South Korea’s Figure Skating Prodigy

South Korea’s Figure Skating Prodigy

When I skate,
I feel like I’m flying on the ice and it feels really good. This Great Big Story was made possible
by Lego: Play Her Way. My name is Young Yoo. I’m 15 years old and I’m a figure skater
who represents South Korea. I was 6 years old
when I started figure skating. The first time I was on the ice, it was really hard to just stand
and just skate, so I fell a lot
but it was still really fun. Young Yoo is a 3-time South Korean
national figure skating champion. She was just 11 years old when she won
the title for the first time, making her the youngest in history. She also qualified
for the Winter Olympics in 2018. When I was 14,
I qualified for the Olympics, but I was too young to compete
in the Olympics – sadly! Young Yoo has
a rigorous training schedule, which has her travelling the globe. I train in Colorado and Japan and Korea. I’m now working on my triple axel. Triple axel is spinning in the air
for 3.5 rotations. That is the hardest jump in the triples. After that I’m working on
my quad salchow with the harness. The quad salchow is turning in the air
four rotation, so it’s the hardest jump that I’m doing. Being a figure skating champion
is hard work, but Young Yoo is motivated
by the support of her family. Sometimes I’m not as good as usual, but my mom supports me and gives love, so it helps me, and all my family cheer me up. It makes me do more hard work. [ANNOUNCER] Please welcome now
from the Korean Skating union; Young Yoo! In the competition,
when the music comes, my heart is bouncing
like it’s going to burst, and it feels like I’m flying.

100 thoughts on “South Korea’s Figure Skating Prodigy

  1. All girls from South Korea is so amazing. Young You, Eunsoo Lim, Seoyeong Wi. This cruel sport dosen't deserve them. I hate ISU for the fact that such talented and unique girls are not valued, and Russia wins with horrible technique. But despite that I feel that at least one of them may be even more successful than Yuna. Love from all your fans❤️

  2. that is a lot of pressure for a young body. Triple axel and quads are no joke and the impact on growing joints would be rough. I hope she turns out okay and it looks like she has a lot of support people.

  3. This is big story ..but not great..

    I do not condemm young you…
    Little girl practice to win medal…
    That story…i think..all athlete has that goal…

  4. Ok so I’m a figure skater and after watching this I feel so bad… I started really late but I want to compete i big competitions but after watching all this Olympic stuff and learning that one was doing flying camels in competitions when they were 12 I don’t think I’ll ever make it but like I’m jealous girl you are doing sooo great 💙

  5. FUNFACT:most famous Korean actor/actress are athletes before they put step in show business. We have Shin Min Ah and Song Hye Kyo are professional ice skaters

  6. She's beautiful and so dedicated to her discipline (not to mention her English, which is perfect). I hope she'll make it to the top rankings in the world, because you can clearly see how much she loves skating, you can see that burning desire.

  7. How they forced the Russian girls ultimately allowed other girls to force their bodies to practice quads. Physically, the girls still have hard time jumping quads in their programs, and practicing quads also downgrade their artistic abilities since they spend all the time jumping and jumping. ISU=Russia and it's so sad that now all the young girls are destroying their bodies to practice terrible jump skills; there's rarely anybody left jumping with the correct techniques anymore.
    I would've loved to see Yuna and Yuzuru colaborate with their perfect techniques and artistry at the Sochi gala but guess what, Yuna won silver so she didn't partner up with Yuzuru.

  8. I’ve been watching her for a while- I’ve always loved her skating 🥰so glad she’s getting the recognition she deserves

  9. she as also interview back then about her 10 hour training everyday. I haven't seen her in big events as much as Eunsoo lim or maybe i'm missing it

  10. Most South Korean families put a lot of pressure so the support is actually more negative… her mom is probably tougher than the coach… just an idea not an assumption…. I remember see her in another video where her parents made her go through eye surgery at the age of 11….

  11. She’s 15 bruhh I thought she was 22 because she looks so pretty like dannn girl hope she will be okay with her ice skating don’t give up girl 👍⛸

  12. If you actually look back a few years the Olympic channel did an interview when she was younger. I’m so happy to see that she kept with it and is still healthy. Not to mention the AMAZING progress 😍

  13. Im looking forward to seeing her skate in the Olympics! She's got to much talent and those jumps are so high! Wish I could jump that high 😅

  14. 와..대단 하네요…유영선수~
    트악은 여자피겨중 초고난이도이고
    쿼드살코는 주로 남자선수들만 하던데..👍
    퀸연아 탱고 때 느꼈던 전율을 느꼈어요~
    유영선수도 느낌오네요~😉

  15. how is she only 15?! She looks so much maturer! I am same age as her and feel like a baby right now…! #sadlife

  16. It’ll be exciting to watch all of these youngsters compete against one another and see if they can land their quads and triple axels.

  17. Can someone tell me what the harness does? I don’t know anything about skating and it doesn’t seem like it’s for protection from falls

  18. I was disappointed when Eunsoo didn’t win at Nationals but Young You is so good too. I just wish Korea was more flexible about ranking competitions, both Eunsoo and Junwha have struggled with it last season and especially when Junwha was injured 👀

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