Sou you think horseback riding is easy ? [CZ]

Sou you think horseback riding is easy ? [CZ]

You ask me what sport im doing, and I answer you that horseback riding You say that its not sport, its easy and you just sitting there and go … You think that we does not need power … Have you ever fall from 200cm heigh in 35 km/h speed ? And you just get up, and sit on saddle and try it again ? Have you ever be in something, what is 10x strongest than you ? Have you ever jump something, what is bigger than you ? Have you ever do something, what a only one wrong step can to kill you ? No, and you still say it … You just never known how is it to run gallop which you can not drive, in a speed of 60km/h You laugh me, but when i say “so try it” you say NO. Why ? Why you just do not sit on the saddle and jump all show jumping without a mess ? Why I can to believe 10x stronger animal than me, and you dont ? That because all of horseback riding is about a believe. It is love between horse and rider. Its a one of the most dangerous, beautiful and harder sport.

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  1. That is what most of my “friends” think I normally answer “Have you ever fell of? Have you risked your life for something like that? Have you ever trusted an animal with a mind and power of its own? Before you say ‘it’s easy, you just sit there.’ It’s not… if you REALLY think it’s easy then try riding bareback while jumping. I guarantee that you’ll fall.. you’ll fall and fall and probably give up but.. real riders get up and try again.. so before you say it’s ‘easy’ really think about it and maybe you’ll understand the bond between the horse and the rider

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