South Mountain Park | Phoenix, Hiking, Biking, Horseback riding

South Mountain Park | Phoenix, Hiking, Biking, Horseback  riding

Hi this is Jackie Henry from Remax
Desert Showcase I’m Steve Vallie with Fairway Independent mortgage and welcome
to the Demystifying real estate so today we’re continuing our series on oh my god
my relatives have arrived what do I do with them now how do we keep them from being bored while we’re visiting you city we don’t want them sitting around
the house and watching TV all day get them out get active see this beautiful
city that we live in area Maricopa County which is fabulous take them
around so today we’re here at South Mountain which is mostly free you can
come to a ton of free stuff but there’s some things that cost minimal amount of
money and we’re going to give you some suggestions right now it’s free to come
if to get in it’s free to check out there’s so much free stuff here yeah
some of the activities might cost a couple of bucks but not very much III
haven’t seen one thing that was over five bucks that’s right but there’s so
much to do free here you got to get out here you got to see it alright so one of
the things that I would love to come see was awesome was fireside chat can you
imagine coming out here and sitting at night over the city glowing in the
background and a fireside and talking about the park that’s something I would
definitely want to bring the view must be spectacular absolutely so another
thing that’s done here is explore the night sky Oh 6:30 to 7:30 I think they
do it on Thursdays typically if you’re an astronomy lover you got to get out
you got to see that you get away from a lot of City glow out here you can see
the the night sky it is awesome I actually attended to one once at the
Lost Dutchman State Park and I think the same guy hosts it and it was awesome I
loved it I turned my my girlfriend into a total
astronomy lover nice lovely very nice yeah one of the other things I want to
tell you about is there’s hikes 9:30 to 11:30 check their website to find out
exactly the days but these are daytime hikes that don’t cost anything or cost
very little and they’ll take you on many of the different trails around South
Mountain so that’s a free or a very little cost thing that you can do with
your family if you’re into hiking yeah absolutely and keep it light on these
hikes you learn about things they teach you
about the animals the relative yeah we saw what do they call it not a boar they
are they do have a visitor center they just open it up a couple of years ago so
you can go in there get all these all this paperwork and stuff so they also do
field trips for kids yeah so with the field trips the field trips are awesome
just as we got here there was a field trip taking off
parents and kids you can do people in nature hike with activities focusing on
human impacts in South Mountain history matter of energy flows hike with
activities focusing on energy sources from solar power photosynthesis etc and
then natural systems hike with activities focus on water and ecosystems
to food webs so super I think I might want to series because I’m fighting a
whole bunch of stuff that I didn’t know about and I gotta read this because
there’s a book the print is too small and I’m glasses okay so there’s a couple
other things that I’d like to mention before we got off on our hike cuz we’re
gonna walk around take some beautiful shots for you there’s nature at night
and moonlight walks they are three dollars per person or you can check your
wet check the website there’s also call a thing that I really would love to go
to call South Mountain aglow its we light up the darkest night of the year
the winter solstice with a beautiful half-mile luminary walk along with
Judith tunnel sidewalk trail featuring artwork I would love to go see that
that’s got to be amazing I think in reading that I remember them having
local youth entertainers food trucks vendor market all kinds of stuff like
that they do have another thing called make it and take it market because they
drop it in the South Mountain educational center which is where we’re
out right here for five nature-based making and taking activities and crafts
right yeah that would be awesome so we’re gonna head out now we’re gonna
take a few more videos to show you the entire whatever we can get in on this
floor you don’t wanna be back at the end we’re gonna head up to the top and we’re
gonna we’re gonna view a little video there as well we’re not gonna hike
through the top we’re gonna drive to the top I thought she’s never been here
before so we’re doing this for you guys we’ll see you in a bit okay stay tuned you we’re Steve going Steve where are you
going Steve you’re deserting me don’t go Steve
don’t go where are you going Steve well we made the top of South Mountain
and the views here are just magnificent check these out well there it is that’s pretty much all
the Phoenix you can see it all from up here and on the way up we saw people
hiking biking horseback riding and motorcycling yeah there’s a motorcycle
that was down on the side of the road down there if you know anybody who lost
their motorcycle it’s still there so be careful it was actually on the side we
were out we were looking around to find somebody maybe we want to make sure
everybody’s ok so anyway there’s a ton of stuff to do here like 90% of it is
absolutely free you could spend all day here
there are cabanas that you can you can have a picnic bring your family bring
your friends I think it does get crowded on the weekends so ton of stuff to do up
here this is one of those wonderful free or cheap things to do in Phoenix that
we’ve talked about before so this is a great place to come I hope you enjoyed
our little trip to South Mountain and we will be signing off and we’ll see you
guys next time where will they go one never knows see you next week bye bye

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