Spider-Man 3 (2007) – Peter Fights Harry Scene (4/10) | Movieclips

Spider-Man 3 (2007) – Peter Fights Harry Scene (4/10) | Movieclips

you like a drink I’m sorry what was they thinking bad for the public image right mr. key to the city what did you do to her I did what you failed to do I was there for her mary-jane and I understand each other she doesn’t know what you are Peter she knows me very well and when she kissed me it was just like she used to kiss me a taste strawberries [Music] [Music] how’d you like that Spidey are you guys Sting’s doesn’t it protected you in high school now I’m gonna kick your little ass [Music] [Music] [Music] you didn’t kill me like you killed my father I’m trying to convince you if you took him from me he loved me no he despised you you were an embarrassment to him oh look a little Kaplan junior gonna cry [Music] you [Music]

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  1. I remember in the movie theatre everyone went “ohhhhhhhhhhh” after spider man threw back the green goblin’s grenade 😎

  2. There’s gotta be some person that knows about the goblin lair behind the mirror, because i dont think harry would change it himself

  3. The ways Harry gets hit in this fight are hilarious he is either sent flying through glass or punched in the face

  4. If you played the sound effect of the blade swinging around to me in 20 years, I would know exactly what movie it’s from

  5. "Ohhh.. Look at Little Goblin Jr. Y'gonna cry…?" So funny. But I find it interesting how he has tears in his eyes when he says that.

    Also that was the WORST music choice, for this entire fight scene. SO cheesy!

  6. 0:35 the way Raimi makes these scenes with the music coming in at the perfect time is amazing, just like with the symbiote transformation scene

  7. The fact that if Peter didn’t have the black suit on he would’ve probably threw that bomb to the side…

  8. 2:34 you can see in his eyes that he had a little humanity in him and felt bad and was gonna cry you can see he was tearing up

  9. Peter reminds me of Little Nicky at 1:15. Ever since the first time I watched this scene I thought of that

  10. This may be a extremely dumb movie, but you have to admit that this fight is just brutal. Seeing Peter and Harry duke it out in their un-costumed guises in a fist-to-fist fight (With occasional help from their gadgets/surrounding) is just awesome. Plus, Peter just chucking a bomb at Harry's face and simply walking away is freaking badass.

  11. I like how fast this turned in Peter's favor. Spider-Man, as a character, has always held back on his enemies (at least if one goes by the comics). This was one of those few times where you kinda get an idea of what would happen if he loosened the restraints a little.

  12. The first punch Peter connected on Harry should've killed him? Ridiculous amount of super strength right?

  13. Everyone is quoting “look at lil goblin jr. gonna cry?” But I cant stop thinking about how Sam Raimi could have payed an homage to William Defoe and have James Franco do the same “oh” as Toby through the grenade back at him.

  14. The reason why they fought because Harry stole MJ from Peter and taunted him because Harry kissed MJ and that mj broke up with Peter.

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