100 thoughts on “Skyrim but it’s destroyed by mods

  1. I skipped ahead by ten minutes…..Next thing I know my screen is full of burning goats with fire everywhere.

  2. Skyrim but it'sdestroyed by mods? That's not… IMMERSIVE!
    -MxR want's to know your location

  3. This video will go down in history as the funniest videos ever to exist ever all of Kevin’s videos are am I right or am I right


  4. When he goes "oh the younglings" so I went "he's gonna make a star wars joke" then he started talking bout Tommy but when he pulled the lightsaber out I went "wait nevermind"

  5. Wish I could play Skyrim. Used to have a level 80 character with every quest completed, but thanks to a mod my save file was corrupt and the game froze and never ran smooth again. Keep in mind this is after I disabled and deleted the mods too. DON"T USE MODS PEOPLE!!! LESSON TO EVERYONE. MODS WERE NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE IN ELDER SCROLLS. Instead now the game is abused and ruined because people want to make something better that is already good in the first place. NO MODS, AND NO MODS IN ELDER SCROLLS 6

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