SmartPak How To: Fit a Helmet

SmartPak How To: Fit a Helmet

Hi, I’m Renee. I’m with SmartPak, and I’m
here with Roy, the President of Charles Owen. He’s going to show us how to fit a helmet,
so if I needed to get sized for a new helmet, what would the steps be? Ok, the simplest way to start is to actually
measure your head with a tape measure. Now, the way that we recommend is to use centimeters.
Now, I know it’s a bit of a scary unit, but the great thing is you don’t have to deal
with fractions. It’s a much more accurate measure. So, if I just get the tape measure
and I just put it around your head, just above the top of your ears and around the widest
part of the back of your head, right. I want to get it over the widest part there. Now
you’re just between two sizes so let’s try two different helmets on. Sometimes as you can see, it’s a little bit
of a squeeze to start to go on, and often people find that by putting on a helmet straight
from you, they say ‘oh my goodness, that feels quite tight.’ Right. And often when we do helmet checks around
the place, people are tempted to buy their helmets a little bit too big. So you’re looking
for a helmet that wants to be firm, snug, but not tight. That’s what we’re looking for.
And one of the best ways to do this is to try the helmet on two or three times, okay,
and as I’m putting this helmet on, you’re probably feeling the helmet starts to get
a little bit looser. Right. And so what we do is we try to actually slide
the helmet backwards and forwards, and you can see here, how the helmet moves quite easily.
Ok, so let’s now try a helmet that’s a little bit smaller. Again, there’s a little bit of resistance
as we’re putting it on. Ok. We want to check on the side, ok, make sure that the helmet
is coming down to near the top of the ear lobe. If the helmet is sitting up at the back
like that, then that’s too small. Ok. We want it to come down actually on the head. Right.
And then when I do the same idea of turning the head, do you see how that helmet just
won’t actually tip forwards. So, I usually wear my hair up, this…I’m
embarassed that my hair is down right now, I’m totally flustered. So, does that change
the fit of my helmet or the size that I should buy? What we can find is that you will go up, depending
on the thickness of the hair and the length, you may go up one helmet size. Right, but
that’s all it should be. Right. If you’re going up more than that, that normally means
that you’ve not, that you need your hair arranged in a slightly different manner.

24 thoughts on “SmartPak How To: Fit a Helmet

  1. These are great tips for making sure your helmet really does save your life. My daughter's helmet saved hers. Google our story, "Deadly impact: Skull – 1, Helmet – 0"

  2. Cathy D- Plaistow.- measure head in centimeters. should be firm, snug. but not tight, take on and off three four times and it should losen up a bit.

  3. Stacy C. Raleigh Dover – make sure the helmet comes down to just above the ear or else it may be too small.

  4. Emma H.- Medina- You should only go up one size to accommodate hair, helmet should fit right above top of ear lobeotherwise it is sitting too high meaning the helmet is too small.

  5. Carolyn A- Libertyville You should only go up on size to fit hair. You should always slide forward and backward a few times.

  6. Connie B. – Huntington – Measuring in centimeters is more accurate. Placing helmet on and off 2 or 3 times should loosen the tightness of the new helmet.

  7. Mary O at warrington discovered that the helmet should fit frimly and snugly!! NOT tight. Fit above the earlobe.

  8. Becky Lamp'l-Alpharetta- Measure head with fractions, firm, snug not tight and try on 2-3 times, helment comes down to top of earlope….

  9. Interesting. The professional from CO says that if you need to go up more than 1/2 size to accommodate hair, you should rearrange your hair. Then all the twinkies chime in that a full size is fine. Who should you believe????

  10. Lucy G-Charlottesville-Measuring is the first step to helmet fitting.  It should be done in centimeters.  If a customer is between sizes, they should try both sizes of the helmet.

  11. Rachel M. — Winter Park — FItting a Helmet — the helmet needs to come down to at least the top of the earlobe

  12. Meg H-Alpharetta-Fitting a Helmet- If helmet feels a bit snug the first time, revisit it by trying it on several times to give it time to expand/rider to adjust to feel

  13. Tina W – Hunt Valley – SmartPack How To: Fit a Helmet: Measure circumference of head in centimeters. Helmet should come down to just above the ear. If helmet is too tight try putting it on and off several times.

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