SML Movie: The Monster!

SML Movie: The Monster!

So Mario, where’s Jeffy? He’s supposed to be getting ready for bed. What…? [Hop, hop, spitting carrot] Alright, Daddy, I’m all ready for bed. You’re ready for bed? Yep. Did you brush your teeth? No… Well, then go brush your teeth Jeffy. Bunny rabbits don’t have to brush their teeth, Daddy! Go brush your teeth, Jeffy! I CAN’T! Why? Because I ate all the toothpaste. You ate all the toothpaste, Jeffy? Jeff, why would you eat all the toothpaste? So I wouldn’t have to brush my teeth. What? Jefyf! You’re not supposed to eat toothpaste, it’s bad for you, it’s going to make you sick! Well, then why is it bubblegum flavored, huh? Yeah, yeah, you do you not know the answer to that one, Daddy. Hmm? Take that, Daddy, I’m like a butterfly. Jeff! Stop it! Jeffy! Time to go to bed, Come on! Time to go to bed. Alright, Jeffy, is there anything I need before you go to bed? Um… Oh! How about bedtime story, daddy? What, a bedtime story? Jeffy, you’re too old for bedtime stories. Aw, come on, Mario, it won’t take too long! Well, I don’t know any bedtime stories! Oh, I know one! Which one? “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf.” [sighing] [stammering]: Make it quick. [Rosalina] Once upon a time, there was a little boy who took care of lots of sheep. And one day, the little boy was really bored. So he cried: “Wolf, Wolf!” And all the villagers ran in to come help. Just to find out there was no wolf. And the little boy laughed and laughed. And then the next day- [Mario] And then the next day he did the same thing, he said: “There’s a wolf! There’s a wolf!” And the villagers showed up and said: “Wait, he’s a lying little [bleep], there is no wolf” And on the 3rd day, there actually was a wolf and then kid said: “Please help me! Dear God! There actually is a wolf!” “Help me, Help me!” And then the villagers said: “No, we’re not going to listen to him, he lied to us the first two times.” So the wolf killed the little boy, Killed the sheep and that’s all that happened. The End. Daddy, what’s a ‘[bleep] fart’? Yeah, Daddy, a [bleep] fart. What is it? I don’t– Jeffy, don’t say that word. I, I don’t know just go to bed, Jeffrey. go to bed. [sighing] Goodnight, Jeff. [snoring and grunting] Huh, huh, huh, what? Aah! Uh, Where you going, Mr. Blankie?! What? Mr. Blankie, why you going under the bed? Uh, Mr. Blankie…? [roaring] [screaming] Jeffy, what’s wrong? Daddy! There’s a monster under my bed and he took Mr. Blankie! Jeff, there’s not a monster under your bed. Yes, there is, Daddy, come look! Mario, we should go check, he sounds really scared. But there’s no such thing as monsters, there’s not a monster under his bed. No, Daddy, I was so scared that you shit my pants. Whoa. Wait, wait, what? You fucked my pants, Daddy, why would you do that? Jeffy, I didn’t shit your pants! Well, someone did, and it sure as Hell wasn’t me! Mario, I think we should go check. B-but there’s no monsters, there’s no such thing as monsters. Come on, Mario. Fine. Yeah, Daddy, come on! What, Jeffy, your blanket’s right here! Yeah, Jeffy. I thought you said the monster took it. He did take it, Mommy, and he ran under the bed. [sighing] Let’s look under the bed for the monster. Uh, no, Jeff. I, I don’t see a monster under the bed, Rosalina, do you see a monster? No monster, Mario. Jeff, I don’t see a monster. Well, Daddy, I swear he took the blanket and he ran under the bed! Jeff, you don’t know what you’re talking about. There’s no monster under your bed. Mario, what if he’s reenacted the boy from the story? What are you talking about? The boy who cried wolf. What if Jeff is saying he saw a monster just to get attention? What, Jeff. Are you doing that? Daddy, I swear I didn’t even listen to the story. I just wanted to know what a [bleep] fart was. Jeff, don’t say that. You know what, Jeff, stop trying to cry and say there’s a monster. So just go to bed. But Daddy, there’s a mon… Go to bed! Goodnight, Jeff. [door closes] But I was just telling the truth. [Monster] Hey, helmet boy! No one can save you now! ‘Cause I’m gonna eat your butt! [screaming] He’s gonna eat my butt! [sighing] I can’t believe Jeff said there was a monster under his bed. I think he was just influenced by that story, Mario. Well, we’re not gonna tell him any more stories. Aah! Jeff, what’s wrong? Daddy, the monster’s in my closet now! Jeff, there’s no monster in your closet. Jeff, you’re just looking for attention. Yeah. No, Daddy! I swear the monster’s in my closet! And he said he was gonna eat my butt! Jeff, the monster did not say that he was gonna eat your butt! Yes, he did, Daddy. Please come look. Come on, come on, Daddy, come! Come on! Come on! See, Daddy, look! Jeff, there’s no monster in here! No monsters, Jeff. Well, this is whore shit, Daddy! Yeah, Jeff, this is whore shit! There’s no monster and bothering us And you just wanted attention! But Daddy, I saw the monster with my own two cross eyes! I know it’s in here, Daddy! Oh, no, Jeff. You know what, you’re going to bed. Come on! But Daddy, there is a monster! No, there’s not, Jeff! Stop lying. Jeff, you’re the boy who cried monster like the kid in the story. Yeah, you’re trying to be like the kid in the story, Jeff, stop it! No, I’m not, Daddy! I swear the monster took my blankie, and he ran underneath my bed and then he ran to my closet and he told me he was gonna eat my butt, Daddy. This is bullshit! The monster’s real! [Rosalina] Jeff, it’s not funny anymore. You need to stop, we’re sick of this. The monster’s real! [Rosalina] Jeff, it’s not funny anymore. You need to stop, we’re sick of this. [Mario] Yeah, Jeff, we don’t want to hear anymore about this monster. You’re just making it up so just go to bed! No, Daddy, the monster is real! Go to bed, Jeff! But the monster’s real, Daddy. [sighing] Jeff, you better not leave your room anymore tonight! Hey KiD! You better not go to sleep tonight! Because as soon if you do, I’m gonna eat ya! (night laugh) Aah! [groaning]: I don’t know why Jeff has to act like this. Maybe he needs to be medicated. He could be hallucinating, Mario. Hey, Daddy. Jeff! What are you doing out of your room? Well, I’m sleeping on the couch tonight, Daddy. What, no you’re not, Jeff! You’re sleeping in your room! No, Daddy, I can’t sleep in my room, because there’s a monster in there and he told me that he was gonna eat me if I fell asleep. What, Jeff, there is no monster. I said don’t talk about the monster anymore. No, Daddy. I’m sleeping on the couch and that’s fine! N-N-No, Jeff, No. Why are you so afraid of this monster, Jeff, even if there was a monster, why are you so afraid of it? You beat up the bullies at school, you don’t let people pick on you. So if there was a monster, why wouldn’t you just beat him up? Jeff, you should use this bat next time you see him. Here you go. Yeah, Jeff, if there really is a monster, just sleep with this bat. And if you see the monster, just beat him up with the bat. Okay, Daddy… Yeah, yeah. Try that. And take your blankie with you too. Hey, kid. You are so… You better not go to sleep, I’ll come up there and eat your butt! Please stop! I’m sorry! [crying] You know you asked for this, Motherf*cker! Subtitles/CC Made by XxMcW1LL14MxX Hey, guys! I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy watching it, please hit the like button. But I want to give a shoutout to my friend Nicktendo. He is the one who animated “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” He was a really good animator and makes very good animations on his channel so go check out his channel if you wanna see him. He animates the SML videos sometimes and they look really, really cool. Always look forward to watching them when he uploads them. But thank you again Nick for making the animation. Uh, it was at the last moment, I messaged him literally last night and I said: “Nick. I need an animation. Can you do it for me?” And he came through. So, thank you Nicktendo. You are awesome and guys, if you wanna collaborate with me, I’m really open to collaborating with fans! So if you have a cool skill or a talent, post a comment about something you could do. And maybe I could even collaborate with you so… But I love you guys so much. “The SML Movie” is coming out soon and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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  17. it's impossible to get under my bed because it doesn't have a little crawlspace under it, but if there was, i'd get my dad to give me his gun and shoot it

  18. Would’ve beaten up the monster and dragged him to my parent and yelled “Hows’s that for a monster mother fuckers?”

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