Spanish Riding School Vienna (Spanische Hofreitschule) – VIENNA/NOW Sights

Spanish Riding School Vienna (Spanische Hofreitschule)  – VIENNA/NOW Sights

For the breathtaking horses
at the Spanish Riding School, an average workday starts much the
same way as most of us should – with a morning exercise. Only the finest Lipizzaner stallions are
selected to showcase their skills here. For more than 450 years, the Spanish
Riding School has both practiced and cultivated the art
of the “haute école” or high school movements
of classical dressage. It’s a truly living tradition. If you want to see for yourself what
these amazing Lipizzaner horses can do you can visit both regular
and special performances. You can also watch their
morning exercises and even take a look behind
the scenes on a guided tour. Tickets are in great demand,
so be sure to book early. You can reach the Spanish Riding School by either taking the subway U1 to
Stephansplatz or the U3 to Herrengasse. The Lipizzaner are an extremely
special breed of horses. Most people know the stallions for being
white but actually they’re all born dark and it takes about 10 years or
so for them to become white. In every one out of a hundred
horses, one will remain brown. These horses are considered good luck. The story at the Spanish
Riding School goes that as long as there’s at least one brown
stallion in the Spanish Riding School then the school will carry on. How many indoor horse-riding arenas can
you soak up this kind of atmosphere in? The Spanish Riding School
is absolutely unique. It’s a sort of mix between
old-school Viennese charm where you can also see these
stunning highly trained horses. You have to remember it’s in the
middle of the Hofburg Imperial Palace. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We’re now in the Spanish Riding School
stables and we’ve come to check out exactly how and where these horses
are fed, groomed and cared for. I’m willing to guess that it’s only the
best for these exquisite stallions. The horses are looked after in
the stables by their grooms, a group of 18 men and
women caring for them. The grooms each have their
own grooming kit and keep it carefully under lock and key
when they’re not there. The Spanish Riding School is an active
testament to longstanding traditions. That even includes the
gender of the riders. It wasn’t until 2016 that they
introduced their first female rider. Better late than ever if you ask me.

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