Skyrim Mods – Week 113 – Skyrim’s Biggest Sloot Returns

You know, I have to say, the voice actor for Braith did a damn good job. A round of applause for the voice actor of Braith right now. I think partially why I like killing her so much is the sound she makes every time she dies. It’s just, agh! I can’t even do it because I’m not a… prepubescent girl. But it’s just great. And all the mods used for that scene are gonna be, you know, kind of at the end of this episode. Cause first we need to take a look at the return of Skyrim’s biggest sloot. Of course I’m talking about Dalia from Dragon Break. That’s right, episode 2 of Dragon Break is finally out, and it’s not… on the Nexus… Because he sort of got banned. You know I feel like if I say anything bad about the mod dictatorship in the Nexus and how robin can’t keep the site up I feel like I’m gonna get banned from the Nexus as well, so I’m just gonna… you know, shut my mouth here. But what I will say is that it is a damn shame how so many talented modders get banned from that place. So, the second installment brings the crew back together again Which is you, the Dovahkiin, Allune the nerdy prude, and Dalia the stupid sloot. To take on another pretty ridiculous adventure That is sort of the result of the time-travel you did in episode one. So there is some sort of slight continuity, you’ll see Talos again. And by Azura by Azura, you’ll see Azura as well. You’ll also get a new addition to the crew, the dwemer ghost named Lord Zen Kalmec Zappin Or you can just call him Lhor and his addition sort of balances the crew out, so it doesn’t feel like a… Taco Fest. Titty committee. Peach jam. A daisy chain. A beaver town (?) I just googled what’s the opposite of sausage fest. [Laughing] I mean seriously, there’s just so much… You know, lesbo sexual tension going on here. And uh, it also makes it so much more interesting because he’s also a sexist. And this is pretty much where the mod shines. You know, the interactions between these characters are really priceless sometimes. I mean, let us be serial here, going through Dwemer ruins, it’s getting pretty monotonous. But you almost don’t feel it, because… you’re too busy listening to these characters go at it like a dysfunctional family. The conversations are spread out pretty evenly and they all talk a lot. Like I mean sometimes they can actually get annoying how much they talk so that it’s pretty much never quiet. I mean it’s great that they have so many you know funny lines and stuff But after listening to it in episode one and now in episode two You know you’ve heard them so many times already that it’s not really funny anymore And they just need to shut the fuck up And it’s not just the shit they say, it’s the shit they do sometimes. Like when Aluna and Dalia both accidentally attempt to murder you with Crossbows by pulling random levers And when Allune accidentally murders potential allies, Dalia just cannot let go of it. At every point, she needs to remind her. That is like as good as follower interaction can get, guys. And oh my god that moment when you see the ghost baby… dragon. Holy shit. I pissed my pants laughing, man. Moments like these is why you should always have Thomas the steam engine installed, guys. And what’s really awesome too is that the Dwemer ghost actually gets to stay with you guys at Allune’s house. Just like how Dalia did at the end of episode one. And this really gets me thinking, you know. This– he could potentially turn this into some sort of guild mod. And you were like one of the founders. Like Allune’s house would become the guild headquarters. And it would also be awesome if he added interactions between all the NPC’s at her house. Cause right now they sort of just ignore each other and say random shit. The only drawback though is that everybody sort of needs to get into position for a scene to start. And if it doesn’t start you know you can’t go ahead because you’ll place an invisible barrier. And sometimes the scenes sort of just freeze and it gets really really awkward. And nothing sort of happens for a long time until you sort of wait. For like an hour or so. So yeah, really looking forward to episode 3, and I sort of wonder if he’s ever gonna run out of sexual innuendos. So have you ever wanted to live in a Japanese-style… *clears throat* Akaviri styled home in Skyrim? Well then you might want to check out the Japan Lodge by breti. And uh, surprisingly this is I think this is made by Germans. It’s not made by Japanese people, so who knows if it’s accurate? I mean, there’s a sakyo tree in the front so it should be pretty pretty accurate guys This is the same exact location as the Riverside Lodge guys. And as you can see, still really aesthetic location. I think this house uses the least amount of vanilla assets of any house mod. This place is as Japenese as it gets, guys. The pottery, the paintings, the sliding doors, the dog on the dinner table. And it’s fucking awesome that this place is in the world space, and there’s pretty much windows everywhere. So if you have some sort of you know ENB Then you can see the light kind of shining through the windows. Makes for a really aesthetic looking bathtub if I may say so myself. It also sort of makes you kind of vulnerable though, cause there’s literally… Like zero privacy up here. And also of course you know if you happen to give a fuck hot tub outside. Including, you know, one of the creepiest armor display rooms I’ve ever seen in my life. You can of course turn the mannequin into yourself. You can also make ’em… breathe. So yeah, if you have some sort of a… Japanese… house craving right now, then uhh… You know, go- go and satisfy that craving. That that view doe is like… so… picture-perfect, if only the game could actually render that far. And next up we have another addition to the Dawn of series, this one for Riften. This guy’s overhauls don’t change the city too much. He kind of just adds certain little things that should… kind of improve the city, and add to the lore-friendliness… of Riften. First thing he’ll add is a lot of ladders and hatches into people’s homes. This is supposed to add to the thief feeling to Riften. I’m not sure I understand this. Did thieves sort of… place these ladders here and leave them here and then sort of create a door into people’s houses through their ceilings? And nobody really noticed the fact that they had a ladder appear in their house? There’s even a hatch into the Temple of Mara. What kind of asshole steals from the church? He’s also made a custom Ragged Flagon sign outside of the Ratways. Which I think looks really sexy. And he’s added new vendors. Such as Brand-Shei, now selling Morrowind goods at his stand. And this guy, who’s just sitting at the edge, so… so vulnerable to assassination, selling books. A whole bunch of boxes to uh really signify that trade is going on in this city. Or maybe that’s just a lot of… crack. It could just be a lot of crack. *clears throat* Skooma. And it looks as though he’s also unhooked The Bee and Barb sign from its stake or whatever you call it. So now it’s just… kind of awkwardly floating around Riften. Breaking all kinds of Newton’s laws. And of course, every Riften overhaul you know in order to improve the lore-friendliness of this town, they must add rodents. Overall some pretty subtle, but pretty sexy changes. Totally– you should totally get this mod. Alright guys, moving on to the armor mods, from the creator of the demon hunter armor that made my top tens armor mod Comes another armor mod that could have possibly made my top tens armor mod… video. But, was literally like a few days too late. And actually I probably wouldn’t have chosen it anyways cuz there’s- there was too much cleavage for that video Which had no cleavage, so um. In fact this is almost borderline nip-slip. And it’s like just just like a little gust of wind could possibly lead to a nip slip so I can’t risk it guys I’m gonna have to censor the shit out of this [Laughing] Seriously this armor is pretty much a nip slip waiting to happen And as you can see Alexstrasza is going so hard for this armor showcase right now man She is just turning it up in this Japan Lodge right now. So yeah, a really good original armor mod that is just borderline slutty. Hey you. Yeah, you. Do you want to feel like a little princess? Don’t fucking lie to me Nazeem. So the first thing you might want to get is the… Summer Skyrim 3 HD by Ichibu. And this is a Skyrim summer season mod. You guys know I usually use these Seasons of Skyrim project, but this is a good alternative. It also comes with a shit ton of bloom if you’re into that kind of stuff And it really makes your Skyrim not look like Skyrim anymore. Next thing you might want to get is the Unicorn mod. And this is going to add a unicorn to your game. And the last mod to really feel like a princess, you’re gonna want to get the YY Anim Replacer Princess Horse Riding by yukl. Man, first lovely shout, now some princess riding. It… Skyrim does not get any more… manly than this guys. But hey, you know, I for one enjoy being fabulous so all of you can go screw yourselves I’m just kidding of course but err this does have 5455 downloads, 190 endorsements and 79000 views. So obviously people are interested in riding horses like princesses. And that is it for this week guys hope you enjoyed all the mods I featured in this episode Hit that like button if you enjoyed the video and subscribe for all the best Skyrim mods every single week Thank you all for watching. Peace.

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