SmartPak Wishlist 2015 – SmartPaker Jessica

SmartPak Wishlist 2015 – SmartPaker Jessica

JESSICA: Hi, SmartPak fans, it is Jessica
from Marketing. For the second year in a row, I am here to share with you my holiday Wishlist.
Last year Santa was pretty good to me. And hopefully he is listening again this year.
Whether or not you are interested in SmartPak’s latest products for your own holiday Wishlist
or maybe you are looking for some gift ideas for your trainer or your friends around the
barn, I am hopeful you get some great inspiration today. So first on my list is this turnout blanket.
This is the SmartPak Ultimate Turnout Blanket in the brand new style that is new for 2015,
the Combo Neck. So not only did we add a High Neck option this year, we also added the Combo
Neck to the Ultimate Blanket line. And that means the full neck cover is completely attached
to the blanket. I personally prefer this option, because I find that detachable neck covers
just get twisted and they don’t fit right and sometimes water gets down in between the
neck and the blanket. So I really love when the neck is fully attached. So I was thrilled
that SmartPak added this option. And of course the Ultimate Turnout Blanket has the unbeatable
10-year guarantee. This is for my horse Sawyer, he is an Old
Type Morgan. He is pretty stocky. So I find that high neck and combo neck blankets or
the Wug style if you are fan of Horseware – those style of blankets tend to fit his
withers and his chest better. So if you have a horse like mine, check him out. Let’s see, next on my list I always have
socks on my holiday shopping list. I really, am a fan of investing in quality socks. You
just stay so much more dry and comfortable. It is definitely worth spending a little bit
more, especially if you are going to be out in the cold in the barn for hours at a time.
I hope you guys aren’t wearing cotton socks, because if you try socks like these from Noble
Outfitters, I guarantee it is going to be life-changing. These are the Alpine Wool Socks
that we offer. Noble is an awesome brand and there is lots and lots of socks available.
These are nice mid weight thickness and tall enough that they work well under either paddock
boots or cowboy boots. Alright. I am not sure if you have been into
introduced yet to the world of Back on Track products, whether for your horse, your dog,
or yourself. But boy, if you live in a cold climate and you get tight muscles or a sore
back in the winter time or you carry your tension in your shoulders or you have a horse
that comes out really stiff and full of it in the winter time on the cold day, you need
some Back on Track in your life, okay? So Back on Track technology means that the products
have, you wouldn’t even know it, but the products have a ceramic woven into the fabric,
and it reflects back your own body heat or your horse’s own body heat. So it does an
unbelievable job at warming up the muscles. We sell a sheet for horses, we sell leg wraps,
saddle pads, anything you can think of, and we also sell a variety of products for people. I have the lower back wrap, the neck wrap,
socks – you name it. And, like I said, I live in New England. It is cold in the winter time.
I love kind of snuggling up with the Back on Track products when I am cold and my muscles
are tight. Sometimes if I am going to spend the whole day in the barn I literally wear
my lower back wrap all day long on a cold day and it really keeps my lower back from
getting tight from the cold weather. I also use the horse sheet. I’ll throw it on my horse
on a cold day for 20 minutes while I am getting my helmet on and getting my grooming stuff
together and then by the time we head up to the ring his muscles, I find, are much more
warmed up and ready to go than if I just brought him out and got on in the cold weather. So, love me some Back on Track. At any rate,
this is a product I’ve had my eye on for a couple for years. It’s, I think it is listed
as the Back on Track Shawl – it is really more of a scarf, kind of a big style scarf.
Comes in two different colors, a nice gray sort of silver color and this is the cream.
And it is just a pretty scarf that you could add to any outfit, whether you are wearing
it around the office or to a holiday party or maybe to the barn. But it’s got the Back
on Track ceramic material in the fabric, so it helps keep you warm. Our office tends to
get really cold around this time of year, and I am always wearing scarves. I also tend
to get like a stiff neck when I am tense or I’ve had a long day. So I can’t believe
I actually don’t own this yet, and I can’t wait to get it. So that is Back on Track Shawl. Next I have
The Tailored Sportsman Suede Belt. This comes in a few colors. This is black obviously.
I have this belt already in two different colors and materials. I am wearing one today,
I don’t know if you can see it. But this belt is a little bit on the expensive side,
but, oh my goodness, is it worth it. Like I said this will be my third Tailored Sportsman
belt of the same style just getting a different material and a different color into my wardrobe.
This belt is so flattering and so comfortable. Not only is the extra wide style really, really
flattering around the waist for really any body type, it also works great with both jeans
and breeches, because as I am sure you know if you are an English rider a lot of breeches
these days have the wider belts loops and the skinny belt just floats around and kind
of looks funny. So this is very flattering for that reason.
The other thing Tailored Sportsman has done is it is kind of hard to see, but there is
just a hint of a curve to the shape of the belt. So especially for women who have curves,
it sits around your waist better than other belts. I don’t know how to explain it. I
actually have to be careful, because if I wear certain belts they really irritate
my sciatic nerve, and I have found that I’ve stopped wearing pretty much every other belt
in my closet except for my Tailored Sportsman belts, because they are just that much more
comfortable. So maybe not, you know, what you would normally
spend on a belt, but it will last a lifetime and totally worth the investment. Also from
Tailored Sportsman, you can’t go wrong with just having another pair of the Trophy Hunters
in your closet. I like the Mid-Rise style of the Trophy Hunter. I find that the Low-Rise
doesn’t give me quite enough coverage in the saddle, I feel it is a little bit too
low on my back. But we have both the Low-Rise and Mid-Rise option. We also offer these breeches
in either front zip or side zip style depending on your preference. Especially for schooling
I prefer a front zip, and as everybody who loves Tailored Sportsman knows, these breeches
come in a whole host of beautiful colors. There is like moss greens and French lavender
and this one is called charcoal. There is some beautiful mushroom browns. So whatever
you color preference you could have a pair of these for every day of the week. I love these breeches because they are incredibly
comfortable. The quality is unbeatable. They are really easy to take care of in terms of
just washing them in the washing machine. I hang mine to dry, but you know they last
forever. They look great, and you feel awesome in the saddle when you wear them. All right. Oh, I was supposed to mention sizing,
too. I wear about a size 8 in my jeans – 6 on a really good day. And I wear a size 30
regular. I am five foot seven, five foot six and a half, five foot seven. I wear a 30 regular
in the Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunters, and my jeans size if that helps you, I’m
typically about an eight. Lets see. This right here is something I am
looking forward to especially again for the cold season. This is the Under Armour – I’m
probably gonna get it wrong, but Nels will put the right product name in the link below for me.
It is the Infrared Vest from Under Armour. And what that means is the inner material
of the vest is lined with a fabric that – kind of like Back on Track actually – also traps
and retains your body heat. So on a really cold day even though it is super-duper light
weight, it is going to keep you much warmer then a typical vest, typical you know down
vest or fleece vest that you might wear. I am a huge fan of vests. I ride in one pretty
much every day in the fall and winter time. This one is nice because it has a hood, some
great pockets for cell phones, horse cookies, Chapstick, whatever you need. And I don’t
know, it comes in black and navy. It just kind of would go with everything and definitely
keep you nice and warm especially if you are trying to layer and have options depending
on what the weather is going to bring. Also from the Under Armour department – and
I should say both of these for me I would wear a size medium. The vest is plenty generous
in the size medium and my women’s shirt size tends to be six to an eight, just like my
pant size. So I am a good solid medium, and this vest was plenty big enough, it wasn’t
overly fitted. So if you like something really fitted and you are close to my size, you may
even be able to go down to a small. Alright. If you watched my video last year
this shirt was on my list last year, too, in some different colors. This is also from
Under Armour. This is the Coldgear Half Zip. I don’t remember what this color is called,
but it is awesome, obviously. I now own maybe five of these shirts, and I have slowly started
to give away all of the rest of my winter layering pieces and all I want to wear are
these things. I dig through the laundry and probably wear them one more day than I should
when they are dirty, because they are just so comfortable. You know for a variety of weather they are
breathable, but especially on the really cold days, this particular weight from Under Armour
has a soft kind of fuzzy lining to it, and it just feels awesome. But yeah they are beautiful
and flattering and I think that would look quite nice with the Under Armour vest in navy,
as well. So Under Armour Half Zip Coldgear. Can’t go wrong, get at least a few of them,
and get one for your trainer or your barn manager while you are at it, because they
will love it. And let’s see last but not least, we’ll
end with something really exciting. After 25 years of riding, I have finally decided
to invest in winter riding boots. Usually, I just double up my socks and cram my feet
into my paddock boots and try to zip my half chaps over wearing Long Johns and breeches
and then everything is too tight and I am kind of uncomfortable. And I said this year
I am going to buy myself some boots that were actually designed for cold weather riding. So these are the Ariat Insulated Extreme H20
Riding Boots, something like that. You’ll have a link below, I probably botched the
name. But this is the 2015 style of a winter boot that I believe Ariat has had out for
at least a few seasons. Extremely popular, awesome reviews on the SmartPak website. First
and foremost, comfort and really, really good support for your feet, which means good support
for the rest of your body, your joints, your back, you name it. When I have to go to a trade show with SmartPak
and stand on cement for 12 hours smiling and talking to all you lovely people, my Ariat
Devon Pro Paddock boots are always my boot of my choice, because the footwear technology
that goes into those boots I find is the most comfortable out of any shoes that I own. I
have owned probably six consecutive pairs of Devon Pros over my life and I just always
replace them. This particular boot has a very similar technology. So I know I am going to
feel supported. I could walk around in them all day, I could trudge through the snow.
Totally waterproof. Designed for the stirrup, obviously, and I am just looking forward to
not having to try to, you know, hope my half chap zippers don’t break as I try to wear
them over layers and layers of breeches. I am just not even going to deal with that this
year. So the Insulated Extreme H20 Ariat Riding Boots – maybe that is something for you to
consider, as well. So I think that is everything. Hopefully,
you guys got some ideas for your own Wishlist or for the loved ones in your life. And we
really appreciate, while we’re at the end of the year and thinking about those that
we love just wanted to mention the SmartPak so appreciates all of our customers and all
of our fans out there, so we wish you all the happiest of holidays. Have a great ride.

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  1. old school morgans are the best i have a 15 year old mare. and she can still keep up with and even surpass my three year old QH gilding

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