Somerset House Ice Skating London Skate Ice Rink Fortnum & Mason

Somerset House Ice Skating London Skate Ice Rink Fortnum & Mason

ROBERTS LONDON Hi Guys welcome back to London
tonight I’am going to go and take a look at one of London’s most famous ice skating rinks
Somerset house it is definitely one of the most spectacular backdrops for any ice rink
the building completely encloses the ice rink it is sponsored by Fortnum and Mason who take
over one of the wings of Somerset house build a pop up department store within it a bar
a restaurant there is also a rink side bar and restaurant there is the permanent bars
and restaurants that are in here Fernandez and wells is a good one so yeah plenty of
choice but I thought I would share it with you guys tonight I’am just going to get a
coffee but yeah it looks incredible Skate at Somerset house check it out pretty impressive
huh I was going to get a coffee but I got a Jagermeister mulled wine it tastes like
humbug sweets a mix of mulled wine with a shot of Jagermeister in it it is pretty unique
this is good stuff Fortnum and Mason the grand department store on Piccadilly have taken
over this whole wing a whole ground floor wing of Somerset house a pop up department
store selling festive gifts and food and more gifts and a lodge bar and restaurant serving
food and drinks we went last year I’ll put a link at the end to that video it was great
I’am going to make do with the Jagermeister mulled wine this evening and watch some more
skating OK guys I hope you enjoyed this trip to London’s Somerset house all be it brief
I can definitely recommend the skate lodge bar and the jagermeister mulled wine like
I said it tastes like humbug sweets pretty unique there is an amazing Spanish tapas bar
and restaurant coffee shop there Fernandez and wells it has featured in other other videos
I’ve been to the Fortnum Fortnums Christmas arcade and Lodge in previous years in that
wing of Somerset house I definitely recommend that and yeah even if your not coming to skate
and it is an amazing backdrop for skating I definitely recommend a trip here just to
spectate and sample the amazing food and drink so yeah thanks for watching and until next
time Toodles! I’d save the Mulled wine with shots of Jagermeister in it until after ice
skating you don’t want any accidents Toodles!

8 thoughts on “Somerset House Ice Skating London Skate Ice Rink Fortnum & Mason

  1. Whilst I appreciate Fortnums sponsering the Ice rink, I really don't think a hamper makes for an attractive tree decoration, ha ha… I think this rink and Hyde Park are the prettiest Christmas rinks, although I live very close to Hampton Court, and that one is beautiful, but very small. I'd like one more thing from your vlogs please… nearest tube. xxx

  2. Excellent video. My tastebuds were tingling when you were drinking the 'Humbug' flavoured mulled wine. Sounded wonderful. A big cheer goes out to Fortnum and Mason too.

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