Solo Trip to Japan: Hiking up North Kyoto Mountains | Japaniku episode 16 (Ikutree)

Hello everybody. Look at where I am! Today I’m doing something quite out of the ordinary even for me in Japan I’m going hiking And it wasn’t something I was considering doing at all But I’m tired of being around temples and around crowds of people so Even though I don’t have a hiking gear I mean I have a good old backpack here but My shoes are like sneakers And I’m a little cold and I’m wearing a leather jacket but never mind But I’m here at Kibune Or Kibun, I’m not sure how you pronounce it and I’m going to be hiking To Kurama So it’s a day trip And you can hear the sound of water Waterfalls around here, yeah Gonna give these people some space So I’m going to be hiking from this valley which is Kibune and hike to Kurama Where there is a temple. I think there are small shrines on the way but the main temple is in Kurama And there’s also an outdoor onsen Which is absolutely amazing and hopefully they’ll accept me and my tattoos and yeah I’m staying behind this crowd so I can film and take photos But it’s also nice to have people in front of me in case I get really lost though You know, it wouldn’t be the worst thing It might rain but so far so good That’s what I’m trying to say It’s nice to be outside away from the crowds In nature doing something a little different before I leave This area so Osaka, Nara, Kyoto It was like a trio For my stay this time and tomorrow and leaving for Hiroshima So for my last day, I thought you know what? -oh my God these are definitely the wrong shoes! You know what, I’m going to do something different and a little scary as I’m doing this by myself But we’re doing it Yeah we can do this So if you find this footage and I haven’t reappeared well it’s because I went wondering out in the mountains by myself With the wrong shoes! These are low sneakers and I can already feel all the Dirt and leaves Still got cars here though So it’s not the end of civilization or anything It’s just this beautiful…. yeah So glad I’m doing this I mean I love temples and I’m probably missing out on a few temples but This is just unbelievable Simply unbelievable Ok let me take a few photos because, yeah Guys it’s absolutely magical out here Absolutely magical The smells, the sounds, the magic you can’t see through this lense Jeez I wish I could show it to you It’s just magic Definitely So if you ever want to get out of the Central Kyoto area If you’re tired of shrines though there are a bunch of shrines here but the atmosphere is completely different Just hop on the little train Up in the mountains and get a load of this I’m serious It’s just unbelievable! I’m so happy I made this decision to just do something scary Kind of get “off the beaten path” Because it’s still a little touristy around here But much less people, much quieter, much more beautiful I just turned around and saw something that I need to take in a photo So I’m going to do that right now And it’s this Unfortunately you can’t see what I see. I see the tori gate Right at the end I see the colours I hope I can learn to colour grade all of this for you so it can jump out the way it’s jumping out at me right now That is the cutest cleansing station I have ever seen Guys, you cannot -you will not believe what just happened I’m serious. You won’t believe me You literally won’t believe me even if you know me super well Or you’ve been following these vlogs for weeks now You won’t guess what happened I just walked in the wrong direction I’ve been going in the wrong direction all this time So maybe about an hour Which is not bad you know I got to see gorgeous things. I walked alongside the river, saw some shrines Did my wish that I’ve been wanting to do But I couldn’t find the perfect spot and there was perfect so that was amazing But what I did was instead of going up sideways, I hiked up And I got to this point where it got really hard to walk around And I thought to myself “that’s not possible, I’ve been walking for ages and I haven’t seen any of the things on my map” Except for maybe two elements So I looked at my map again and sure enough those two little cafes that I saw on my map were upwards Oh my God this is so typical of me. So now I’m hiking down And I think it will take me around one hour or two hours to get to my destination now which is fine Like I said, I’m happy to have seen all of this on my way up And it’s a shame that there isn’t a way to loop around but there’s only one road I’m about to hike down And I need to find the right road this time Inviting me into their little lunch thingy-mabob I wish I could but I want to get to my destination. I want to soak in the onsen! I can’t believe I managed to get lost on a mountain that has two roads To it’s name And I went the wrong way I’m not even sure how I’m going to find the other way. It looked like a path This is where I went wrong This is where I went absolutely wrong It’s because I was supposed to go that way to go to Kurama temple and I can’t go No! Maybe I can.. I guess… I have to go through the… Oh my God this typhoon is ruining my trip! I’m guessing I’ll have to go the boring way and go to the station and walk From that station to the next station which is where I want to go but I wanted to go the other way! Well turns out you can’t even hike to Kuruma Kuruma? Kurama! Kuruma is a car Turns out you can’t even hike that way so I’m going to hop back on the train for one stop To Kurama Aw I’m a little disappointed, I really wanted hike back there Shame.. well now I’m heading back to the station Stupid typhoon! I just had the most fantastic fancy ass lunch In this place right behind me Yoshuji? Damn it I just read the name and then I forgot Yoshuji. There you go And it’s vegetarian zen food again But this one was really fancy. Well for me it was fancy But it was so good. So delicious. The ambiance was lovely And it’s right before Kurama Dera which is right behind me So you just climb two flights of steps and it’s on your right Yoshu… oh my God, I’m so bad with these names, there are so many! Yoshuji I think it was Really good. Definitely recommend and if you’re on a budget And you don’t want to splurge on a set meal you can have *something about individual dishes I think* But me myself I really wanted to try the whole shebang so I got a plateau with a bunch of little dishes And then I got this amazing jelly type desert, I mean oh my goodness I’ve never had anything quite like it So good, I’m happy I tried that. That was my one and only fancy meal in Japan I think, I mean I can’t afford anything else So I’m happy that I picked this one because it was friggin’ amazing Definitely. Yoshuji. There you go Just went for a ride in a cable car. Didn’t even know there was a cable car But yeah, there was one, it was 200 yen, why not? And I believe, maybe I should check my map knowing me But I believe that I am climbing to Kurama Dera which is the temple I don’t know if it’s because I had lunch and now I’m walking or if we’re really high up here but I’m a little out of breath It’s beautiful. Very lucky with the weather today Very lucky to be here, full stop Look If you can only visit one thing, choose something in the forest in the mountains I thought Nara was amazing but this is something else So now I’m hiking back down to Kurama station And I’m going to go find out if I can go to the hot springs I have a feeling that they’ll be ok with tattoos But you never know. I don’t want to get my hopes up but I’m really hoping, not gonna lie. Really hoping to get into the hot spring I don’t know what would have been the best way to get up there Because I went with the cable car because I thought “cable car? I wanna go on a friggin cable car!” But maybe the best thing would have been to hike up and then go down with the cable car Because now I’m hiking down and it might be a little less fascinating? I don’t know I guess it depends from person to person. I have the feeling I’ll be bringing back a bunch of pieces of tree and twigs inside my shoes I love it here Why don’t we get that in our forests back in Belgium? We just get trees! Here you have waterfalls, little.. not shrines but you know Little things like this Right here And then bigg ass things like these Which I have no clue to what it’s supposed to be I guess there’s an explanation over there but it’s all in Japanese One day guys I’ll come back and I’ll be fluent And I’ll be able to read everything! Spread the word guys Kurama onsen Tattoo friendly Actually don’t spread the word because it was so peaceful, there were maybe five other women there It was amazing I believe that they have a variety of different onsen paths The outdoor path is the cheapest, it’s 1000 yen And then you have the indoor ones with multiple different pools Maybe electric pools or tea infused or sulphur, I don’t know I haven’t looked it up I went to the outdoor pool which is the one I wanted to do Maybe if I had a bigger budget I would try the whole thing The outdoor pool was fine. I forgot my towel I wanted to avoid spending too much money so I wanted to bring my own towel but forgot it So I had to rent a towel so it was a 1000 yen for the entry then 400 yen for a rental towel but Guys, totally worth it! Get yourself in a mountain And get yourself in an outdoor onsen. It is magical Amazing. I didn’t want to leave but my fingers were getting pruny so Now I’m going to head back to Kurama station Take a little train back to Kyoto -no actually it does not go back to Kyoto, I have to go back to… One station and then another and then another… Long story short, it’s not a short trip back to Kytoto station So I’m going to get going What time is it? It must be around 4? Four or five? Bye bye mountains It’s just coming around 4 pm Which is fine, by the time I get back it will be a few hours later But, uhm.. but-um But since I still have to pack and clean up after myself at the Airbnb because I’m leaving tomorrow morning I don’t want to leave it too late and also I have to check the route To go to my Hiroshima Airbnb Because I’m not doing the same thing as last time where I got completely and utterly lost with my huge suitcase So gonna check the route, check how you take -I think in Hiroshima there are mainly tramways Gonna stop talking here because it’s residential and I don’t want to be a bother Just saying goodbye To this beautiful mountain This was the best day ever in Kyoto Yes. Away from the crowds Mountain shrines, mountain temples, mountain air, mountain onsen, mountain everything!! Yas! Bye bye mountains Bye bye Bye bye temple Bye bye Mister Tengu This is it This is it

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