. But anyway, yeah, we’re playing some Skyrim. We’re gonna start a new game, and I have absolutely destroyed this game with mods. I have not played it yet but I have installed a lot of them. One of them is to give you a faster start, so we can jump right in. So we got some custom races here. We got Shrek knock-off. We got fidget spinner man. Oh, we got Sanic. His racial ability is “GO FAST,” and his racial disability is “GOTTA GO FAST.” Ikea-Born? I love Ikea! [Laughs] That is brilliant! As well as a totally normal human who is definitely not being controlled by a cat. You know, I liked Weeaboo. Konichiwa! Have no fear. I am no dirty Skyrinian, I am but a helpful friendly neighborhood Japan-person. Howdy, my homie! Sex. No. Never. Look at me. This is Jog Wanson. “Who did you befriend while escaping?” I don’t think this guy could befriend anyone, but go with the Imperials. Oh my God, he’s a pony! Jesus Christ! I’m a Weeaboo, I should not be attacking you, sorry. Don’t attack me dude. While you’ve studied being a vicious creature, I’ve studied the blade. Oh, I think we’re gonna see a lot of ponies in this video for some reason. [Gasps] I see a mysterious creature! [Zoidberg wooping sounds] Oh, they even make the sound! Okay, but they make too much sound. I’m backing off. I’m just passing through. Actually, you know what, I could use some loot— Wait, he died? I was not expecting you guys to win. (PONY WOMAN): Well, that’s taken care of. No thanks to you. (KEVIN): What? I tried my best. You guys are My Little Ponies. Just pointing that out. Can I join you? [Laughs] (PONY WOMAN): You’ll have to talk to Kodlak Whitemane, up at Jorrvaskr. (KEVIN): Oh God, that’s too good of a name for someone who is a My Little Pony. Wait, is his helmet moving when he’s talking? There’s a lot of people around here, now’s a good time to try one of my spells. Oh God. [Plays Miserlou on lute] Ah! Does anyone like him? No one seems to care. That’s it, Lute bear, return! It’s like it’s some terrible Pokémon. You will pay for not giving him attention. He’s been practicing that for weeks! [Laugh track] Uh, your train’s arrived! Why you attacking me? This is clearly an act of God! I’ll do it again you know! Oh, that one’s cross-eyed. (OLD LADY): Perfect, my dear, absolutely perfect! (KEVIN): Yeah that was perfect, I agree. I didn’t realize they’d attack me. I thought they’d think it was just, you know, a freak occurrence, not my fault. (PONY CHILD): I’m so hungry… (KEVIN): “1v1 me quickscopes you scrub.” Why do you not wanna 1v1 me? Is it cause it’s a kid? Cause I’ll bring trains down on top of you. Ah, preacher. (PREACHER): You have come to hear the word of Talos? (KEVIN): No, I’m here for a 1v1 quickscopes. Oh, I also replaced the loading screens with dad jokes. Oh, I can change my race with this one. I’ve grown up. I am not a Weeaboo anymore, I am now Sanic. I am now Jog Fastson. [Extremely loud Sanic Music] Oh my God, my ears! Jesus Christ! Well, I don’t need a horse anymore. I can see now, why this is both an ability and a disability! Prepare your ears, I’m now going to play it at its normal volume. What it’s playing like for me: [Even louder Sanic music] Okay, you know what? I’m just gonna go ahead and change that back. Make me a fidget spinner. Jog Spinson. Ah, it doesn’t even spin! What kind of broken fidget spinner am I? Ooo look, spiders. Aw, if only I was a bit faster. [Loud Sanic music] Who likes spiders? I know I sure don’t. So don’t worry, I got you covered. I’ve replaced them all with little Spidermen! (SPIDER): Be careful! (KEVIN): Wait, they actually talk? [Laughs] They’re all Piderman from those videos, Baman and Piderman. (SPIDER): I’m scared! (KEVIN): That one is scared, the poor fecker. Oh Jesus, he spotted me. You know, I don’t think I’m gonna live if I’m in here. Yeah, I should leave. I should change to Sanic again so I can get outta here lickity-split. I’m just fast travelling all over the place now. I assume he just swaps into Sanic and then runs straight there. Oh I like that dad joke, by the way. Okay I just, uh, summoned my entire team of Tommy Wiseau’s. [laughs] I’m gonna give you all a chance, okay? Just let me go around individually. [Laughs] This is the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. Let me go around individually and just introduce you. Stop, ple— Oh my God, alright, you’ll go first. This is Tommy the Dragon. (TOMMY): What’s new with you? (KEVIN): [Laughs] Oh I love it. Okay, can you just please— Alright, this is the po— Not you, fecking hell! Alright, you know what? We’re going over here. This is my dog. (TOMMY): Anything for my princess! (KEVIN): Why does he not say “Hi, Doggy?” This is the horse. JESUS CHRIST. Alright, we’re riding this one. Come on, posse, let’s go! [Laughs] Follow your fidget spinner into battle! Alright, you know what? Let’s hit up a new place. I feel like— That thing moves so strangely! Jesus Christ, can I ride him? (TOMMY): Oh hi Danny. [Laughs] I won’t get tired of that one. Okay, take me somewhere new. We’re being discriminated against. I wanna go to Solitude – somewhere bright. This place is miserable. Aw this kid’s gangster. I like him. (DRIVER): First time to Solitu— (TOMMY): Yeah. (KEVIN): Tommy’s answering for me, apparently. Come on guys— No, don’t leave them to walk behind! That’s so cruel. Where’s Tommy? Oh there he is, in the ground. (PONY KHAJIIT): This one wonders— (KEVIN): Oh my God. I’m leaving. (TOMMY): Don’t touch me, motherfucker. (KEVIN): [laughs] Stop it Tommy, we’re interrupting an execution here. Tommy’s stuck in the rocks. Look at the poor bastard. Wait, I can get a good spell to diffuse the situation. Wait, they killed him— Wait— Oh, the Tommys are fighting for me! This is gonna be the weirdest fight I’ve ever seen. [Laughs] Tommy, help me! The feck is that? It’s Dragon Tommy! [Laughs] The Tommys are winning, I think. Oh, good Wilhelm scream in there. Are we done here now? I think they realized they’re not gonna win this fight. I just tried to make the execution a bit more, y’know, lively. A bit of music never hurt anyone. (WOMAN): Oh, what happened? (KEVIN): Eh, I couldn’t explain if I tried, to be honest. It’s like, there was this bear that was playing the lute and the guards got really upset about it, so they attacked me, and then four versions of Tommy Wiseau started attacking them. One of them breathed fire down upon them. I got a spin cycle spell, what does that do? Aw, bear, I’ve had enough of you- No I’ve not, I love it. Oh, I think this is the spin cycle. Can this even fit me? Like I’m kind of a weird, y’know, person, if that’s what you wanna call me… No, it does not fit me. Okay, well, that was to be expected, I suppose. Aw, here come the younglings! (Imitates children): Look, it’s Tommy Wiseau! They’re all just running to him. Wait, I think we’re playing tag. Defense force activate! I am in danger! [Laughs] (GUARD): By order of the Jarl, stop right there. (KEVIN): What? I don’t think you’re in a position to tell me to stop right now. I submit. Take me to jail. He must be like “Jesus, that was kind of a long shot. I’m glad that worked.” [Laugh track] Okay, there’s no need to laugh at me. Feckin laugh tracks. Bazinga. [Laugh track] Defense force, I need you… NOW! Oh Jesus, I don’t think we’re all gonna fit in this cell. (TOMMY): Oh hi Danny. (KEVIN): [Laughs] Tommy, I know you’ve no thumbs, but please leave me out. (TOMMY): Anything for my princess. (KEVIN): Thank you. Guys, please— Thank you… Oh God. [Laugh track] Why are they laughing— Oh my God! I think this might be my favorite mod. Oh Jesus, he just soared through the ground at him! (TOMMY): Cheep, cheep cheep! (KEVIN): It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, I’m just gonna sit down and enjoy it. Aw, I can’t. (TOMMY): [Screams] (KEVIN): [Laughs] Oh, it’s the weirdest shit! (TOMMY): I didn’t hit you! (KEVIN): “I never hit you,” he says, as he’s completely killing him. “You’re the one who executed that man?” Is it him? I can’t hear you over my bear. Oh God, he killed me before Tommy could get to me. (TOMMY): I never hit you! KEVIN: [Laughs] Yeah, I think the Tommy Wiseau one is definitely my favorite. Oh, I went back here. Okay. Let’s try and do this slightly different. Oh God, he’s inside the execution block. I don’t think he can get to the execution block, the bear is in the way. Where’s that spin cycle spell… Wait, why are they pissed at me? Jesus, what’s happening back behind my back?! I think that guy’s gonna live now. Wait, why do the civilians have arrows in them? Ow! Jesus Christ, that guy’s mad! Oh, that one just got hitmarkered, did you hear that? (TOMMY): You are lying! (KEVIN): [laughs] They’re the best bodyguards a man could ask for— Oh wait, one is dead! Sorry, I got so angry. Tommy, it wasn’t me! Oh, I think I shot him out of the sky with that spin cycle. I think that’s why he hit me. Wait, did he die? I guess he did die. Somehow. Feck’s sake… I know, right? I feel the same way! [Laughs] Okay, I am leaving this town. They clearly just do not get me for whatever reason. Okay, that froze my game. Leaving the town freezes it. Out of all the things I have done, that’s what breaks it. Alright, I see what I have to do then. Okay, I just placed 100 goats in here, [Human-like screaming] and they scream, like a lot. I’ve just ruined your town. I have a way to make them scream even more. Wait, let me try spawning another hundred first. Ah, there we go! Ah, now they’re even up in the air! [Laughs] Tommy’s concerned. The question is can we do another hundred? Yes we can. Yes we can. This is why I buy beefy computers, folks. It’s not for playing games, it’s not for editing, it’s to spawn in 300 goats in Skyrim. Alright, I know how to break this. This’ll end it pretty quick. Ah good, my destruction increased! Why are you attacking me? This is what’s coming out of my headset: [Static sounds] I’ve never seen my recording software go completely red. It looked like warning signs were going off on my audio. Like this guy probably wants to make a last wish, right? So, mine would be meet Spiderman. Oh, oh no! Even though these aren’t normal spiders, they’re still really scary. Jesus Christ! It’s just all the breathing in my ears. It’s like ASMR but like, for perverts or something. I wonder what a giant one is like? Oh my god! [laughs] Tommys, protect me! It’s just the constant [imitates spider noises] It just freaks me out. No, stop going for me! (SPIDER): I’m Piderman! (KEVIN): I know you’re Piderman, leave me alone! I wanna spawn in more things! [Crowd of Zoidberg noises] Oh, that was nice! Alright, best of luck to anyone that’s down there. I don’t see anyone getting out of this. Jesus! [Laughs] It’s just terrifying noises. Like, let’s just get rid of the video for a second, what would you think is going on? [Various overlapping noises] Alright, pause a second. You’ve knocked someone’s cauldron over. Things are getting a bit out of hand. Let me send in something to diffuse the situation. Okay, there should be 60 chickens down there now— [Explosion] and they explode! I think that just exploded my game. Oh no— Yeah, it exploded me, actually. That was like a nuke! Because one exploded and they all just followed suit. Okay, what I need to do is spawn them in, and just run. Just feckin run. Go go go, go go! Oh yeah, it is like a nuke! It is a chicken nuke! Dammit, a chicken just fell down. Don’t make me spawn a KFN on you. Kentucky Fried Nuke. Good luck getting through this! Jesus, good luck to me getting through this. What have I done? More chickens. No, they’re all just spawning up here with me, which isn’t good. If an airstrike comes in right now I’m fecked. This town will take generations to recover from what happened today. Alright, let’s try spawning in a dragon. Oh God, I should get away from the chickens! I died. [Laugh track] Thanks, I appreciate you laughing at me. Alright, you know what? Now that I have caused all these issues, I’m out of here. [Extremely loud SANIC music] Jesus, his body has some serious issues. He’s just pure liquid. Alright, well I think I ruined this town enough. I think we should end it here, but I really appreciate you watching. I hope you enjoyed, I had a blast messing with this game. I’m thinking about taking a look at a few other games that I can completely break with mods, and that’s why I tweeted out the other day. Follow me on Twitter, by the way. I don’t usually say that, but I do exist on other platforms, just not as much. Skyrim was by far the most popular one for games that people like to break with mods, so that’s why we’re here. But I hope you enjoyed folks – I’m walking really slow, I’m just jiggling a bit. I want to walk over without the music. Appreciate it as always, and I’ll see you next time. Bye for now. [Patreon shoutout]

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  1. I skipped ahead by ten minutes…..Next thing I know my screen is full of burning goats with fire everywhere.

  2. Skyrim but it'sdestroyed by mods? That's not… IMMERSIVE!
    -MxR want's to know your location

  3. This video will go down in history as the funniest videos ever to exist ever all of Kevin’s videos are am I right or am I right


  4. When he goes "oh the younglings" so I went "he's gonna make a star wars joke" then he started talking bout Tommy but when he pulled the lightsaber out I went "wait nevermind"

  5. Wish I could play Skyrim. Used to have a level 80 character with every quest completed, but thanks to a mod my save file was corrupt and the game froze and never ran smooth again. Keep in mind this is after I disabled and deleted the mods too. DON"T USE MODS PEOPLE!!! LESSON TO EVERYONE. MODS WERE NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE IN ELDER SCROLLS. Instead now the game is abused and ruined because people want to make something better that is already good in the first place. NO MODS, AND NO MODS IN ELDER SCROLLS 6

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